How to find your old classic car

Author: Julian Blackmore.
Last updated: Yesterday

Find your old classic car

We'd all love to find our old classic car and we all wonder where it is now, so I thought I'd let everyone use this page for tracking down their old car.

This is the only "legal" way to do it. You can contact DVLA but they won't help. to be honest, DVLA stuggle to help you with the things they are supposed too, so forget them. I have been working on other ways, but the Gov's data feeds are hmmm bulky to say the least!.

1) Check your car is still in the UK and not scrapped or exported.

Enter your registration number on the Governmnet website here:

2) Check relevant club..if there is one.

Most clubs are very helpful with checking their register to see if your car is on their list. Remember that cars can end up anywhere in the world. I've seen UK registered Triumph's everywhere, from Caribbean Islands, to outback Australia so it has to be a global search!

3) Add you car number plate to Google below and Deep Search it.

If you add your car below, Google will crawl it and anyone searching the registration or frame number will see it.
If you want to add your car below; just leave a comment with details (reg / frame number etc) and Google will crawl it pretty quickly. (about 24hours). People can contact you by clicking reply.

Did you come to this page because of a registration search?

If you did, PLEASE press Ctrl + F on your keyboard or search on a mobile (usually in the rop right browser menu) and enter the reg exactly as you did before. Then you will find the entry. Contact whoever left the advert and make their year, even if you don't want to sell it!

Add your car:


Registration Number* WITH SPACE:ABC 123X
Google Deep Search This
Comment* (Make, model, engine / frame # idealy.)

Email Address* (not published)

What colour are tomatoes?

Your email address will not be visible if you post or reply. You agree to us holding your contact details for the purposes of contating you. If you reply to a post, we will contact the person looking for their vehicle and let them know you've been in touch! Good luck and I hope you appreciate the hours and hourse it took me to write this code! :-)

People looking for their old classic car

Looking for: HKN 323Y

Terence steele : Ford Capri 2.8i Grey top silver bottom Looking for car
Reply to HKN 323Y
Car Ref: 25 Added: 13/05/2024

Looking for: LWN 328

keith roberts : Ford Popular (old sit up and beg type) basic car black. Manufactured 1955 My very first car, would be very interested to know if still alive.
Reply to LWN 328
Car Ref: 24 Added: 20/03/2024

Looking for: NAA 319L

Nick : Yellow beetle 1303
Reply to NAA 319L
Car Ref: 23 Added: 11/03/2024

Looking for: NAA 312L

Nick : Yellow beetle 1303
Reply to NAA 312L
Car Ref: 22 Added: 11/03/2024

Looking for: J29 GMG

Alan Clothier : Metro GTi
Reply to J29 GMG
Car Ref: 21 Added: 06/01/2024

Looking for: OBJ 207P

Austin Gibson : Triumph Spitifre 1500, yellow, last mot 2018, it was my dads car would love to know if its still going
Reply to OBJ 207P
Car Ref: 20 Added: 24/11/2023

Looking for: H123 GPL

Reply to H123 GPL
Car Ref: 19 Added: 24/10/2023

Looking for: KMC400B

Chris : Ford corsair Green
Reply to KMC400B
Car Ref: 18 Added: 22/10/2023

Looking for: EOJ 871C

Reply to EOJ 871C
Car Ref: 17 Added: 20/09/2023

Looking for: FOU 141W

cherie : Triumph Spitfire 1500
Reply to FOU 141W
Car Ref: 16 Added: 27/08/2023

Looking for: BPP 100B

Karen : Rolls Royce silver cloud 1964
Reply to BPP 100B
Car Ref: 15 Added: 01/08/2023

Looking for: K490 HAO

Simon French : VW caddy sport 1.8
Reply to K490 HAO
Car Ref: 14 Added: 30/07/2023

Looking for: URR 229L

Phil Hodgkinson : VW
Reply to URR 229L
Car Ref: 13 Added: 23/07/2023

Looking for: XCA 46

Martin : Ford Anglia 105e deluxe
Reply to XCA 46
Car Ref: 12 Added: 17/07/2023

Looking for: EIB 4???

Gary : 1979 mini special, silver 1100cc I thot plate was EIB 4644 but not sure
Reply to EIB 4???
Car Ref: 11 Added: 08/06/2023

Looking for: EIB 4

Gary : 1979 mini special, silver
Reply to EIB 4
Car Ref: 10 Added: 08/06/2023

Looking for: Q455CPF

Clive : Land Rover series 2a 109 24volt ex MOD Chassis Number: 25112764D Army Registration Number: 00SP50
Reply to Q455CPF
Car Ref: 9 Added: 02/06/2023

Looking for: L360XLT

Pete : land rover 90 1993 petrol 2.25L army green
Reply to L360XLT
Car Ref: 8 Added: 01/06/2023

Looking for: YB11 RXG

Lisa wilkes : Mazda 2 still going yb11 rxg on the road just wondering
Reply to YB11 RXG
Car Ref: 7 Added: 04/05/2023

Looking for: X692 JCS

Umar : looking for my Subaru P1 would be happy to see it again
Reply to X692 JCS
Car Ref: 6 Added: 03/05/2023

Ref: X692 JCS - Message from George : Hi, I have the car now and it sits in a garage except for 3000 miles a year of B road fun. Would be good to chat about your previous ownership.

Looking for: CDU 39K

Jordan M : Vauxhall Viva (red) 1.2 petrol
Reply to CDU 39K
Car Ref: 5 Added: 01/05/2023

Looking for: A8 SPV

Derek Peet : Corvette c3
Reply to A8 SPV
Car Ref: 4 Added: 01/05/2023

Looking for: KBK 372Y

daniel : red ford capri
Reply to KBK 372Y
Car Ref: 3 Added: 19/04/2023

Looking for: VUT 563

Ady : Hillman
Reply to VUT 563
Car Ref: 2 Added: 27/03/2023

Looking for: MRG 89X

Julian B : Open Kadet 1982 / Vauxhaull Astra 1.3L. My first car. Would be interested to know if it's still around or not. Last V5 was 1990 and MOT 1994!
Reply to MRG 89X
Car Ref: 1 Added: 24/11/2022

Ref: MRG 89X - Message from :