How to find your old motorbike!

Author: Julian B.
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Find your old motorcycle

We'd all love to find our old motorcycle and we all wonder where it is now, so I thought I'd let everyone use this page for tracking down their old bike.

This is the only "legal" way to do it. You can contact DVLA but they won't help. to be honest, DVLA stuggle to help you with the things they are supposed too, so forget them. I have been working on other ways, but the Gov's data feeds are hmmm bulky to say the least!.

1) Check your bike is still in the UK and not scrapped or exported.

Enter your registration number on the Governmnet website here:

2) Check relevant club..if there is one.

Most clubs are very helpful with checking their register to see if your bike is on their list. Remember that bikes can end up anywhere in the world. I've seen UK registered Triumph's everywhere, from Caribbean Islands, to outback Australia so it has to be a global search!

3) Add you bike to Google below and Deep Search it.

If you add your bke below, Google will crawl it and anyone searching the registration or frame number will see it.
If you want to add your bike below; just leave a comment with details (reg / frame number etc) and Google will crawl it pretty quickly. (about 24hours). People can contact you by clicking reply.

Did you come to this page because of a registration search?

If you did, PLEASE press Ctrl + F on your keyboard or search on a mobile (usually in the rop right browser menu) and enter the reg exactly as you did before. Then you will find the entry. Contact whoever left the advert and make their year, even if you don't want to sell it!

WANTED: Triumph Bonneville T120 Tangerine Dream 1958

Where is this Bonnevile T120 1958? - Photo taken by Brian Goddard on the day of delivery in 1958

LVG 543 LVG543 First registered Thursday 18th September 1958 Eng/frame No 020556 Number 180 off the Production line (left the factory Wednesday 17th September 1958)

Last seen in Norwich, Norfolk and was painted yellow and black in the 1970's. Has probably been restored to its original orange and pale blue/grey scheme. Is currently insured. Please use comments below if you have any idea on contact the editor.

Anyone seen this Bonnevile T120 1958? - Photo taken by Brian Goddard on the day of delivery in 1958. if so Please contact the editor or on the below entry.


Add your motorbike:


Registration Number* WITH SPACE:ABC 123X
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Comment* (Make, model, engine / frame # idealy.)

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Your email address will not be visible if you post or reply. You agree to us holding your contact details for the purposes of contating you. If you reply to a post, we will contact the person looking for their vehicle and let them know you've been in touch! Good luck and I hope you appreciate the hours and hourse it took me to write this code! :-)

People looking for their old motorbike

Looking for: KBM 288V

John Rosam : BMW MOTORCYCLE 100RS 1979 BLUE. ENGINE AND FRAME NUMBER=6096984 Reply to KBM 288V
Motorcycle search ref: 1149 Added: 20/07/2024

Looking for: OPD 429

Trevor : Velocette grey police bike I used to own a long time ago in 1993, trying to track it down. Reply to OPD 429
Motorcycle search ref: 1148 Added: 13/07/2024

Looking for: ESA532

Dean : Not sure trying to track down my Granda’s old bike just have reg Reply to ESA532
Motorcycle search ref: 1147 Added: 03/07/2024

Looking for: YTX 21H

steve : triumph trophy 250cc Reply to YTX 21H
Motorcycle search ref: 1146 Added: 03/07/2024

Looking for: D983 LRL

Tony mellun : Yamaha dt 125 lc Reply to D983 LRL
Motorcycle search ref: 1145 Added: 20/06/2024

Looking for: DS02 PBY

P Bates : Viago Reply to DS02 PBY
Motorcycle search ref: 1144 Added: 18/06/2024

Looking for: WHT 770

B.Shepherd : Francis- Barnett. Reg WHT770 Was bought,second hand, for my dad by his mum for his 16th birthday in1960. DVLA shows it is currently taxed and in Exeter All we would like is to get a photo of what it is like, maybe with my dad, if the owner is agreeable. Reply to WHT 770
Motorcycle search ref: 1143 Added: 10/06/2024

Looking for: PJA24R

Spam : Honda cj250t Reply to PJA24R
Motorcycle search ref: 1142 Added: 09/06/2024

Looking for: 39RBH

Colin harrison : Ajs 350cc Reply to 39RBH
Motorcycle search ref: 1141 Added: 08/06/2024

Looking for: A123 POT

Richard Wall : Honda VF750F. Sold to a guy in Gosport, Hants in the early 90s. I have a folder with some info, pics & receipts to give to the owner. Reply to A123 POT
Motorcycle search ref: 1140 Added: 06/06/2024

Looking for: PDC 823M

Richard Wall : Kawasaki 500 H1B. I owned it between 1976 & 1981, last seen in Fareham. Hants mid 80s. I still have a folder with heaps of info, receipts etc to give to the owner. I believe it to be last registered in the Preston area. Reply to PDC 823M
Motorcycle search ref: 1139 Added: 06/06/2024

Looking for: EAA 39K

Richard Wall : Suzuki TS125T. Orange/white. Reply to EAA 39K
Motorcycle search ref: 1138 Added: 06/06/2024

Looking for: YTD 6V

Julie Orme : Kawasaki z1000 Reply to YTD 6V
Motorcycle search ref: 1137 Added: 04/06/2024

Looking for: N8BAD

Alan Johnson : Honda, Fireblade Reply to N8BAD
Motorcycle search ref: 1136 Added: 03/06/2024

Looking for: YNC 646

Ty Gommo : Triumph 5TA Speed Twin Reply to YNC 646
Motorcycle search ref: 1135 Added: 01/06/2024

Looking for: SFL 429R

Gordon : Z650 Kawasaki. Was in red, and is on DVLA website Reply to SFL 429R
Motorcycle search ref: 1134 Added: 31/05/2024

Looking for: ROC 28G

Adam : Norton commando 750 fastback on silver Reply to ROC 28G
Motorcycle search ref: 1133 Added: 25/05/2024

Looking for: FPH 857

J. Wisbey : 1937 era. Triumph Tiger 90 Reply to FPH 857
Motorcycle search ref: 1132 Added: 22/05/2024

Looking for: YWS 294

Ian ellis : Lambretta Li 150 Reply to YWS 294
Motorcycle search ref: 1131 Added: 22/05/2024

Looking for: MON 840X

Leighton Gill : Yamaha RD350LC. I owned it from 1990 until 1993. It was white and blue back then, but is currently registered as black according to the DVLA. Reply to MON 840X
Motorcycle search ref: 1130 Added: 15/05/2024

Looking for: 624 MT

M.sluman : Triumph tiger 100A Reply to 624 MT
Motorcycle search ref: 1129 Added: 08/05/2024

Looking for: YN03 UKG

JP : Italjet, Formula 50 LC, Red and white. My first bike at 16, would like to be reunited with it as have many happy memories on it. Reply to YN03 UKG
Motorcycle search ref: 1128 Added: 08/05/2024

Looking for: S816 LFR

Michael Hodges : 1998 aprilia rx50 ,my first bike back when I was 16,would love to purchase it back,bought it new in 1998 Reply to S816 LFR
Motorcycle search ref: 1127 Added: 05/05/2024

Looking for: WXK 871

baz : bsa m21 Reply to WXK 871
Motorcycle search ref: 1126 Added: 04/05/2024

Looking for: KAD 911

Cannon : BSA golden flasu Reply to KAD 911
Motorcycle search ref: 1125 Added: 02/05/2024

Looking for: G517 UYH

Anna : BMW K1 Blue First registered February 1990 980cc Reply to G517 UYH
Motorcycle search ref: 1124 Added: 01/05/2024

Looking for: OCV 97R

Spike Kilburn : Yamaha RD400 owned in Cornwall in 1977 - 1979 when it was sold on. Now trying to trace. Have seen the bike not been taxed since 1985 through DVLA but they will not give details. Have posted on various forums such as VJMC and air-cooled RD club agin with no success. Plate not available so either in a shed or in a ditch. Reply to OCV 97R
Motorcycle search ref: 1123 Added: 01/05/2024

Looking for: MLO 287

Phil Burnham : Vincent Reply to MLO 287
Motorcycle search ref: 1122 Added: 29/04/2024

Looking for: LVN 907

Mrs mould : Royal Enfield motorbike Reply to LVN 907
Motorcycle search ref: 1121 Added: 25/04/2024

Looking for: GOW 341

manchip : AJS Reply to GOW 341
Motorcycle search ref: 1120 Added: 22/04/2024

Looking for: EDO 64V

Gordon Amderson : Kawasaki Z250 Scorpion, originally in red. This was my first motorcycle, lots of great memories. Reply to EDO 64V
Motorcycle search ref: 1119 Added: 22/04/2024

Looking for: XLC141S

R Seán Volrath : Kawasaki Z650 B1, March 1978, green Reply to XLC141S
Motorcycle search ref: 1118 Added: 18/04/2024

Looking for: JDK 717

Callum Mabon : Unsure, possibly Norton commando? Reply to JDK 717
Motorcycle search ref: 1117 Added: 17/04/2024

Looking for: JHL 616

Paul River : I think its jhl 616 triumph my dads Reply to JHL 616
Motorcycle search ref: 1116 Added: 14/04/2024

Looking for: ERD 314

Clarke : Aerial Reply to ERD 314
Motorcycle search ref: 1115 Added: 13/04/2024

Looking for: KYB 787N

Ade : Suzuki GT250 Year 1975 Reply to KYB 787N
Motorcycle search ref: 1114 Added: 13/04/2024

Looking for: SDK 44S

GAVIN WRIGHT : Triumph t140v. My old and much missed bike Reply to SDK 44S
Motorcycle search ref: 1113 Added: 10/04/2024

Looking for: BFG 436B

Scott Gourlay : Norton Dominator 500 (650ss replacement) Reply to BFG 436B
Motorcycle search ref: 1112 Added: 03/04/2024

