How to find your old motorbike (** being updated! **)

Author: Julian Blackmore.
Last updated: 12/05/2020


Find your old motorcycle

We'd all love to find our old motorcycle and we all wonder where it is now, so I thought I'd let everyone use this page for tracking down their old bike.

This is the only "legal" way to do it. You can contact DVLA but they won't help. to be honest, DVLA stuggle to help you with the things they are supposed too, so forget them.

1) Check your bike is still in the UK and not scrapped or exported.

Enter your registration number on the Governmnet website here:

2) Check relevant club..if there is one.

Most clubs are very helpful with checking their register to see if your bike is on their list. Remember that bikes can end up anywhere in the world. I've seen UK registered Triumph's everywhere, from Caribbean Islands, to outback Australia so it has to be a global search!

3) Add you bike to Google below and Deep Search it.

If you add your bke below, Google will crawl it and anyone searching the registration or frame number will see it.
If you want to add your bike below; just leave a comment with details (reg / frame number etc) and Google will crawl it pretty quickly. (about 24hours). People can contact you by clicking reply.

Did you come to this page because of a registration search?

If you did, PLEASE press Ctrl + F on your keyboard or search on a mobile (usually in the rop right browser menu) and enter the reg exactly as you did before. Then you will find the entry. Contact whoever left the advert and make their year, even if you don't want to sell it!

WANTED: Triumph Bonneville T120 Tangerine Dream 1958

Where is this Bonnevile T120 1958? - Photo taken by Brian Goddard on the day of delivery in 1958

LVG 543 LVG543 First registered Thursday 18th September 1958 Eng/frame No 020556 Number 180 off the Production line (left the factory Wednesday 17th September 1958)

Last seen in Norwich, Norfolk and was painted yellow and black in the 1970's. Has probably been restored to its original orange and pale blue/grey scheme. Is currently insured. Please use comments below if you have any idea on contact the editor.

Anyone seen this Bonnevile T120 1958? - Photo taken by Brian Goddard on the day of delivery in 1958. if so Please contact the editor or on the below entry.


Add your motorbike:


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Your email address will not be visible if you post or reply. You agree to us holding that email address for the purposes of contating you about this bike. If you reply to a post, the person looking for their bike will be copied in on your reply and sent via email. You can then chat privately with each other. Good luck and I hope you appreciate the hours it took me to write this code! :-)

People looking for their beloved motorbike

Looking for: ECY273C

Graham : BSA C15 250 in black. This bike belonged to my father who sadly has passed away. Fond memories of this bike. Would like to know where it is today. Would be interested in purchasing it. Thanks in advance! 07894 331107

Looking for: ECY273C

Graham : BSA C15 250 in black. This bike belonged to my father who sadly has passed away. Fond memories of this bike. Would like to know where it is today. Would be interested in purchasing it. Thanks in advance! 07894 331107

Looking for: ECY273C

Graham : BSA C15 250 in black. This bike belonged to my father who sadly has passed away. Fond memories of this bike. Would like to know where it is today. Would be interested in purchasing it. Thanks in advance!

Looking for: PFS 623V

Keith : Suzuki ts 185 er, red

Looking for: DOC405

Bmw : Looking for my dads bike had in the 1960

Looking for: DOC405

Bmw : Looking for my dads bike had in the 1960

Looking for: DOC405

Bmw : Looking for my dads bike had in the 1960

Looking for: AOP 24B

Lambretta : Looking for my old GT200 Lambretta AOP 24B scooter I had this new in 1964 would love to see it again. Please call or text 07779583384

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Looking for my dads bike. Triumph Twin Speed, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984

Looking for: ORW 285

Sean : Triumph speed twin side car combination

Looking for: HJC 786

Gerry : Royal Enfield Constellation 700cc. I’ve tried everywhere to find it. Reg still exists at DVLA against the bike. New v5c issued in 2005. Help would be much appreciated in finding my old bike... Gerry, Kent

Looking for: EST 601


Looking for: E474 UPW

Edward : GSXR 1100

Looking for: A477 NEX

Edward : 350 white pbs

Looking for: C340XNX

Paul : This was my first bike brought for me by my parents for my 16th birthday. Originally purchased from QB Motorcycles in west midlands.

Looking for: JWP33K

Joe : 07917823588

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Still looking for my old FJ1200, still on sorn since 2015. any help would be great.

Looking for: PBY630L

Graham Maynard : Black Norton commando last owned 40 years ago would love to reunite for our 40th wedding anniversary as it is the bike i met my current wife on

Looking for: HFS 165

BSA.a7 twin : 1949 BSA. A7 twin fully restored in 1963 Phone 07730695916 Sold when I bought my first car in 1965

Looking for: HFM147N

Kawasaki s1c : My first 250 triple

Looking for: S29 CBR

Steve CBR : Looking for my old Honda Fireblade. My parents sold it 2015 when I was abroad and it was stored. Currently Sorn and MOT expired 6/11/16. Would like to buy it back if possible.

Looking for: TYP 246

Hugh : 1957 Ariel VH500 Black with red top box at time of sale. Also handlebar screen

Looking for: HLM59C

Mark briley : BSA C15

Looking for: MEN 545

Stockport : Hi i am looking for a bike i owned in the 1960s A Royal Enfield Crusader sports colour Red any responce would be welcome thanks

Looking for: MEN 545

Stockport : Hi i am looking for a bike i owned in the 1960s A Royal Enfield Crusader sports colour Red any responce would be welcome thanks

Looking for: Y602KAW

steve : Suzuki GSXR1000 K1

Looking for: LEF657W

Andrew Clayton : Yamaha RD350LC White/Red 1981 4LO104138

Looking for: JRM525D

Mark : 07834907082 Triumph Red / silver

Looking for: UGT635R

Kawasaki kh250 : this bike was last on the road early 1979/1980 when it dissapeared i have searched dvla to no avail i was the owner . any help would be fab.

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Still looking for my old FJ1200, still on a sorn from 2015. Would love the chance to buy it back.

Looking for: F48NCF

Graham spicer : Black Kawasaki ar50

Looking for: FAV403V

Philip Cunnington : 07507505002

Looking for: ONX 738W

paul harborne : Suzuki gt250 x7

Looking for: JAF583E

David Aston : I p/ex. it in 1980 in Relubbus Cornwall to motorcycle dealer Stanley Thomas who sold it to someone in Garras Cornwall. . Believed then sold at auction around 2005 ish. It was a black and chrome BSA A65 1967.

Looking for: JAF583E

David Aston : I p/ex. it in 1980 in Relubbus Cornwall to motorcycle dealer Stanley Thomas who sold it to someone in Garras Cornwall. . Believed then sold at auction around 2005 ish. It was black and chrome.

Looking for: YDS 394

Diana Durcop : 07795156703

Looking for: BBR537

Andy : Have you seen it

Looking for: CDW97V

Dai Leake : First bike, would love to be re-united

Looking for: CDW97V

Dai Leake : First bike, would love to be re-united

Looking for: Y508HPH

Dai Leake : Last seen in 2009 or 2010. Interested if it is up for sale.

Looking for: RG12 XX1

James : test

Looking for: E819TKP,

Jacob Venner : Im looking for a Kawasaki GPZ600R, F446GGF, it has been sorn for a while now. And a Yamaha TZR 125 - G986SKO, finally a Suzuki TS50, E819TKP, thanks.

Looking for: G986SKO,

Jacob Venner : Im looking for a Kawasaki GPZ600R, F446GGF, it has been sorn for a while now. And a Yamaha TZR 125 - G986SKO, finally a Suzuki TS50, E819TKP, thanks

Looking for: RME49R

Jason : Also looking for my old Fantic RME49R. Any information greatly received

Looking for: YN04 GXB

Ashleigh Harris : Hi I am looking for my aprilia rs 50 2004 reg yn04 GXB is in the uk

Looking for: J646LLK

simon : my Norton commander j646llk ,where is it now.It ,was sold to a man in cornwall .please make contact simon

Looking for: FUN413

David : I looking my dad motorcycle reg fun413

Looking for: J115NLM

Stan : Looking for my old bike Honda VFR 750. Reg no J115NLM. Metalic British racing green. Off the road since 14/02/2020. Any help to find it would be welcome 👍😎

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Looking for my old FJ1200 not been on road since 2015. J126 UNB, cheers John

Looking for: 991 TDV

Dave : Looking for my old triumph Bonneville. 1964. 991 tdv Last mot 2012. I sold it back in 1974

Looking for: UCT 557

Chris Osborne : Desperate to find BSA 500 Shooting Star UCT 557. Showing SORN since 2015.

Looking for: APT23F

Malcolm : Wondering what happened to my dresda Triton sold via sothebys APT23F . Is it still in UK or private collection Not taxed or heard of log book changed 12021993.

Looking for: G374ALJ

Andy Berry : Looking for my old Kawasaki ZXR750 H1 G374ALJ showing SORN since 2013

Looking for: WKN 8J

Mark : Looking for my Dads BSA Bantam reg... WKN 8J

Looking for: TLU 606M

Stuart Roberts : Looking for my old Kawasaki 1972 500 HIB.Reg No.TLU 606M Colour Orange. Sold it to a guy from Hampshire in 1979 and my research shows that it was last registered in 2012

Looking for: MFM 59Y

David : Has anybody seen my old Yamaha RD125LC Registration Number MFM 59Y.Candy Blue please? Last known taxed on the road August 1993. Could be in the back of a garage somewhere? Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 20 August 1993. Thank you.

Looking for: STU 33

terence mealing : my old triumph tr6 saint ex police motorcycle was white registration stu 33j

Looking for: YBK238L

Cliff Sarjeant : Registration mistake. Should be Yamaha yds7 YBK238L

Looking for: LBK238L

Cliff Sarjeant : I am looking for my brothers Yamaha yds7 reg number LBK238L. He had this bike brand new & would really like to find,it is still registered on DVLA. Thanks in advance. Regards Cliff.