Looking for: F617 TCR

Glen : Dt125r Reply to F617 TCR
Motorcycle search ref: 1111 Added: 30/03/2024

Looking for: DAT 499T

Nigel Clappison : Suzuki GS 550E Reply to DAT 499T
Motorcycle search ref: 1110 Added: 23/03/2024

Looking for: 652DKA

Basil Fowler : Francis barnett motorbike Reply to 652DKA
Motorcycle search ref: 1109 Added: 19/03/2024

Looking for: ARF 81 A

Terry : BSA C15 1963 reg 250 cc Red Reply to ARF 81 A
Motorcycle search ref: 1108 Added: 18/03/2024

Looking for: PFH838R

peter martin : Yamaha fs1e dx brown Reply to PFH838R
Motorcycle search ref: 1107 Added: 12/03/2024

Looking for: RHB268R

Nick : Triumph Bonnie T140v Reply to RHB268R
Motorcycle search ref: 1106 Added: 11/03/2024

Looking for: Q759FDD

Nick : Triumph 3ta Reply to Q759FDD
Motorcycle search ref: 1105 Added: 11/03/2024

Looking for: G269 JWE

T Oliver : Kawasaki zxr750h1. Originally red and black, now believed to be yellow. Reply to G269 JWE
Motorcycle search ref: 1104 Added: 09/03/2024

Looking for: VDA 216M

Tom ellis : Honda ss50 Reply to VDA 216M
Motorcycle search ref: 1103 Added: 03/03/2024

Looking for: BPO 912W

Hugh vant Hoff : Yamaha XT 250, 1980, engine/frame number - 3Y1-107394 Reply to BPO 912W
Motorcycle search ref: 1102 Added: 02/03/2024

Looking for: BTU 60S

Rob : Yamaha RD250, I was the 1st owner and have often wondered if he still exists Reply to BTU 60S
Motorcycle search ref: 1101 Added: 28/02/2024

Looking for: X784 XFX

spocky : Kawasaki VN1500 Nomad 1999 G2 Green/Green Reply to X784 XFX
Motorcycle search ref: 1100 Added: 25/02/2024

Looking for: VAA 942R

steve amor : SUZUKI GT380A Reply to VAA 942R
Motorcycle search ref: 1099 Added: 25/02/2024

Looking for: GMC 328

Robert Lee : No details other than Reg number... Pre-War Despatchers Motorcycle, possibly a Triumph. Reply to GMC 328
Motorcycle search ref: 1098 Added: 24/02/2024

Looking for: 444 CTW

Franklin : Matchless G80, 500 single? 1955?, C may be a G. Reply to 444 CTW
Motorcycle search ref: 1097 Added: 24/02/2024

Looking for: TJW 520S

Mr Phillip Kemp : Suzuki gt250 First registered Nov 1977, Gold Reply to TJW 520S
Motorcycle search ref: 1096 Added: 23/02/2024

Looking for: RVY 181G

Geoff Morrison : Lambretta li 150 special 1969 Reply to RVY 181G
Motorcycle search ref: 1095 Added: 17/02/2024

Looking for: YTX21H

steve : triumph trophy Reply to YTX21H
Motorcycle search ref: 1094 Added: 14/02/2024

Looking for: OGB 674M

Iain : BSA A65 lightning Reply to OGB 674M
Motorcycle search ref: 1093 Added: 11/02/2024

Looking for: G431 KRH

Karl Rhodes : Yamaha FZR 1000 EXUP Reply to G431 KRH
Motorcycle search ref: 1092 Added: 09/02/2024

Looking for: C117 GAG

Karl Rhodes : Yamaha FZ750. Reply to C117 GAG
Motorcycle search ref: 1091 Added: 09/02/2024

Looking for: LJT 556G

Ian matthews : 1969 built Triton, Norton wideline featherbed frame, 650 Triumph Bonnevile (Thruxton) spec motor, special feature, Norton gearbox and adapted primary chain case cover Reply to LJT 556G
Motorcycle search ref: 1090 Added: 07/02/2024

Looking for: COW271

John : Ariel twin Reply to COW271
Motorcycle search ref: 1089 Added: 31/01/2024

Looking for: RB1024

G Lomas : Probably about 90 years old Reply to RB1024
Motorcycle search ref: 1088 Added: 31/01/2024

Looking for: JBU716N

John Taylor : Yamaha RD350B. Reply to JBU716N
Motorcycle search ref: 1087 Added: 29/01/2024

Looking for: FNF412V

M.MCCLELLAN : Kawasaki Z650 green engine no- kz650be041627 frame no- kz650b-025382 Reply to FNF412V
Motorcycle search ref: 1086 Added: 29/01/2024

Looking for: SFU 472T

Phil : Kawasaki z1000 1978 model colour now black I believe its in the Glasgow area love to get it back Reply to SFU 472T
Motorcycle search ref: 1085 Added: 29/01/2024

Looking for: G462 TTY

Tony : Would love to trace my old CG125 that I bought as a brand new bike in 1990. Reply to G462 TTY
Motorcycle search ref: 1084 Added: 26/01/2024

Looking for: YAA720V

Eric white : Suzuki gs550 Reply to YAA720V
Motorcycle search ref: 1083 Added: 24/01/2024

Looking for: FFE 503

Bob Morton : BSA B31 Reply to FFE 503
Motorcycle search ref: 1082 Added: 24/01/2024

Looking for: HNW 525

Lewis : Not known Reply to HNW 525
Motorcycle search ref: 1081 Added: 24/01/2024

Looking for: HOW 525

Lewis : Not known Reply to HOW 525
Motorcycle search ref: 1080 Added: 24/01/2024

Looking for: YFJ 375

Rob Channing : 1959 Matchless G9 500cc This bike was bought from new in 1959 by my Father-in-Law. He and his late wife then took it around Europe for a tour. The bike still exists and I missed buying it a few years ago by a matter of days but my trail has now gone dry. Father-in-law is 89 this year I would love to be reunited with his bike, even for just a few hours. Have tried all online forums, social media and even called bike museums but sadly to no avail. Reply to YFJ 375
Motorcycle search ref: 1079 Added: 18/01/2024

Looking for: ODF 485

Brian Lennox : Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet. Engine No 35048. Reply to ODF 485
Motorcycle search ref: 1078 Added: 17/01/2024

Looking for: WRH 969

JOHN HUTCHINSON : BSA A10 650CC Reply to WRH 969
Motorcycle search ref: 1077 Added: 11/01/2024

Looking for: 148 KPC

Peter Thomas : Late 1950s BSA Golden Flash 650cc.Gold and Black. Reply to 148 KPC
Motorcycle search ref: 1076 Added: 10/01/2024

Looking for: 148 KPC

Peter Thomas : Late 1950s BSA Golden Flash 650cc. Gold and Black Reply to 148 KPC
Motorcycle search ref: 1075 Added: 10/01/2024

Looking for: RXO 260

Peter Thomas : Late 1950s BSA Golden Flash 650cc. Reply to RXO 260
Motorcycle search ref: 1074 Added: 10/01/2024

Looking for: PAC 988

Antony Jones : Triumph Trophy Reply to PAC 988
Motorcycle search ref: 1073 Added: 09/01/2024

Looking for: KDK424P

Motorcycle search ref: 1072 Added: 07/01/2024

Looking for: LNF762

Chris : Trying to identify this bike who used to own it. Reply to LNF762
Motorcycle search ref: 1071 Added: 07/01/2024

Looking for: MD53 CSV

Fred : Red and Black CBR 125R Reply to MD53 CSV
Motorcycle search ref: 1070 Added: 06/01/2024

Looking for: CU56 EOC

Fred : Black Aprilia RS50 Reply to CU56 EOC
Motorcycle search ref: 1069 Added: 06/01/2024

Looking for: W114 AAY

Kelly Staveley : I am looking for my partners original Kawasaki bike. KAWASAKI ZXR 398CC Black. Year of Manufacture 2000. The bike is currently not taxed or MOT’d, would appreciate any leads on the where about of this bike. Reply to W114 AAY
Motorcycle search ref: 1068 Added: 02/01/2024

Looking for: OBF 960P

Yamaha : FS1E DX Reply to OBF 960P
Motorcycle search ref: 1067 Added: 29/12/2023

Looking for: 249BHJ

Ben Caddey : 1963 Triumph Tiger 650, Blue, this bike belonged to my farther when he was young, and I would love to find it once again Reply to 249BHJ
Motorcycle search ref: 1066 Added: 28/12/2023

Looking for: CWL 130

NELSON : BR0UGH SUPERIER 1150 Reply to CWL 130
Motorcycle search ref: 1065 Added: 28/12/2023

Looking for: XUP 169

Glyn Tindale : 1957 Triumph 3TA with 500 top end. Sold by me. In the 1980s in Bradford At the time it had a Bronze Hamerite frame with a blue tank Reply to XUP 169
Motorcycle search ref: 1064 Added: 26/12/2023

Looking for: MY 6778

Andy : Trying to identify make and year. Hard tail, girder forks, exhaust on left hand side Reply to MY 6778
Motorcycle search ref: 1063 Added: 23/12/2023

Looking for: PWY 967

Gary : Trying to find my old 197cc James Reply to PWY 967
Motorcycle search ref: 1062 Added: 21/12/2023

Looking for: VHG 654R

Michael Bentley : I owned this Suzuki AP50 from new & wondered if it was still around. Reply to VHG 654R
Motorcycle search ref: 1061 Added: 18/12/2023

Looking for: NTK 806

Roy Phillips : 1958 BSA Rocket Reply to NTK 806
Motorcycle search ref: 1060 Added: 17/12/2023

Looking for: NOT 806

Roy Phillips : BSA Rocket 650 1958 Reply to NOT 806
Motorcycle search ref: 1059 Added: 17/12/2023

Looking for: FJY546

Mel Shelton-Smith : Vincent comet first registered in 1952. 500cc. Trying to locate this for my dad Reply to FJY546
Motorcycle search ref: 1058 Added: 17/12/2023