Looking for: PGK111Y

Martin Jackson : I am looking for my 83 Shovel Harley FXWG. Registration PGK111Y. I sold this, regrettably, to fund my daughter through her masters degree. Would love to get it back. If you are the current owner can you please contact

Looking for: B851CDT

David Wilson : Hi, looking for my old GPZ900R registration B851CDT.

Looking for: VVF 64X

Trevor Radley : Hi I’m looking for my Yamaha RD50m registration VVF 64X it’s in the Norwich area

Looking for: C377 NMB

Paul Stark : Looking for kawasaki gpz1000rx c377 nmb

Looking for: KKN409V

Ian dibben : Looking for my first bike Honda mb5 in white registration no kkn409v ,I loved to have her back in any condition ,I think she is Gravesend area,county of kent ,any leads please email me kind regards ian

Looking for: SHE 953H

peter henderson : would love to know the whereabouts of my first triumph Bonneville purchased new in 1969 by me, SHE 953H.

Looking for: DGF 20H

Adrian Jones : hi iam trying to track down my dads old mk2 cortina DGF 20H

Looking for: JDA 828N

Gary Barham : Would like to purchase my old Triumph T150V Trident reg JDA 828N, sold in 1987, any info appreciated, thanks.

Looking for: 894HVO

David Vinall : Trying to find my dads old bike 1961 silver BSA 894HVO

Looking for: HJR62L

TONY : Trying to find my old bike TRIUMPH BONEVILLE 650 REG HJR62L

Looking for: R101 SFJ

Richard : Looking for my Yamaha R1 Reg: R101 SFJ

Looking for: HO 8087

Sally : Trying to find a bike from the 1920s-1930s; not sure of the make, but the rego was HO 8087

Looking for: Y736TOV

Andy McGuire : Wondering where this and others of mine are. Y736TOV GSXR1000K1

Looking for: DX08 OME

Darren : Trying to find my old Aprilia RS125 which I bought brand new from DK Motorcycles. Showing as sorn on DVLA. Reg DX08 OME. Thanks

Looking for: C568XDF

Graham : GPZ1000RX, C568XDF. Who has my old bike? I have checked and it is still around although it has not been taxed or MOTd since 2008 so I am assuming it it sat in a garage somewhere. I would like to know what happened to my old ride if anytone knows.

Looking for: RX55UEK

Anthony Lewis : Hi Trying to find my old bike, it’s a 2005 Honda XR 400 Registration was RX55UEK, sold it to someone in Worcester but he sold it on, would love to try and buy it back, had lots of good memories on it, if any one could help, please email me, thanks Tony

Looking for: YYC490S

Adrian : Trying to find my fathers 1977 Suzuki GT125B Rgistrations was YYC490S (we think). It was red.

Looking for: JGU396

Dawn cox : Trying to find my late father’s 1947 Ariel 500 motorbike Registration JGU396. DVLA show it as SORN but new log book was issued in January 2020 so have hope the bike is still ok and not scrapped

Looking for: LEN 782P

Rob Ent : Looking to trace my old Kawasaki Z900 owned over 40 years ago, LEN 782P if anyone can help

Looking for: V5 AND

Andrew Noden : Aprilia tuono V5 ADN, I would like to trace owner and purchase my private registration number.

Looking for: SFM 645R

Mark Sinnott : SFM 645R yamaha FS1E ( 1976 ) Where are you now?

Looking for: KLD 669V

Andy : I’m looking for my old Triumph T140E , reg KLD 669V

Looking for: E42 WMW

Gaz : 1987 YAMAHA FZR 1000 EXUP (BLUE AND WHITE) Hi, I am trying to find my fathers old motorbike, he sold it a few years ago and he died last year of cancer and I would like to get it back. Bikes in general meant a lot to him and he was a real biker throughout my child hood and a good father to me, he had a big heart and he spread the love of bikes to me. If anyone can help me locate the bike and who its with I will give them £100 cash. the reg was "E42 WMW", I believe its sorn at the moment from a tax and mot check but changed hands last in 2017 according to the site It would mean the world to me to find it SOME EXTRA INFO TO HELP; . Did have a kerker exhaust . Had a tailoer blue leather seat . Was last seen by me in 2014 when he sold it and we rolled it on to the back of a van selling it in sevenoaks

Looking for: DPX 441W

B Biscoe : Trying to find my old moped suzuki fz50 dpx 441w, would like to buy it back.

Looking for: NNM 56M

Ian Greenhood : Trying to trace my Triumph T120V registration NNM 56 M brought new in Bedfordshire, also looking to purchase reasonable priced motorcycle combination prefer British accept any other

Looking for: B244WYA

Nick : Looking for a Suzuki gsx400t originally from somerset B244WYA good reward for information leading to me finding it

Looking for: XXH649

Ian Alexander : Owned BSA A7 1959 to 1964 reg XXH649, missed it at auction maybe 10 years ago.tried DVLA twice just to either see it or buy. Joined BSA owners but still no joy.