Looking for: VCR 103T

Adrian Dymond : Yamaha RD250 White Reply to VCR 103T
Motorcycle search ref: 1057 Added: 15/12/2023

Looking for: VCR 102T

Adrian Dymond : Suzuki 250 X7 Blue Reply to VCR 102T
Motorcycle search ref: 1056 Added: 15/12/2023

Looking for: VX56FCC

Lewis : Suzuki marauder 125 Reply to VX56FCC
Motorcycle search ref: 1055 Added: 14/12/2023

Looking for: PYA 819

J Lillington : 650 bsa a10 plunger frame Gold flash registered late sixties early seventies in dorset Reply to PYA 819
Motorcycle search ref: 1054 Added: 12/12/2023

Looking for: PROD 544

Geoff collett : 1958 triumph 21 Reply to PROD 544
Motorcycle search ref: 1053 Added: 12/12/2023

Looking for: E67 780

DaveWoodroffe : Triumph Reply to E67 780
Motorcycle search ref: 1052 Added: 11/12/2023

Looking for: GTF60N

Harry c : Yamaha fs1e purple Reply to GTF60N
Motorcycle search ref: 1051 Added: 11/12/2023

Looking for: 346 UAF

John lillington : BSA 500 A5O 1963 Reply to 346 UAF
Motorcycle search ref: 1050 Added: 11/12/2023

Looking for: C161 YJT

Jeremy Gale : Kawasaki GPZ 900R Sold back in the early 90s Last seen in Portishead, Bristol, possibly owned by Police Officer ??? DVLA check, No tax / no MOT ?? Had Lazer exhaust when sold. Carbon upgrade done. Black dots on tank Reply to C161 YJT
Motorcycle search ref: 1049 Added: 10/12/2023

Looking for: DFB952D

Anthony : Triumph tiger 100ss I understand it near Gloucester I used to own this in late 60s early 70s I understand its taxed and mot and would appreciate the own if possible letting me see the old girl again if anyone know him or her please can you contact me Reply to DFB952D
Motorcycle search ref: 1048 Added: 08/12/2023

Looking for: DFB 952D

Anthony : Triumph tiger 100ss I understand it near Gloucester I used to own this in late 60s early 70s I understand its taxed and mot and would appreciate the own if possible letting me see the old girl again if anyone know him or her please can you contact me Reply to DFB 952D
Motorcycle search ref: 1047 Added: 08/12/2023

Looking for: EMR 828 D

A thistle : BSA c15 1966 Reply to EMR 828 D
Motorcycle search ref: 1046 Added: 06/12/2023

Looking for: SA8412

David : Royal Enfield Reply to SA8412
Motorcycle search ref: 1045 Added: 05/12/2023

Looking for: CDO 82

Staniforth : Matchless 350 cc around 1950 Reply to CDO 82
Motorcycle search ref: 1044 Added: 05/12/2023

Looking for: 260 ANG

John Claydon : Ariel Arrow, 250 Twin. Two tone blue. Reply to 260 ANG
Motorcycle search ref: 1043 Added: 01/12/2023

Looking for: YDO 134T

Honda : 404s Red petrol tank and side panels, black frame, bike used to have a nose fairing Reply to YDO 134T
Motorcycle search ref: 1042 Added: 26/11/2023

Looking for: FUN 15D

BSA Bantam : FUN 15D was originally registered in 1966 as a red, 175cc D7 and was purchased by my father new. FUN 15D was re-registered in May 1979. My father kept it until April 1972. The current vehicle details list FUN as black with a 125cc engine, with the last V5C being issued on 9th November 2017. It is currently on a SORN. The bike would have been last seen at Stevensons Garage, Whitehurst, Chirk, Wrexham back in 1972 as per original condition. Reply to FUN 15D
Motorcycle search ref: 1041 Added: 26/11/2023

Looking for: NGT758P

S kapani : Kawasaki kh250 b1 1976allspeeds new wheels red primer tank black side panels green sparkle tail piece k&n air filters no rear mudguard or centre stand or rear mudguard black & gold anodised engine cases milage 22500 last adress leyronstone London e11ieu 2005 Please contact me urgently with information as to where my bike is now. Not reported as stolen by the dvla. Reply to NGT758P
Motorcycle search ref: 1040 Added: 25/11/2023

Looking for: 1037 MC

Wally Gaunt : Bsa A10 !961 Super Rocket Reply to 1037 MC
Motorcycle search ref: 1039 Added: 25/11/2023

Looking for: VVJ 55K

Suzuki T350 : Suzuki 350 Reble Reply to VVJ 55K
Motorcycle search ref: 1038 Added: 25/11/2023

Looking for: OUD 313P

baz : frame number 5541076 its a puch post office telegram bike Reply to OUD 313P
Motorcycle search ref: 1037 Added: 19/11/2023

Looking for: WCX 722X

Gary Burrows : Yamaha RD350 LC Reply to WCX 722X
Motorcycle search ref: 1036 Added: 19/11/2023

Looking for: C434 HWB

Gary Burrows : Suzuki GSXR 750 F Reply to C434 HWB
Motorcycle search ref: 1035 Added: 19/11/2023

Looking for: NVL98Y

Peter shaw : Rd125lc NVL98y black and white Reply to NVL98Y
Motorcycle search ref: 1034 Added: 17/11/2023

Looking for: D225PGP

Lewis Williams : Suzuki Rg500 in Pepsi suzuki colours Reply to D225PGP
Motorcycle search ref: 1033 Added: 15/11/2023

Looking for: NYS247M

John : Yam FS1E, Orange, Oct 1973 bought from Alec George’s, Glasgow. Reply to NYS247M
Motorcycle search ref: 1032 Added: 13/11/2023

Looking for: CBD683T

Suzuki : Suzuki GS400 Reply to CBD683T
Motorcycle search ref: 1031 Added: 11/11/2023

Looking for: E339 TYC

James howell : Jawa 350 1987. Reply to E339 TYC
Motorcycle search ref: 1030 Added: 09/11/2023

Looking for: SSR 90

Ken McInnes : Ajs 350 single Reply to SSR 90
Motorcycle search ref: 1029 Added: 08/11/2023

Looking for: UWD 84X

Phil humphries : Kawasaki gpz 550 sold in the 1980s if you’ve seen it please contact Reply to UWD 84X
Motorcycle search ref: 1028 Added: 08/11/2023

Looking for: ETV 786V

R WITHERINGTON : Bultaco Sherpa 350 stolen 30 years ago Reply to ETV 786V
Motorcycle search ref: 1027 Added: 08/11/2023

Looking for: DAN 100 H

Peter isaac : Triumph 650 Reply to DAN 100 H
Motorcycle search ref: 1026 Added: 07/11/2023

Looking for: NFX 59H

Triumph tiger 100 500cc : Triumph model tiger 100 500cc Reply to NFX 59H
Motorcycle search ref: 1025 Added: 06/11/2023

Looking for: NFX 59 H

Peter isaac : Triumph Tiger 100 Purple metalic Reply to NFX 59 H
Motorcycle search ref: 1024 Added: 06/11/2023

Looking for: C918 ABA

Paul Giles : Kawasaki KLR600 owned in Quedgegley Gloucestershire Reply to C918 ABA
Motorcycle search ref: 1023 Added: 02/11/2023

Looking for: F48 XOM

Paul Giles : Yamaha TDR 250 owned in Stonehouse Gloucestershire Reply to F48 XOM
Motorcycle search ref: 1022 Added: 02/11/2023

Looking for: C616 VDF

Yamaha : RD350 LC owned in Stonehouse Gloucestershire Reply to C616 VDF
Motorcycle search ref: 1021 Added: 02/11/2023

Looking for: BWB 77B

john ogden : triumph thunderbird 650cc silver reg 1964 Reply to BWB 77B
Motorcycle search ref: 1020 Added: 01/11/2023

Looking for: 792 VKO

Mike Coller : Triumph Bonneville 650 T120 1963 Reply to 792 VKO
Motorcycle search ref: 1019 Added: 30/10/2023

Looking for: 122HDE

paul : Matchless 250 Reply to 122HDE
Motorcycle search ref: 1018 Added: 28/10/2023

Looking for: YRY232

David : Triumph custom 659 Reply to YRY232
Motorcycle search ref: 1017 Added: 24/10/2023

Looking for: F24NNK

Trevor : Harley sporster , bobbed , last seen , Malton ,North Yorkshire Reply to F24NNK
Motorcycle search ref: 1016 Added: 24/10/2023

Looking for: UOR 402T

David lanham : Suzuki GS 550 Reply to UOR 402T
Motorcycle search ref: 1015 Added: 23/10/2023

Looking for: WW4 943

J Constantinou : 650 AJS from 1957 Reply to WW4 943
Motorcycle search ref: 1014 Added: 21/10/2023

Looking for: T782 OBL

David : 1999 Yamaha R1...possibly in Virgin Mobile colours Reply to T782 OBL
Motorcycle search ref: 1013 Added: 18/10/2023

Looking for: FGO 112C

Honda CB72 : Honda CB72 250cc Reply to FGO 112C
Motorcycle search ref: 1012 Added: 16/10/2023

Looking for: F24 NNK

Trevor : Harley sportster , 883 , last known whereabouts Malton , North Yorkshire 6 or 7 years ago, not standard ,, i think now chopped or bobbed , was blue i guess could be anything now .. Reply to F24 NNK
Motorcycle search ref: 1011 Added: 12/10/2023

Looking for: MUU656

Simon : Bsa Reply to MUU656
Motorcycle search ref: 1010 Added: 06/10/2023

Looking for: NME 361R

Keith Straker : Yamaha RD350 Yellow 1977 Reply to NME 361R
Motorcycle search ref: 1009 Added: 05/10/2023

Looking for: 69TPK

Mike : My first Bike C15 1961 Reply to 69TPK
Motorcycle search ref: 1008 Added: 04/10/2023

Looking for: RDF 11M

Linden harris : Garelli rekord mk1 Reply to RDF 11M
Motorcycle search ref: 1007 Added: 03/10/2023