Looking for: P228NPW

Douglas Purves : Trying to buy my old Honda CBR 600ft reg P228NPW last seen in Paignton Devon. Can anyone help

Ref: P228NPW - Message from Josh : How strange i came across this, I have it now I bought it July last year for my first bike.

Looking for: TAR659R

Jonathan Day : Hi, Im looking for my old Black and red Triumph 750 Bonneville TAR659R I bought it in 1990 Chelmsford essex

Looking for: LAR 46H

Niamh Wood : Hi . I’m trying to track down a Triumph T100S (1969), reg LAR 46H. Any ideas?! Thank you

Looking for: HAO 832V

David Dustin : Hi I am looking for my old motorcycle reg HAO 832V white Moto guzzi looking to buy it back

Looking for: 152WMF

Clive stokes : Hello.. Iam looking for my fathers old BSA motorcycle and side car. Reg:-152wmf if anyone can help thanks.

Looking for: SNX 676W

Mick Storey : Looking for T140D Triumph Bonneville Special SNX 676W bought from new by me. Believe it is in Edinburgh area.

Looking for: WTU85E

Tony Woodward : Wondering if my old 1967 triumph Daytona T100R WTU85E BLUE bought new by me from HECTOR DUGDALE motorcycles Alvanly Cheshire is still around

Looking for: -

Kieran : looking for my cb750 1971 honda in blue bought new fro Allan Jeffries.

Looking for: HPR897F

neal wills : Looking for 1968 Triumph Super Cub HPR897F,which I owned 1969/70.Last seen in Poole in Dorest in 1978. Would be very grateful for any information.

Looking for: 830 VPL

terry : I wish to trace my classic bsa road rocket 1961 does anyone know who owns it now num 830 vpl

Looking for: EHV 594

lita chesterton : Looking for my father old matchless bike reg number EHV 594 it has a side car attached can anyone help??

Looking for: FUY 336C

Colin : Looking for my first motor cycle, belonged to my father before me.. Triumph tiger cub reg FUY 336C would love to own it again if possible

Looking for: YT58VTJ

Ian Allinson : Looking for my old Honda CB1300 reg YT58VTJ I bought it new in 2008 it is the Lltd edition red frame model.

Looking for: KAA138

john ramsay : looking for my old bike bsa bantam 125cc plunger rear end reg KAA138 COLOUR mist green

Looking for: XRJ 364S

Mark Bushdyhan : Hi I’m looking for for my first motorcycle a Kawasaki KH250 reg XRJ 364S Last seen on the road back in 1987

Looking for: FDK 428

alex york : hi im looking for motorcycle fdk 428, uk reg, it was my grandfathers, think it were a norton, thanks

Looking for: RFF 155

Ben Tong : Im looking for my old BSA A7 chop. REG RFF 155. Would love to buy it back in what ever condition it may be in!

Looking for: PGV956W

Sam Hutchinson : im looking for my old Suzuki gsx 250 reg PGV956W I would love to buy it back

Looking for: PN06 PGE

Emily : Hi I am looking for my old Yamaha XVS 650A registration was PN06 PGE when sold a few years ago. It was the first bike I got after breaking my neck in a motorcycle accident and means a lot to me. I would love to buy it back if possible

Looking for: SCV 892N

Ian Drowne : I love to find out where my Triumph Bonneville T120 is now Reg No SCV 892N

Looking for: JKF210

Adam Denton-Beaumont : I am looking for my Grandads old motorcycle, I believe it was a Triumph. Registration number JKF210

Looking for: 434 TR

John Bradshaw : I am looking for my old BSA C15 registration 434 TR which I sold in the Bournemouth area around 1972. It still exists as I can see it had an MOT in June of 2019. It was blue when I had it.

Looking for: CMX 250

Tiree : Looking for my Honda Rebel CMX 250, green/blue colour, first registered in November 1997, no MOT or Tax registered since May/June 2015. Reg number: R901PAS. Thanks.

Looking for: UMR925

neil mildenhall : Looking for my dads old bike AJS reg number is UMR925 hope some one can help

Looking for: C723 AHT

mark huggins : looking for my old Suzuki ts50x reg no C723 AHT

Looking for: A79 FNJ

Steve Slack : Looking for my old Suzuki TS100er, 1984, Red. Reg; A79 FNJ I last had this bike in 1987. Last taxed 2012 according to Gov.Uk website.