Looking for: RDF11M

Linden harris : Garelli rekord mk1 Reply to RDF11M
Motorcycle search ref: 1006 Added: 03/10/2023

Looking for: LMR195X

Martin wright : Suzuki 250 X7 Reply to LMR195X
Motorcycle search ref: 1005 Added: 29/09/2023

Looking for: TJ 9367

Oliver : my grandfathers bike, would like to know the make Reply to TJ 9367
Motorcycle search ref: 1004 Added: 28/09/2023

Looking for: YDL 90Y

Paul McQuaid : Triumph Tr65 Thunderbird 1983 650cc Back (Smokey Cherry) Reply to YDL 90Y
Motorcycle search ref: 1003 Added: 27/09/2023

Looking for: YA 4929

J Stamp : Have a photo of my father-in-law on a motorcycle and would like to know what it is. Reg number is clear but not a makers name. Reply to YA 4929
Motorcycle search ref: 1002 Added: 27/09/2023

Looking for: SUX 822

Lin : BSA 1951 650cc My late fathers in 1967. Reply to SUX 822
Motorcycle search ref: 1001 Added: 24/09/2023

Looking for: BHL 769

Lin : Matchless with side car 40s/50s. My late fathers motorcycle. Reply to BHL 769
Motorcycle search ref: 1000 Added: 24/09/2023

Looking for: CPN 309

Lin : Black Indian 1940 500cc. This was my late fathers bike. Reply to CPN 309
Motorcycle search ref: 999 Added: 24/09/2023

Looking for: YS07YKU

Michael Hooley : Yamaha XT125X 125cc motorbike, was my pride and joy back in college, I would love to get it back on the road. Its registered as SORN and last MOTd in 2015 expired 2016. Google deep search doesnt find anything. Reply to YS07YKU
Motorcycle search ref: 998 Added: 22/09/2023

Looking for: VNY 465

John Leonard : 1957 Douglas Dragonfly 350cc. Registered in 1958 in Newport Mon. Wales Reply to VNY 465
Motorcycle search ref: 997 Added: 20/09/2023

Looking for: M425 TML

John : Yamaha Virago XV535 1994 Red Reply to M425 TML
Motorcycle search ref: 996 Added: 17/09/2023

Looking for: 548 LMP

Tracy B : Triumph T110 1958/1959 Reply to 548 LMP
Motorcycle search ref: 995 Added: 17/09/2023

Looking for: A546 VNY

Robert : Suzuki ZR50SL, my first bike Reply to A546 VNY
Motorcycle search ref: 994 Added: 17/09/2023

Looking for: PHR 973Y

Paul Giles : Yamaha XT 250 Reply to PHR 973Y
Motorcycle search ref: 993 Added: 13/09/2023

Looking for: GFH 623

Paul Giles : BSA ? Reply to GFH 623
Motorcycle search ref: 992 Added: 13/09/2023

Looking for: G129 EOO

R Davey : Yam FZR600 Genesis. Reply to G129 EOO
Motorcycle search ref: 991 Added: 11/09/2023

Looking for: 667 DMM

Bob Bradley : Royal Enfield bullet 1955 Reply to 667 DMM
Motorcycle search ref: 990 Added: 08/09/2023

Looking for: NFA 69

D smith : Bsa Road rocket Reply to NFA 69
Motorcycle search ref: 989 Added: 04/09/2023

Looking for: YPK 655T

Pj power : Suzuki gp125 1978 model. Colour was red but has since been repainted. Reply to YPK 655T
Motorcycle search ref: 988 Added: 03/09/2023

Looking for: SPA 95R

Stephen : I would like to buy my bike back. It has not been used since 1982 which is when I gave it away. Yamaha RD 250 Reply to SPA 95R
Motorcycle search ref: 987 Added: 01/09/2023

Looking for: JBK 44C

White : BSA Gold Star last seen 1965 Reply to JBK 44C
Motorcycle search ref: 986 Added: 01/09/2023

Looking for: UMX 533S

Neil Emmott : Vehicle make: YAMAHA Date of first registration: September 1977 Year of manufacture: 1977 Export marker: No Vehicle status: Untaxed Vehicle colour: BLUE Date of last V5C (logbook) issued: 16 November 1982 Bike has been untaxed since February 28 1983, it has no MoT according to but I really hope it is still around. Reply to UMX 533S
Motorcycle search ref: 985 Added: 31/08/2023

Looking for: FGU 40V

Neil Emmott : Vehicle make: YAMAHA Date of first registration: August 1979 Year of manufacture: 1979 Export marker: No Vehicle status: Untaxed Vehicle colour: BLUE Date of last V5C (logbook) issued: 5 March 1990 Bike has been untaxed since August 31 1990, it has no MoT according to but I really hope it is still around. Reply to FGU 40V
Motorcycle search ref: 984 Added: 31/08/2023

Looking for: E165 GRF

Carl : Ford fiesta Reply to E165 GRF
Motorcycle search ref: 983 Added: 27/08/2023

Looking for: 143ATT

Hal : Ajs 500 Reply to 143ATT
Motorcycle search ref: 982 Added: 22/08/2023

Looking for: HF09 DKX

KTM RC8 : 2009, 1150cc white KTM Reply to HF09 DKX
Motorcycle search ref: 981 Added: 21/08/2023

Looking for: M472 VYB

Kev : Aprilia rs125r extrema red and black. Reply to M472 VYB
Motorcycle search ref: 980 Added: 21/08/2023

Looking for: HX55 EOP

Chris pidgeon : Nrg power 50cc England edition Reply to HX55 EOP
Motorcycle search ref: 979 Added: 21/08/2023

Looking for: JWA 831

Holmes : Velocette mss Reply to JWA 831
Motorcycle search ref: 978 Added: 21/08/2023

Looking for: SOA 383S

K Gibbon : Honda 750F2 Reply to SOA 383S
Motorcycle search ref: 977 Added: 21/08/2023

Looking for: PKX 106

Mike Ashburn : 650cc BSA Gold Flash Plunger Suspension Built around 1952 Owned by me 1967 to 1980ish Known to be being restored in Swindon area in the 1980s Reply to PKX 106
Motorcycle search ref: 976 Added: 19/08/2023

Looking for: 110 GOL

Dick Turley : BSA rocket goldstar Reply to 110 GOL
Motorcycle search ref: 975 Added: 16/08/2023

Looking for: KGE 192Y

Derek : Yamaha RD350LC Reply to KGE 192Y
Motorcycle search ref: 974 Added: 14/08/2023

Looking for: FXJ 438

Martin Gregory : My dads old bike from 1950,s any information on make + engine size would be great Reply to FXJ 438
Motorcycle search ref: 973 Added: 13/08/2023

Looking for: LFL 112W

Kevin clift : Honda cb50j Reply to LFL 112W
Motorcycle search ref: 972 Added: 12/08/2023

Looking for: F392HTO

Tim Strae : Yamaha DT125 R black 1988 currently the owner has it sorn if your interested in selling it let me know Reply to F392HTO
Motorcycle search ref: 971 Added: 11/08/2023

Looking for: SD20 CSO

Jamie : CB125F Reply to SD20 CSO
Motorcycle search ref: 970 Added: 04/08/2023

Looking for: 257 KKJ

Steve Heritage : Lambretta Li150 series 2 Chasis # : 194148 Reply to 257 KKJ
Motorcycle search ref: 969 Added: 02/08/2023

Looking for: W114AAY

Kelly Staveley : Make KAWASAKI Model ZX400-L9 Engine capacity398 ColourBLACK VIN ends with ******61080 This was my partners first bike and I’d love to reunite him with it. Any information on it’s whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Reply to W114AAY
Motorcycle search ref: 968 Added: 30/07/2023

Looking for: OFU185

Samantha Scott : Triumph tiger 100 1957 model. My FIL sold this to buy his wife an engagement ring. Last mot 2013 Reply to OFU185
Motorcycle search ref: 967 Added: 30/07/2023

Looking for: LV 5834

rudge : 1933 350CC RUDGE IN MAROON. was my fathers motorcycle. Reply to LV 5834
Motorcycle search ref: 966 Added: 26/07/2023

Looking for: J116 GSN

Alastair : Suzuki GSXR 750 M white / red Reply to J116 GSN
Motorcycle search ref: 965 Added: 26/07/2023

Looking for: KLM 544V

Dave Styles : BMW R80/7 1978 Black with red and white pin strpping Reply to KLM 544V
Motorcycle search ref: 964 Added: 25/07/2023

Looking for: 009469

Bertha Reddin : I have a old b/w picture of a relative on a 1930s motorbike im trying to trace Reply to 009469
Motorcycle search ref: 963 Added: 22/07/2023

Looking for: KED227

Martyn Blackburn : BSA b33 500cc my pride and joy sold to a guy called golly in somerset uk he was a ceramics teacher I sold it to pay for my baby I loved the bike and think about it all the time and would love to get her back Reply to KED227
Motorcycle search ref: 962 Added: 20/07/2023

Looking for: MY7309

Southampton : OLD ARIEL? Reply to MY7309
Motorcycle search ref: 961 Added: 13/07/2023

Looking for: UDU 39W

Chris M : Suzuki GS550E (Originally Blue) Reply to UDU 39W
Motorcycle search ref: 960 Added: 13/07/2023

Looking for: KFD 792

David McKenna : Not known Reply to KFD 792
Motorcycle search ref: 959 Added: 08/07/2023

Looking for: LBF470V

Chris M : Yamaha RD 50M Reply to LBF470V
Motorcycle search ref: 958 Added: 05/07/2023

Looking for: EGV601

Tony Morris : Ajs motorcycle 500 twin Reply to EGV601
Motorcycle search ref: 957 Added: 04/07/2023

Looking for: RBJ 61M

Gerald Bunn : SUZUKI 250GT RAM AIR Reply to RBJ 61M
Motorcycle search ref: 956 Added: 04/07/2023