Looking for: CLK84T

Simon Pope : Looking for my old kawasaki kh250 lime green CLK84T

Looking for: BHM ***T

David : Would love to find my old Laverda Mirage, reg: BHM ***T - bought at Hexagon Motorcycles in North London in 1979 and sold in the early 80s to someone in Southend, Essex. Colour was metalflake green, thanks

Looking for: GWL 124

Lorna Richards : Would love to find out if my Grandads Rudge motorbike is still around. Reg No:GWL 124

Looking for: D120 OBW

Stuart Berry : Kawasaki AR50 first registered in december 1986 registration D120 OBW colour Black and Gold Would love to get it back for my youngest lad to rid. Thank you

Looking for: Y602KAW

Steve : Suzuki gsxr1000 k1 reg y602kaw

Looking for: C213 SPM

Keith : Searching for Kawasaki 750 turbo bought new in 1986 registration C213 SPM, would love it back in any condition, thanks

Looking for: WHW 708T

Jim : Hi Iam looking for a 1979 z250 green in colour reg WHW 708T

Looking for: PUT 32W

Alexander South : Searching for Harris Magnum GS1000 Reg PUT 32W. sold 1982\3. Would be very interested to see again and poss buy back. I was 1st owner and builder.

Looking for: PUK 511

George hughes : Grandads old velocette mac 350 - PUK 511 Black and used around Walsall area

Looking for: CME374A

Martin Fairbrother : Hi I’m looking for my old Lambretta LI125 CME374A colour Blue and White year 1963 last seen in Northamptonshire, would like to buy it back.

Looking for: B514AKE

Les Brett : I am looking to find my first motor bike it was a Honda mbx 125f colour black registration B514ake if anyone knows what happened to it or its where abouts I would be very interested. I was its first registered owner and keeper.

Looking for: EAJ 6C

Richard T Bainbridge : Looking for my old Black Honda 150 twin reg EAJ 6C

Looking for: EO56CCE

Alan Marcus : Trying to find my friends BMW 650 Dakar, reg number, EO56CCE used On the Round the world motor cycle

Looking for: TYP 246

Hugh Hollis : Trying to find my old 1957 Ariel 500 Red Hunter reg.number TYP 246 Sold in the Seventies from Sproughton

Looking for: 889 EBF

Neil Plant : Looking for dads old Francis Barnett Cruiser 250cc Twin (1962?) Reg number 889 EBF.

Looking for: FYF43

Don Green : trying to trace my fathers 1930s BSA 350 Empire or Blue Star. Last sold in Hartlepool area 1955/6 reg FYF43

Looking for: OLJ 632

Richard : OLJ 632 - Looking for my dads Black 1954 Norton ES2 - was sold early sixties to bike shop in Pokesdown, Dorset/Hampshire

Looking for: STR505

Gordon barnett : Looking for my old Norton domi 88 reg number STR505 I sold it in the early 1970s

Looking for: TRS 169

graeme buchan : trying to track down my fathers old triumph tina scooter number plate. it was TRS 169....

Looking for: POK929G

Julian Barley : Looking for my brothers old BSA Starfire reg POK929G hoping to buy it back for him

Looking for: PGK 88IY

Ruth : Moto morini. PGK 88iY .....Looking for our old bike!

Looking for: XUN 521V

Merv Scott : Looking for my father in laws old Honda 100. Silver Reg XUN 521V as a tribute to him passing away recently

Looking for: PBN260S

Phil : PBN260S Suzuki GT250 café racer. I sold it in 1995 and would like to buy it back if possible. It was blue/white on a hejiera race frame,

Looking for: FVE405W

Stevo : FVE405W Suzuki GS1100G chopper. We went all over Europe together, where are you now???

Looking for: DYO 855V

Jason : DYO 855V Triumph trail blazer where are you? Not been taxed since 1980 and is now a 350 and painted red. Any information greatly received. Also looking for my old Fantic RME49R. Any information greatly received

Looking for: KBW 286

Terry Russon : Sold my BSA Gold Flash & double adult side car A10 gold flash reg KBW 286 engine number ca108990 or ca108996? So could get married sold think 1989 chap promised would bring back show me how he had “done her up” we have just put house for sale so need to see her now! Or has she been put in shed forgotten about? Where is she?! Sold from house at Mossley estate bloxwich .

Looking for: F748MRY

Jake Hutley : Looking for my fathers old GSXR750 Slingshot reg is F748MRY

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Still looking for Yamaha FJ1200 J126 UNB, would be interested to buy it back

Looking for: CSF91W

Andy : Kawasaki z400j CSF91W Keen to buy back for restoration please.

Looking for: H101 FLL

Phil : H101FLL Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP. Would love to buy it back H101 FLL

Ref: H101 FLL - Message from Gaz : hi Phil, a quick check on the gov site for mot and then mot and tax shows this; .Date of last V5C (logbook) issued11 October 2019 .MOT expired on 30 May 2018 .Vehicle status SORN what might help is some forums, facebook has a large one for the FZR that I am on, you could spread the word there.

Looking for: RAE579G

Jonathan youde : I’m looking for my old Tricati RAE579G .Ducati 200 Elite frame I think and a 500 unit Triumph engine.Thanks

Looking for: UTV 392S

Robert Gascoyne : Does anyone know where my old Suzuki gs750 is , it’s black reg UTV 392S was in the Mansfield notts area in late 1970’s thanks for any help people 👍🏼

Looking for: PER610R

David : Love to find and buy my old Kawasaki kh 250 which I brought from new registration number PER610R in candy red

Looking for: PER 610R


Looking for: F446GGF

Jacob Venner : Im looking for a Kawasaki GPZ600R, F446GGF, it has been sorn for a while now. And a Yamaha TZR 125 - G986SKO, finally a Suzuki TS50, E819TKP, thanks.