Looking for: VOF 784 S

david : suzuki gs 1000 Reply to VOF 784 S
Motorcycle search ref: 955 Added: 03/07/2023

Looking for: PPP 952D

John : Triumph Speed Twin 500cc 5TA . I bought this bike in 1966 when 18 years old and had a Black Avon Elite fairing fitted. If anyone knows of its whereabouts please get in touch. Reply to PPP 952D
Motorcycle search ref: 954 Added: 03/07/2023

Looking for: SMM410Y

Havant (United Kingdom) : triumph bonavile Reply to SMM410Y
Motorcycle search ref: 953 Added: 02/07/2023

Looking for: F152WDC

J : 1989 cbr1000f 1st reg was F152WDC re reg in ni 1993 as NIW8899 Reply to F152WDC
Motorcycle search ref: 952 Added: 28/06/2023

Looking for: PHH 395X

John Rutherford : Looking for yamaha dt250mx bought new in august 1981, the only bike i wish i never sold, would like to see how it is now. Reply to PHH 395X
Motorcycle search ref: 951 Added: 27/06/2023

Looking for: WYT 96N

Richard Hills : Looking for my Suzuki GT550. Would love to find out if its still out there Reply to WYT 96N
Motorcycle search ref: 950 Added: 26/06/2023

Looking for: TSW800T

Motorcycle search ref: 949 Added: 26/06/2023

Looking for: OVK666F

GORDON LEE : This was my fathers motorbike when i was a child Ia mnow 58 years old I think the bike was a BSA A10 Reply to OVK666F
Motorcycle search ref: 948 Added: 24/06/2023

Looking for: TFA58W

kevin ferris : Honda CB900c Reply to TFA58W
Motorcycle search ref: 947 Added: 20/06/2023

Looking for: G361BBM

kevin ferris : kawasaki zzr600 Reply to G361BBM
Motorcycle search ref: 946 Added: 20/06/2023

Looking for: SDN 876P

Rick nightingale : Ap50 Suzuki Reply to SDN 876P
Motorcycle search ref: 945 Added: 19/06/2023

Looking for: TSR 822

Bob Duncan : Triumph Thunderbird 1958. Now black; vehicle tax expires 1st July 2023. This bike was our family transport in the early to mid-60s, pulling a large sidecar my Dad built. By the time it was sold in 1965 / 66 there were 6 of us and it had taken us on camping holidays to the very north and west of Scotland from our home near Dundee. I thought the owner might like to know some of its history and Id love to see photos of it now. Reply to TSR 822
Motorcycle search ref: 944 Added: 19/06/2023

Looking for: DX05 LRE

Robert moore : I would like to find this bike as first new bike I ever bought Reply to DX05 LRE
Motorcycle search ref: 943 Added: 17/06/2023

Looking for: HX51 YNO

Robert Somerset : Yamaha Dragstar xvs 125cc Reply to HX51 YNO
Motorcycle search ref: 942 Added: 17/06/2023

Looking for: MY 7309

Fred : pre war Reply to MY 7309
Motorcycle search ref: 941 Added: 09/06/2023

Looking for: WCV 233

Tony Evans : Don’t know Reply to WCV 233
Motorcycle search ref: 940 Added: 07/06/2023

Looking for: V472FCR

Jon : Cagiva canyon 500 Reply to V472FCR
Motorcycle search ref: 939 Added: 05/06/2023

Looking for: S437 ONR

Suzuki fz50 : 1977 possibly? Reply to S437 ONR
Motorcycle search ref: 938 Added: 29/05/2023

Looking for: VWL 58

Gary Askew : James 197cc captain 1953 Reply to VWL 58
Motorcycle search ref: 937 Added: 28/05/2023

Looking for: C853HFJ

Yamaha : Yamagata dt 50 Reply to C853HFJ
Motorcycle search ref: 936 Added: 23/05/2023

Looking for: EOK 475C

Bernard Woodhall : BSA A65 LIGHTNING Reply to EOK 475C
Motorcycle search ref: 935 Added: 20/05/2023

Looking for: 340WKO

Robert barnard : Lambretta li 125 Reply to 340WKO
Motorcycle search ref: 934 Added: 18/05/2023

Looking for: EWL 326

Lee Evans : BSA Reply to EWL 326
Motorcycle search ref: 933 Added: 18/05/2023

Looking for: WH 6475

Stewart Dalby : Ariel Red Hunter Reply to WH 6475
Motorcycle search ref: 932 Added: 15/05/2023

Looking for: YJB 892

DKW : Hummel Reply to YJB 892
Motorcycle search ref: 931 Added: 14/05/2023

Looking for: XFK 861X

Katue : Kawasaki z650 Reply to XFK 861X
Motorcycle search ref: 930 Added: 14/05/2023

Looking for: JUF840N

Steve bowles : Suzuki GT 250 ram air around 1974 colour blue Reply to JUF840N
Motorcycle search ref: 929 Added: 13/05/2023

Looking for: DK06FSS

Laurence : Won’t to find my old bike Reply to DK06FSS
Motorcycle search ref: 928 Added: 11/05/2023

Looking for: DK06FFS

Laurence casey : My Harley Davidson niterod I made that bike from the ground up had to sell her due to a divorce would love to see her again Reply to DK06FFS
Motorcycle search ref: 927 Added: 11/05/2023

Looking for: XAT 577S

Tony : 1977 Yamaha RD400 Reply to XAT 577S
Motorcycle search ref: 926 Added: 11/05/2023

Looking for: SVV 154

Motorcycle search ref: 925 Added: 10/05/2023

Looking for: AEN 543V

Steve Maycroft : Triumph Bonneville Special.T140d. Export model.last seen Wigan area 1982.Would love to know what happened to it. Reply to AEN 543V
Motorcycle search ref: 924 Added: 08/05/2023

Looking for: R608SJB

simon godfrey : yamaha xv535 virago emtalic gold Reply to R608SJB
Motorcycle search ref: 923 Added: 07/05/2023

Looking for: YG 3837

Frank : Was my late fathers brough superior 1150c which had a sidecar and took us on many excursions to the sea side. It is still on DVLA site with Registration document issued in 1993. The motorcycle was made in 1933. I have a couple of photographs of it. I was wondering if it is still around. Reply to YG 3837
Motorcycle search ref: 922 Added: 05/05/2023

Looking for: MEH25P

Andy : Yamaha fs1e Reply to MEH25P
Motorcycle search ref: 921 Added: 05/05/2023

Looking for: YBM744X

Clive : Triumph Bonneville 750 Reply to YBM744X
Motorcycle search ref: 920 Added: 05/05/2023

Looking for: URE 27R

Andrea cattell : Suzuki ap50 red Reply to URE 27R
Motorcycle search ref: 919 Added: 04/05/2023

Looking for: D898 VEG

Neil alger : Yamaha RD 125 Reply to D898 VEG
Motorcycle search ref: 918 Added: 02/05/2023

Looking for: LRU865W

Timmy : First reg. 1980. Bought brand new, my first bike. I would love to know if it is still around and if so is it for sale. I dont care if it is in peices in a box in the dunny i would love to track it down. When it left me it had engine bars and a stainless steel exhaust system. Would love to hear from anyone who might know its whereabouts. Thanks Reply to LRU865W
Motorcycle search ref: 917 Added: 01/05/2023

Looking for: UTD 727

Ian : Norton 1955 600 I think it’s a model 19 , last v5 February 1984 Reply to UTD 727
Motorcycle search ref: 916 Added: 28/04/2023

Looking for: G972 YOT

Mark Elston : Yamaha XJ600f Reply to G972 YOT
Motorcycle search ref: 915 Added: 27/04/2023

Looking for: XHW 368H

TPW : BSA B44 Shooting Star Reply to XHW 368H
Motorcycle search ref: 914 Added: 25/04/2023

Looking for: APX 80V

Martin Walker : Customised Yamaha XS 650 painted in gold metallic with flames by John Gledhill. Custom framework, extended forks, custom seat -not a standard bike at all. Reply to APX 80V
Motorcycle search ref: 913 Added: 24/04/2023

Looking for: APX 8OV

Martin Walker : Customised Yamaha XS 650 painted in gold metallic with flames by John Gledhill. Custom framework, extended forks, custom seat -not a standard bike at all. Reply to APX 8OV
Motorcycle search ref: 912 Added: 24/04/2023

Looking for: PNG 48W

Colin : Honda CB400 F Reply to PNG 48W
Motorcycle search ref: 911 Added: 21/04/2023

Looking for: J104 ARR

Derek : Honda cbr1000 Reply to J104 ARR
Motorcycle search ref: 910 Added: 21/04/2023

Looking for: SHS856W

Gerald Gurney : Yamaha dt 125 red Reply to SHS856W
Motorcycle search ref: 909 Added: 21/04/2023

Looking for: S294 BCG

Grant : Ducati 916bp Yellow Reply to S294 BCG
Motorcycle search ref: 908 Added: 21/04/2023

Looking for: GTS 768

George Polea : AJS Reply to GTS 768
Motorcycle search ref: 907 Added: 19/04/2023

Looking for: RE7723

Lynn abbs : Not known Reply to RE7723
Motorcycle search ref: 906 Added: 16/04/2023

Looking for: DKG 935V

Suzuki GS1000 : Dunstall Suzuki GS1000 First registered March 1980 last V5C March 26 1991 Reply to DKG 935V
Motorcycle search ref: 905 Added: 16/04/2023

Looking for: WMA 901W

Paul Newton : Honda CB900FA was red, could now be black. Reply to WMA 901W
Motorcycle search ref: 904 Added: 15/04/2023

Looking for: YN3542

Arial sv : In was black in 1926 and was sold around 1939 Reply to YN3542
Motorcycle search ref: 903 Added: 15/04/2023

Looking for: MK52 VSU

Steve Campbell : Kawasaki zx7r Reply to MK52 VSU
Motorcycle search ref: 902 Added: 13/04/2023

Looking for: AE51 HZX

Adam : Kawasaki zx6r, would love to own it again. Reply to AE51 HZX
Motorcycle search ref: 901 Added: 12/04/2023

Looking for: XLC133S

mac : z1000 Reply to XLC133S
Motorcycle search ref: 900 Added: 12/04/2023

Looking for: ALJ77Y

Andrew : Honda PX50 49cc Year:1982 Reply to ALJ77Y
Motorcycle search ref: 899 Added: 10/04/2023

Looking for: 539 AOU

Chris : BSA Reply to 539 AOU
Motorcycle search ref: 898 Added: 09/04/2023

Looking for: 539 AOU0

Chris : BSA Reply to 539 AOU0
Motorcycle search ref: 897 Added: 09/04/2023

Looking for: TJN 167

R Moscrop : BSA 250cc Year early 60s Red/Black in colour Reply to TJN 167
Motorcycle search ref: 896 Added: 04/04/2023

Looking for: 234 CRH

Smith : Bianchi tonale 175cc de luxe engine no 234630 Reply to 234 CRH
Motorcycle search ref: 895 Added: 03/04/2023

Looking for: 307 EAB

Carol Westwood : BSA ROCKET RED Reply to 307 EAB
Motorcycle search ref: 894 Added: 31/03/2023

Looking for: D358 DBK

Simon : Yamaha in blue 349cc Reply to D358 DBK
Motorcycle search ref: 893 Added: 31/03/2023

Looking for: G782 CEJ

Julian bearman : Honda mt5 Reply to G782 CEJ
Motorcycle search ref: 892 Added: 29/03/2023

Looking for: TNU 233

Richard Turner : BSA Reply to TNU 233
Motorcycle search ref: 891 Added: 27/03/2023

Looking for: FAW247C

graham : lambretta li125 1965 Reply to FAW247C
Motorcycle search ref: 890 Added: 26/03/2023

Looking for: FAW246C

graham : lambretta li125 1965 Reply to FAW246C
Motorcycle search ref: 889 Added: 26/03/2023

Looking for: F135 ERM

Gavin : Honda CBR600 FJ Reply to F135 ERM
Motorcycle search ref: 888 Added: 24/03/2023

Looking for: C434HWB

Gary : Suzuki GSXR750F Reply to C434HWB
Motorcycle search ref: 887 Added: 22/03/2023

Looking for: OUK 539

Jane Duggan : 250 BSA Reply to OUK 539
Motorcycle search ref: 886 Added: 21/03/2023

Looking for: ****XAG

Al Thomson : Yamaha SRX 600 Reply to ****XAG
Motorcycle search ref: 885 Added: 20/03/2023

Looking for: 110 KOC

Frank Fitzmaurice : Triumph Bonneville 650cc. Tank was white which makes it a 1963 model. Reply to 110 KOC
Motorcycle search ref: 884 Added: 18/03/2023

Looking for: K486 GUA

Graham : Harley Davidson Hugger 880cc I would love to buy it back. Reply to K486 GUA
Motorcycle search ref: 883 Added: 14/03/2023

Looking for: EDT 29C

Rob : BSA D7 Reply to EDT 29C
Motorcycle search ref: 882 Added: 14/03/2023

Looking for: 929 YMY

Emma Hughes : BSA A7 Shooting Star Reply to 929 YMY
Motorcycle search ref: 881 Added: 14/03/2023

Looking for: SLO 607R

Andy Deane : Yamaha XS650 Reply to SLO 607R
Motorcycle search ref: 880 Added: 12/03/2023

Looking for: E960 RKR

Chris : Honda mtx 125 Engine No jd05e5021399 Frame ends in 6109 Reply to E960 RKR
Motorcycle search ref: 879 Added: 11/03/2023

Looking for: 331 KJH

A Capon : BSA Goldstar, used to have a sidecar around 1960ish? Reply to 331 KJH
Motorcycle search ref: 878 Added: 11/03/2023

Looking for: SM 5569

Norman sutton : Matchless V twin 990cc with sidecar year 1926 1 owner walter mc Neish Dumfries Reply to SM 5569
Motorcycle search ref: 877 Added: 11/03/2023

Looking for: NTV 151F

J Burbidge : BSA 500cc 1968 Reply to NTV 151F
Motorcycle search ref: 876 Added: 11/03/2023

Looking for: AJG 45B

Steve : AJS Model 18 500cc single in black Reply to AJG 45B
Motorcycle search ref: 875 Added: 10/03/2023

Looking for: ECA 481

Norman : Triumph Bonneville Reply to ECA 481
Motorcycle search ref: 874 Added: 09/03/2023

Looking for: E367 LWS

Craig : My first big bike red and sliver GPZ900R, part exchanged for a ZZR1100 Bath/Bristol around 1990. As ever wish I had kept tucked away. MOT expired 2007..would love to see her again... Reply to E367 LWS
Motorcycle search ref: 873 Added: 08/03/2023

Looking for: PDM 435F

P Geary : Triumph Daytona Sports T100T H57007 Reply to PDM 435F
Motorcycle search ref: 872 Added: 08/03/2023

Looking for: VPG145G

saunders : triumph bonnieville 650cc august 1968 Reply to VPG145G
Motorcycle search ref: 871 Added: 04/03/2023

Looking for: OCO 460

BSA Goldstar : BSA goldstar 1958 600cc Reply to OCO 460
Motorcycle search ref: 870 Added: 04/03/2023

Looking for: KPM 943

Kwhatley : BSA Goldflash 650cc Reply to KPM 943
Motorcycle search ref: 869 Added: 02/03/2023

Looking for: OHA 502M

Steve Siviter : Honda XL 250cc MOTORSPORT. 1973. SILVER. Reply to OHA 502M
Motorcycle search ref: 868 Added: 01/03/2023

Looking for: XPK 590T

Doug Price : Suzuki GT50 1978 Reply to XPK 590T
Motorcycle search ref: 867 Added: 26/02/2023

Looking for: HOP 272L

alan wedgbury : kawasaki H2 1972 Reply to HOP 272L
Motorcycle search ref: 866 Added: 25/02/2023

Looking for: NMC 69L

Steven Wass : Norton comando 750 interstate Frame /engine 207150 Reply to NMC 69L
Motorcycle search ref: 865 Added: 24/02/2023

Looking for: GGL836N

Gary pitt : Kawasaki s3 400cc Reply to GGL836N
Motorcycle search ref: 864 Added: 20/02/2023

Looking for: H452GDX

Tom : Kawasaki KDX 125 Reply to H452GDX
Motorcycle search ref: 863 Added: 19/02/2023

Looking for: UVM 180M

Marti : Triumph Bonneville t120 Reply to UVM 180M
Motorcycle search ref: 862 Added: 17/02/2023

Looking for: JHV506K

steve brown : Triumph Tiger 650 oil in frame conical hubs Blue tank owned this for approx 4 years 1976 - 1980 DVLA website states its still about but SORN and MOT expired really interested in buying if present owner wants to sell. Originally registered in East Ham London my 4 year ownership was Walsall area West Midlands. Tried DVLA but no help whatsoever. Reply to JHV506K
Motorcycle search ref: 861 Added: 15/02/2023

Looking for: VWW 466S

Pete Young : Honda XL125 Reply to VWW 466S
Motorcycle search ref: 860 Added: 14/02/2023

Looking for: RFL 31X

Sam : Looking for any history, paperwork, MOTs, Bill of Sale, etc, anything to do with my Honda XL185s Reply to RFL 31X
Motorcycle search ref: 859 Added: 14/02/2023

Looking for: FVL 965

John : Bsa, my dads old bike from the early 60s, wondering if it is still on the road or not? Reply to FVL 965
Motorcycle search ref: 858 Added: 07/02/2023

Looking for: ORN396T

Linda bullock : Triumph bonneville 759 us spec 1979 registered Reply to ORN396T
Motorcycle search ref: 857 Added: 06/02/2023

Looking for: LBJ 99P

Jackie Boreham : Yamaha Fs1e Purple I owned this bike when I was 16 would love to find how it is Reply to LBJ 99P
Motorcycle search ref: 856 Added: 05/02/2023

Looking for: FRH849L

Chris Julian : Yamaha fs1e Reply to FRH849L
Motorcycle search ref: 855 Added: 04/02/2023

Looking for: 307 VF

BSA A7 : BSA A7 Shooting Star 1959 Reply to 307 VF
Motorcycle search ref: 854 Added: 03/02/2023

Looking for: 397 VF

BSA A7 : BSA A7 Shooting Star 1959 Reply to 397 VF
Motorcycle search ref: 853 Added: 03/02/2023

Looking for: PCU 561R

Glyn jones : Trying to track down my first bike. Its a Honda ss50 , 1977. Just like to know if its still out there. Would love to get it back if possible. Reply to PCU 561R
Motorcycle search ref: 852 Added: 29/01/2023

Looking for: WOD 107X

Hesketh v1000 : My dad bought this bike new in 1982 ,he has recently passed away and I’d love to find it and maybe bring it back home ! Any information would be greatly appreciated, many thanks Nick evans Reply to WOD 107X
Motorcycle search ref: 851 Added: 29/01/2023

Looking for: WORD 107X

Hesketh v1000 : My dad bought this bike new in 1982 ,he has recently passed away and I’d love to find it and maybe bring it back home ! Any information would be greatly appreciated, many thanks Nick evans Reply to WORD 107X
Motorcycle search ref: 850 Added: 29/01/2023

Looking for: WAB 493M

Gordon : Yamaha FS1E Reply to WAB 493M
Motorcycle search ref: 849 Added: 23/01/2023

Looking for: B625 JDL

Christopher : Honda 125 xl Reply to B625 JDL
Motorcycle search ref: 845 Added: 21/01/2023

Looking for: 262 BLY

Sam : I dont know make or any thing about bike she in a 1930ish photo Reply to 262 BLY
Motorcycle search ref: 844 Added: 21/01/2023