Looking for: BRB278B

steve wheatley : looking for bsa m20 BRB278B last heard of in wiltshire

Looking for: PHL 637

alan matthews : i would like to find my old norton commando in slimline featherbed frame......registration no. PHL 637....last had it in 1985

Looking for: JLX 224N

Andy How : I would like to find and buyback my old Yamaha Purple Popsicle FS1E reg JLX 224N Last know to be in the Watford/North London area

Looking for: NOU 146L

Chris Kingshott : Hi I would love to trace my old bike norton commando 750 reg no NOU 146l

Looking for: NCX194

christopher towle : Hi Im looking to find my old motorbike which is a BSA 250cc 1958 Reg NCX194. It was my Dads first Bike.

Looking for: 6182967

M : Looking for a 1978 BMW R100RS in Harvest Gold 6182967

Looking for: YOT 321V

Gary : I am looking for my first bike Honda xl 185 reg, yot 321v and would to buy it back. If you have any idea where it is I would love to hear from you

Looking for: UPB 716M

Mike : I am looking for my old Norton Commando 850 1973 black UPB 716M I sold it to a chap who I think to it north

Looking for: AFL949T

GARY LAWLOR : Looking to locate and hopefully buy back my 1978 Yamaha SR500 SILVER -BLACK sold via EBAY in April / May 2014 reg No AFL949T

Looking for: WTY914T

Sean : Looking for a yammy dt250mx. Reg WTY914T. i sold it to a guy in Middlesborough. White with blue and black decals.

Looking for: H799 HCV

Andy : Looking for my old ZXR750J which I bought new in 91 in Cornwall. Reg number is H799 HCV and it was MOTd only a few days ago so its out there somewhere

Ref: H799 HCV - Message from Andy : The power of facebook.......after posting on the ZXR/ZX7R UK facebook page, I had a reply within 12 hours. Turns out its now a converted race bike which competes in the IOM Classic TT. Bit gutted in some way...its great to see its being ridden like it was designed too, but with the frame and swingarm probably the only original bits left, no chance of me buying it back to restore and put back on the road.

Looking for: KCM430

Colin leslie caldecott : Looking for my old b.s.a. 650 twin I think the reg was KCM430 might have N instead of M

Looking for: RX55UEK

Tony : Hi I owned a Honda XR 400 a few years ago and would like to try and buy it back, have lots of good times on it racing, the reg is RX55UEK, it’s a red Honda XR 400, if any one knows it’s we’re abouts that would bo great, thanks TONY,

Looking for: Q561 URL

Andrew Reed : i was the original owner and buider of a Harris Magnum 2 reg Q561URL if anyone can help me track it down i would be really gratefull

Looking for: F602 KTV

Wayne Purchase : I am looking for my old Honda ns125r registration F602ktv I last owned this bike back in 1998 would really love to find it

Looking for: J762 HVK

Iain Murray : Looking for my late father-in-laws Kawasaki En500 - J762 HVK - any help in finding would be appreciated! We really want her back!

Looking for: B600 FYP

Mark Fricker : Anyone know where my GSXR750f is registration B600FYP?

Looking for: EX7 289

Mark Gunner : Looking for my grandads old BSA Golden Flash Reg: EX7289

Looking for: E620 MAB

Steve Groves : Anyone know of the owner/keeper of my old Harley Davidson FLHS Electraglide; E620MAB?

Looking for: KZ630

joseph Masi : 1947 Harley Davidson knuckle head chopper-red. Sold as basket project in 1968. Old plate number KZ630. Probably restored.

Looking for: FEE 752

Tim Allison : I have keys for FEE752 and a ration book for EFE775.

Looking for: L383 KFA

Gareth walley : Would like to know what happened to l383kfa rd350r bought new in 1993, Stoke on Trent

Looking for: GBK 774D

Rob Colman : Looking for my old 1966 bonnie GBK 774D I found out it was in a accident in 1979 -80 I made it into a cafe racer and I also found out the last owner painted it Blake . the bike is somewhere in Hampshire

Looking for: MKO 400W

Paul Rooney : Looking for RD250/350LC started as a 250 and was changed to a 350 MKO400W

Looking for: UMT190S

Mark : UMT190S - Lookng for my old 1978 Yamaha RD200DX

Looking for: VPN 444Y

Bill : Looking for my old bike.Yamaha yb100 reg no VPN 444Y.

Looking for: KUD 202

Vinny : Looking for info on velocette 500 reg KUD202

Looking for: DL7048

Rob : Looking for a old bike number plate DL7048

Looking for: B836 OLO

Dave W : Would like to find my old yamagamma , yammagamma ? B836OLO if anyone has any info.

Looking for: NNW 238

Michael Fletcher : Trying to find info on a triumph speed twin. Reg NNW238 It was my late grandfathers bike just wondering if it’s still around.

Looking for: DKT 16C

Anne Nicholls : Trying to find Triumph T100ss DKT 16C please.

Looking for: RHY 199

Ian Peck : trying to find my dad bsa m21 motorbike and side car reg RHY199

Looking for: NL02 RXY

Simon : Honda hornet 600 streetfighter NL02RXY

Looking for: UEE 566T

GLENN : Kawasaki kh250 UEE566T

Looking for: ORA 428P


Looking for: UEE 566T

GLENN : Kawasaki kh250 UEE566T

Looking for: NHH 403W

Stuart Brownlie : looking for a suzuki GSX1100ET NHH403W

Looking for: PBN 260S

Phil Hoare : PBN260S SUZUKI GT250, Trying to find my old Suzuki.

Looking for: 7147 MV

Ian Symmonds : Looking for my dads old BSA reg 7147 MV

Looking for: SKX 761

Rodney Scott : Does anyone know the were about of my old bad bantam 125 d1 SKX761

Looking for: BNA 30M

David Bolland : Looking for my old Ducati 750 gt which I owned in 75/76 registration number BNA 30M.

Looking for: YZ6 641

Derek : Honda Benly blue YZ 6641

Looking for: NWN 343R

Steve : Looking for a Kawasaki z1000 NWN343R first registered to me in November 1976

Looking for: K220 ABV

Tony : Looking for my old Honda cb400 K220abv. I wonder if it’s still alive somewhere?

Looking for: H347 JKB

tracy : zzr 600 (h347jkb)sold as project to man from walney barrow in furness to build after accident it has not been motd since 2012 but has a sorn on it i would love to find this bike as it was my fathers

Looking for: V303 DYD

Colin gray : Looking for green 1999 zx6r Kawasaki ninja V303dyd

Looking for: OHN 249

Pat Dench : My Dad had a motor and side car in the 1950s it was a Matchless motor bike and I think the side car was called swallow but not sure I have a picture of it the number plate is OHN 249 id love to know if its still about some where

Looking for: N113 DJO

steve slack : Looking for my old Triumph Daytona 900, 1994, Reg N113 DJO

Looking for: A79 FNJ

steve slack : Looking for my first motorcycle, a Suzuki TS100ER 1984 Red. Reg A79 FNJ

Looking for: HF51 SZZ

Scott Burridge : Im looking for a friend for his old motorbike the number plate is hf51 szz

Looking for: C296MBD

james farmer : HELP! Desperately trying to find my old Kawasaki AR50, C296MBD Black with gold wheels.

Looking for: F828 HAU

Andrew guest : Looking for my old ar50. F828hau

Looking for: W244 WAY

Nick : Looking for a Suzuki GSX400T was blue last seen in somerset area W244 WYA reward for information leading to finding was my partners from new want to get back ta

Looking for: LAR 623H

Ian Gage : My favourite Triumph T120 1969 LAR623H sold long ago but still registered and now ORANGE? I was second owner and would love a picture. I would send one in return.

Looking for: OUD 243T

Nick Norrie : RD250D Yamaha 1979 OUD 243T yellow last known in Oxfordshire any information welcome

Looking for: NLB 100K

Graham C : I would love to track down my dads old BSA Bushman Bantam. NLB100K. It holds some very dear memories to me. Last seen in outside Revetts Motorcycles in Ipswich about 30 years ago.

Looking for: LRE 5K

Chris Jauncey : Garelli Rekord 50cc, Do you know where this bike is? Registration: LRE 5K

Looking for: MCV5 83X


Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Looking for my old FJ1200, Reg J126 UNB, Blue and white, looks like its not been on the road since 2015.

Looking for: WMP 453T

Steve : Looking for Suzuki REG: WMP 453T colour white 184cc GT twin exhaust registered August 1978

Looking for: B946 YGH

Dave Gray : Hi does anyone know if my old bike is still around. It’s a Yamaha dt125 reg B946YGH. The bike was sorned in 2013, not sure if it’s sat in someone’s garage.

Looking for: UKN 242S

Peter : Looking for my old motorbike. A Honda cb 4004 reg number UKN242S. Last seen in the Crewkerne Somerset area.

Looking for: HEC 83

stephen Hall : Looking for my first bike I sold it in 1985/86 in Llandulas north wales Bultaco sherpa 125 in red

Looking for: A366 HEF

Tony Burrell : Looking for a Honda vf750 registration A366HEF

Looking for: ESS 647V

Steve Barnes : Looking for my old Z1000 Mk2. Blue. ESS647V. Last known to be in Aberdeen area

Looking for: VRA 803Y

Alan : Looking for the first bike I owned,bought new in 1982.Yamaha rd50mx reg number VRA 803Y

Looking for: OTX 265R

John Pitt : looking for Kawasaki z650 OTX 265R 1977

Ref: OTX 265R - Message from Mark Gwenter : I have this bike bought it in about 1978

Looking for: HGW 812N

Rob : Looking for Honda CB 125S Reg. HGW 812N. Colour was green.