Looking for: 1003 NT

Honda : Honda C100 50cc Red frame G029679 engine C100E-118840 Reply to 1003 NT
Motorcycle search ref: 843 Added: 18/01/2023

Looking for: KBE 606P

John Dent : BMW r606 Reply to KBE 606P
Motorcycle search ref: 841 Added: 18/01/2023

Looking for: OPR 458

John : triumph Speed Twin 5TA 500cc Reply to OPR 458
Motorcycle search ref: 840 Added: 18/01/2023

Looking for: OBA 457W

Yamaha Rd 250 lc : My first bike brought by my father from Derek Johnson white City motor cycles belle Vue Manchester on20th March 1981 it was white and red but had it changed to black Mars bar colours please can any one help regards mark Reply to OBA 457W
Motorcycle search ref: 839 Added: 16/01/2023

Looking for: 664 AUE

Andrew Malpass : Triumph 31 350cc Reply to 664 AUE
Motorcycle search ref: 838 Added: 15/01/2023

Looking for: B711 VDV

Mark Hutchings : Kawasaki GPZ900R firecracker red and graphite grey, I bought this bike in I believe in 1987 and owned it for 8 years, I have so many memories that include the bike that I’d really like to own it again and this time not let it go! Please help! Reply to B711 VDV
Motorcycle search ref: 837 Added: 13/01/2023

Looking for: UKU 891Y

Darren Howells : Yamaha 125RD Was my first bike Reply to UKU 891Y
Motorcycle search ref: 836 Added: 11/01/2023

Looking for: HGO 40T

Giles Beckett : BMW R80 red Reply to HGO 40T
Motorcycle search ref: 835 Added: 10/01/2023

Looking for: WUJ 154

Bill higgins : Old bsa 350 Reply to WUJ 154
Motorcycle search ref: 833 Added: 10/01/2023

Looking for: WUJ 154

Jess : BSA 1961 350cc Taxed until July 2023 so its still on the road somewhere. Its my dads, dads old bike. Both my nan and grandad have passed and it would mean the world to my dad to just see this bike one last time! Reply to WUJ 154
Motorcycle search ref: 832 Added: 08/01/2023

Looking for: WTU63M

Michael Clarke : Suzuki GT185K Reply to WTU63M
Motorcycle search ref: 831 Added: 08/01/2023

Looking for: FDG 42T

Mark collier : Suzuki x7 with chrome mono shock,racing seat oil tank inside. clipons microns. Reply to FDG 42T
Motorcycle search ref: 830 Added: 07/01/2023

Looking for: .

Patrick : Hey, I was wondering whether u can assist me in locating a vintage bike owned by a relative of mine which was sold some years back to a British and it was exported legally from the island of cyprus to Uk, I only know chassis, engine numbers, it’s CY registration number and it’s made (Ariel square four), all I need is to locate the current owner and ask him if he/she will sell. Willing to pay for this service-thank you Reply to .
Motorcycle search ref: 829 Added: 07/01/2023

Looking for: F392 HTO

Tim : Yamaha dt125r black Reply to F392 HTO
Motorcycle search ref: 828 Added: 06/01/2023

Looking for: 69 TPK

Mike : 1961 BSA C15 Reply to 69 TPK
Motorcycle search ref: 827 Added: 06/01/2023

Looking for: T525UMA

Neil : Suzuki bandit 600 Reply to T525UMA
Motorcycle search ref: 826 Added: 05/01/2023

Looking for: TMA502V

Colin Hughes : The bike is a Suzuki gsx 750 registered from new in 1980 when I purchased from Websters of Crewe. Reply to TMA502V
Motorcycle search ref: 825 Added: 04/01/2023

Looking for: A223 XCU

Scott : Red Kawasaki gpz1100 A1,possibly now green, registration is A223 XCU Reply to A223 XCU
Motorcycle search ref: 824 Added: 03/01/2023

Looking for: A223 XVU

Scott : Red Kawasaki gpz1100 A1,possibly now green Reply to A223 XVU
Motorcycle search ref: 823 Added: 03/01/2023

Looking for: NRU 485W

Tony : Honda super dream cb250n Reply to NRU 485W
Motorcycle search ref: 822 Added: 29/12/2022

Looking for: PJT 641R

Tony : Kawasaki kh 400 Reply to PJT 641R
Motorcycle search ref: 820 Added: 29/12/2022

Looking for: W909 TVF

Lowestoft : triumph speed triple Reply to W909 TVF
Motorcycle search ref: 819 Added: 29/12/2022

Looking for: ONC 574P

David Bancrft : SUZUKI GT 250 COPPER COLOUR Reply to ONC 574P
Motorcycle search ref: 818 Added: 27/12/2022

Looking for: 241 EYC

Talkowski : Lambretta TV 175 series 2 Reply to 241 EYC
Motorcycle search ref: 816 Added: 26/12/2022

Looking for: 485729D

Joshua Stevens : 2017 Z125 Pro Kawasaki 125cc VIN JKBRRJ18HDA01683 Reply to 485729D
Motorcycle search ref: 815 Added: 25/12/2022

Looking for: 485729D

Joshua Stevens : 2017 Z125 Pro Kawasaki 125cc Reply to 485729D
Motorcycle search ref: 814 Added: 25/12/2022

Looking for: EO 56 CCE

Alan : BMW 650 Dakar, I rode this bike around the world, looking to see if I can buy it back Reply to EO 56 CCE
Motorcycle search ref: 813 Added: 23/12/2022

Looking for: WR02SVE

Jamie : Kawasaki ER5 blue. Had to sell it when I moved house and regretted ever since. The guy I sold it to said he’s call me when he sold it. He didn’t and can’t remember where it went. Apparently Bristol area. Reply to WR02SVE
Motorcycle search ref: 812 Added: 22/12/2022

Looking for: 241 HNU

Suzanne Pickering : Francis Barnett 225cc two stroke cruiser purchased new in 3.7.58 by my father. Last seen in Chesterfield when sold to second owner in 2020 in original condition and sold as non-runner.Probably still in original racing green and on its third owner. Would love to track down my dads first bike. Reply to 241 HNU
Motorcycle search ref: 811 Added: 20/12/2022

Looking for: FDN 372

Robin : Sunbeam S8 500cc inline twin, last known colour Oxford Blue, was in the North Yorkshire area, Malton? owned by a Fireman from Scarborough, who purchased it from Dowsons Scarborough in 1978. Last log book change 2002, last taxed 1984. I owned the bike from 1973-1978. Reply to FDN 372
Motorcycle search ref: 807 Added: 19/12/2022

Looking for: A767 EPJ

Tetley : Is my old RD125LC still out there? Reply to A767 EPJ
Motorcycle search ref: 806 Added: 19/12/2022

Looking for: MDC 693L

Kevin old : Triumph trident t150 Reply to MDC 693L
Motorcycle search ref: 805 Added: 19/12/2022

Looking for: 685 PTE

Carl : 1 Reply to 685 PTE
Motorcycle search ref: 803 Added: 16/12/2022

Looking for: F 39 SHY

Kawazaki : Need to find my old bike Reply to F 39 SHY
Motorcycle search ref: 802 Added: 16/12/2022

Looking for: H856 KFH

andrea : Kawasaki, purple, 1052cc. Reply to H856 KFH
Motorcycle search ref: 800 Added: 14/12/2022

Looking for: VDA160S

peter : moto guzzy lemans 850c/c blue Reply to VDA160S
Motorcycle search ref: 799 Added: 11/12/2022

Looking for: UKU 231

Richard : AJS Reply to UKU 231
Motorcycle search ref: 797 Added: 09/12/2022

Looking for: MUP 318D

thomas robson : Honda C72 dream 250cc Reply to MUP 318D
Motorcycle search ref: 796 Added: 05/12/2022

Looking for: YFD 267

CJ : Triton, 500cc square alloy head and barrell with parallel inlet ports as used on WW2 generator engines. Tiny Triton. Reply to YFD 267
Motorcycle search ref: 794 Added: 04/12/2022

Looking for: CT 7772

john : Could be a Pick around about 1920 or maybe a Rover Reply to CT 7772
Motorcycle search ref: 793 Added: 03/12/2022

Looking for: Q500 FLD

Martin Jarvis : Q500FLD* Norton* Silver, This bike was made from bits and pieces. The original frame and engine were ES2 but the engine had been modified with a home made barrel a Jag piston and valves Reply to Q500 FLD
Motorcycle search ref: 792 Added: 01/12/2022

Looking for: KHK457

Reginald cudmore : Old motorbike Reply to KHK457
Motorcycle search ref: 790 Added: 29/11/2022

Looking for: AW 7276

Jimmy Guest : Levis Reply to AW 7276
Motorcycle search ref: 789 Added: 29/11/2022

Looking for: W114 COE

Phil : Honda VFR 800 Reply to W114 COE
Motorcycle search ref: 788 Added: 28/11/2022

Looking for: VAB 554R

Kawasaki : Kawasaki Z900, 4 cylinder, 903cc. Motorcycle sidecar outfit built by my father. First registered in 1980. Reply to VAB 554R
Motorcycle search ref: 787 Added: 28/11/2022

Looking for: NUT 604

Jack Paxton : Norton Dominator 99, 600cc First registered October 1956 Reply to NUT 604
Motorcycle search ref: 786 Added: 27/11/2022

Looking for: TAR 659R

Jonathan Day : Black T140 Bonnie Reply to TAR 659R
Motorcycle search ref: 784 Added: 24/11/2022

Looking for: FTP 629X

Paul Sullivan : Yamaha XS250, 1981 finished in blue. Reply to FTP 629X
Motorcycle search ref: 783 Added: 22/11/2022

Looking for: CH1933

Lawrence : My granddads old Motobike trying to see if still exists Could be a bsa by looks of it Reply to CH1933
Motorcycle search ref: 782 Added: 18/11/2022