Looking for: G236 UDM

Kev : Looking for cbr400 gullarm G236UDM.

Looking for: TAF 510S

Kieran O Neill : I had a Yamaha RD 400 Ian Dyson Replica, in the late 70s. It was a bright yellow. I purchased it from George White in Manchester Road Swindon. I spent most of my time tearing around Swindon on it. Eventually the law caught up with me and I was banned. I sold the bike to Swindon Motor Company (now a pine and cane type furniture shop in Old Town) I would love to know who has it and perhaps buy it off them. The reg was TAF 510S

Looking for: RKV 440W

DAVID ARAN : looking for my old bikes honda cb750fa rkv440w and honda 250g5 lvp481p had both from new

Looking for: EMR 828D

Andy : Looking for my old Bsa c15 reg emr828d 1966 Was my first bike

Looking for: DWR48H

Steve : Looking for two of my old bikes. 1st is my old 1960 Triumph Tiger Cub reg no HEC 83. The 2nd is my 1970 Triumph Tiger 500 reg no. DWR48H. Probably in Preston area. Thanks!

Looking for: HKW 275W

Gary : Looking for my old honda superdream 250 black first reg 1st of September 1980 HKW275W . Would be great to see it again

Looking for: NFY 183S

Ashley : Looking for my dads old Honda cb 550 registration NFY183S

Looking for: RRS 741R

Roddy : Looking for my 1977 Kawasaki Z1000 A1 Reg number RRS 741R any condition

Looking for: 655 UMV

Geoff Earnest : Looking for my old BSA DBD Gold Star I raced in the 1960s 655UMV. year 12959. I have interesting backgound info for present owner

Looking for: E961 NCK

Martin Harper : Hi, Looking for my old Yamaha RD350 F2, red white and blue. registered May 1988 . Registration E961 NCK. Last MOT 27 April 2017. Would be great to see it again.

Looking for: SBF 400R

Paul : Looking for my oid Kawasaki Z400 twin. Bronze, registered March 1977. Registration number SBF 400R. Cheers

Looking for: H365 HDO

Rick : Looking for my old KR1-S C2 1990 H365HDO, I was the 1st owner from new, sold to buy my 1st car!!! Big mistake. Any help welcomed.

Looking for: XRJ 364S

Mark Bushdyhan : Hi, looking for my first motorbike a Kawasaki KH250 B4 First registered 26 May 1978. Reg number XRJ 364S

Looking for: D786 EEL

Trevor Gilbert : Looking for my old Yamaha rd350 ypvs D786 EEL. I sold it in 1990.

Looking for: FMA 902

Lauren : HI, looking for a motorbike, make was AJS, model was MS, registered in February 1959, reg number is either FMA 902 or FMA 802. Please help relocate this bike x

Looking for: AZ1 338

ciaran : i am looking for an old motorbike not sure what make i just have the number from and old photo AZ1338 thanks

Looking for: E370 HFG

Waide Allen : I am looking to find my NC23 CBR400 Reg: E370 HFG

Looking for: C608 CBK

Jason Newell : Does anybody know the whereabouts of C608 CBK,a Honda VF500F2? Last seen for sale in Somerset 5 years ago,currently Sorned.

Looking for: OPA 279W

john mayoh : i am looking to trace my old motorbike 1960s Royal Enfield Crusader Sports registration number is MEN 545 red and silver

Looking for: OPA 279W

Don : 1980 Yamaha XS650 black reg. OPA 279W. Last tax due 1984. What happened to this bike please? I bought it new then sold it to someone from London, I think...

Looking for: J651 DGH

Michael askell : J651DGH HONDA MT 50. My first road legal bike!

Looking for: W477 DCK

Mark owen : W477dck Yamaha Fazer 600, currently sworn.does anybody no where it is?

Looking for: L722 RMM

Mr ingle : Looking for my fathers old Kawasaki Zxr 400 reg: L722 RMM

Looking for: PMO 320

D Church : I would like to find my old Triumph 21 it was blue and had a fairing the reg was PMO 320

Looking for: GRH 54L

Colin Padgett : Trying to find my old Triumph Bonneville T120RV, reg no, GRH 54L gold/white, square tank, part exchanged in London for a Suzuki GT500 in1975.

Looking for: ULX 835F

Kemp : Looking to track down my old BSA Starfire reg ULX 835F

Looking for: PER 610R

DAVID : KH 250 PER 610R RED 1977

Looking for: RWK 110 R

mick nutter : please can you help me find my old motorcycles just to see how they are doing triumph bonneville t120r export model black and gold small tank XHP 544 L triumph trident t160v maroon white small export tank RWK 110 R thanks.

Looking for: XUS152P

George Harkness : Would love to locate and maybe buy back my Honda 250cc Dream, XUS152P. It was the bike i passed my test on,i regret ever selling it and moving to bigger engine bikes but that was the way it was back then.