Looking for: FXI 776

Alan Simpson : This is my old bike Mbx50 I’d love it back Reply to FXI 776
Motorcycle search ref: 781 Added: 17/11/2022

Looking for: LXI 8129

Alan Simpson : This is my old bike I’d love it back Reply to LXI 8129
Motorcycle search ref: 780 Added: 17/11/2022

Looking for: LVT 543

Julian : Please contact me if you have any idea where this bike is. Frame 020556 Reply to LVT 543
Motorcycle search ref: 779 Added: 17/11/2022

Looking for: VRO 196W

Rod : I am trying to trace the owner of VRO196W a Harris Magnum 2 Suzuki 1100 (originally Blue), first registered in 1981. I have checked on the DVLA website and it is currently sorned and last had an MOT in 2013 and was formerly owned by the late actor Lewis Collins. The brother of the current owner appeared once on a bike forum back in 2014 claiming it was in his garage and that he also had the original bodywork from the bike as it appeared in the 1982 film "Who Dares Wins". Trying to do some research on it, so would love to be able to source more info or pictures, as its scant on the internet Reply to VRO 196W
Motorcycle search ref: 778 Added: 17/11/2022

Ref: VRO 196W - Message from Peter mills : I am the brother you mentioned,and yes it is true I do own lewis’s Harris Magnum and have done for a number of years. What may I ask is your interest? I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Regards Peter

Looking for: NHA 311

Jonathan : Im desperately trying to track down the owner of my dads bike Norton International that was bought by him in 1949. Reg NHA 311. He rode it around the Isle of Man TT track. I have an original photo of him on it. Reply to NHA 311
Motorcycle search ref: 777 Added: 17/11/2022

Looking for: GFX 764V

Vanessa : Looking for my Moto Guzzi T3 GFX 764V Reply to GFX 764V
Motorcycle search ref: 776 Added: 17/11/2022

Looking for: Y508 HPH

Dai Leake : I am looking for this Blue Pan, I wish to buy it at the right price. I think it is the south of England Any info leading to the current owner : reward £50 daikaren at Reply to Y508 HPH
Motorcycle search ref: 775 Added: 15/07/2022

Looking for: 503 HBC

Kelvin : It was green but is now gold Reply to 503 HBC
Motorcycle search ref: 774 Added: 27/12/2021

Looking for: UXE 82L

John Ross : Norton commando 750 Sold to Cooper brothers Langley in the mid 80s Reply to UXE 82L
Motorcycle search ref: 773 Added: 30/07/2021

Looking for: CWR 300T

Roy Pearson : Sold my Triumph Bonniville T140 in 1981/2 to someone called Paul who lived on East Hull est, Hull. New log book issued in 2019 and bikes sorn. Still down as two owners. Reply to CWR 300T
Motorcycle search ref: 770 Added: 29/07/2021

Looking for: XM8465

Steve Abbott : no other details known Reply to XM8465
Motorcycle search ref: 769 Added: 28/07/2021

Looking for: CKN 524Y

Andrew : Blue yamaha xs400 bobber Reply to CKN 524Y
Motorcycle search ref: 768 Added: 28/07/2021

Looking for: XAN393T

Daniel Harris : Looking for the first motorcycle I ever owned, a Honda C50 colour red. Registration XAN 393T. Owned by me circa. 1990 in Oxfordshire. Hope to be reaquainted. Reply to XAN393T
Motorcycle search ref: 767 Added: 26/07/2021

Looking for: HGF40C

Tim Owers : BSA D7 Bantam. Blue, first registered 20 April 1965. Reply to HGF40C
Motorcycle search ref: 766 Added: 26/07/2021

Looking for: EXE 201C

Sam : Number plate found. Aberdeenshire. Double sided to go on mud guard. Just wondered what who and where Reply to EXE 201C
Motorcycle search ref: 765 Added: 23/07/2021

Looking for: VMW 108K

Darren mcnally : I’m trying to find the current owner of this 1972 Honda CB250 motorbike previously owned by my Father in law. Any information to the whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. My contact number is: 07870 248242 Many thanks Darren. Reply to VMW 108K
Motorcycle search ref: 764 Added: 22/07/2021

Looking for: DWL578V

Glyn Wyatt : Yam XS250SE - was black and silver, owned as first bike for many years. Showing as SORN, no MOT, last V5 issued in 2018 Reply to DWL578V
Motorcycle search ref: 762 Added: 22/07/2021

Looking for: CKR24C

Mark Curtis : I am looking for my old bike 1965 Triumph Tiger Cub CKR 24C. My mobile number is 07769 957420. Any information is welcome. Reply to CKR24C
Motorcycle search ref: 761 Added: 22/07/2021

Looking for: FWR 46J

Bruce Robinson : Like to know the history post 1980 Reply to FWR 46J
Motorcycle search ref: 760 Added: 22/07/2021

Looking for: JTM527V

Stuart : Hi, looking for my old 1979 triumph bonneville t140e, I bought it new from Coburn and Hughes, Luton, it was brown/gold us spec. I know through dvla it’s now white and hasn’t been taxed or mot’d for a number of years. Thanks Reply to JTM527V
Motorcycle search ref: 759 Added: 21/07/2021

Looking for: M136NKH

Simon Whitfield : Kawasaki ZZR 600 Red Californian import Reply to M136NKH
Motorcycle search ref: 758 Added: 21/07/2021

Looking for: M136NKH

Simon Whitfield : Red Californian import Reply to M136NKH
Motorcycle search ref: 757 Added: 21/07/2021

Looking for: 356 EKR

M belcher : Velocette VIper Reply to 356 EKR
Motorcycle search ref: 756 Added: 21/07/2021

Looking for: FWY 482T

Richard Robinson : I would love to know where my old Kawasaki Z1000ST is, that i restored in 1990 Reply to FWY 482T
Motorcycle search ref: 755 Added: 20/07/2021

Looking for: NKO45F

Steve Dale : bike was registered in 1968 bsa royal star colour red Reply to NKO45F
Motorcycle search ref: 754 Added: 18/07/2021

Looking for: SYJ938R

John Wheeler : Pre unit construction Triumph T120R Bonneville engine with ARE 750 cc alloy barrels in chromed Norton wideline frame, alloy tank and alloy central oil tank, clip ons, rear sets etc. see photo. Registered as the "Chrome Nun". Reply to SYJ938R
Motorcycle search ref: 753 Added: 17/07/2021

Looking for: Y904BWP

Steve Maycroft : Road king sold in,2018 missed every day since. Reply to Y904BWP
Motorcycle search ref: 752 Added: 17/07/2021

Looking for: OYS240

Nigel : Norton dominator 500 cc colour was silver and black frame with small dent in tank. Trying to trace as owned 1964 Reply to OYS240
Motorcycle search ref: 751 Added: 13/07/2021

Looking for: TFM 120M

James : S1 250 triple Kawasaki Reply to TFM 120M
Motorcycle search ref: 750 Added: 12/07/2021

Looking for: X116EGN

gareth jones : Red cb500 modified slightly My first big bike, was written off in 2014 but I’ve seen it’s back on the road and would love it back Reply to X116EGN
Motorcycle search ref: 749 Added: 07/07/2021

Ref: X116EGN - Message from Josh woolnough : Hiya mate just saw this post and I was the one that fixed it back up got it running and did it back up but unfortunately to let you know I sold it again a couple years ago!!!

Looking for: OPE988

Velocette : Reply to OPE988
Motorcycle search ref: 748 Added: 07/07/2021

Looking for: MJE189

robert doughty : Reply to MJE189
Motorcycle search ref: 747 Added: 04/07/2021

Looking for: LF52VOK

Daniel : 1st bike, would love to renown. Reply to LF52VOK
Motorcycle search ref: 746 Added: 04/07/2021

Looking for: OMK 664

Richard Wells : BSA Gold Flash Reply to OMK 664
Motorcycle search ref: 745 Added: 04/07/2021

Looking for: FML212

nick oakley : triumph tiger 500 Reply to FML212
Motorcycle search ref: 744 Added: 03/07/2021

Looking for: PG6664

Dave : Not sure of model but think it is a 1930 BSA B30-4 Reply to PG6664
Motorcycle search ref: 743 Added: 03/07/2021

Looking for: UBW39L

John lee : Honda 350 Reply to UBW39L
Motorcycle search ref: 742 Added: 26/06/2021

Looking for: AF53 PTO

Mike : Looking for my old bike. Reply to AF53 PTO
Motorcycle search ref: 741 Added: 24/06/2021

Looking for: UHY 571

John Derrick : Looking for my Dads old bike. It was a 1955 BSA 600cc motorbike and Watsonion sidecar from Knowle Bristol Reply to UHY 571
Motorcycle search ref: 740 Added: 23/06/2021

Looking for: UHY 571

John Derrick : Looking for my Dads old bike. It was a 1955 BSA 600cc motorbike and Watsonion sidecar from Knowle Bristol Reply to UHY 571
Motorcycle search ref: 739 Added: 23/06/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. Please call or text with any info to 07981 957345. Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 738 Added: 22/06/2021

Looking for: D635EYO

Anthony : Kawasaki EN450 LTD Would love to know if this bike is available for the right price. Reply to D635EYO
Motorcycle search ref: 737 Added: 21/06/2021

Looking for: PO58NWT

Paul Dumon : Reply to PO58NWT
Motorcycle search ref: 736 Added: 19/06/2021

Looking for: A6 XVS

Woody Smallwood : 650 dragstar Reply to A6 XVS
Motorcycle search ref: 735 Added: 19/06/2021

Looking for: PHV408E

AJS 250 14 CSR : My first bike, looking to find and buy it. Reply to PHV408E
Motorcycle search ref: 734 Added: 18/06/2021

Looking for: D747BPB

Trevor douglas : Honda H100S2 email me if you have this bike. Reply to D747BPB
Motorcycle search ref: 733 Added: 16/06/2021

Looking for: TKR25H

Justin Yardley : Looking for this 1970 Triumph TR25W that belonged to my stepdad. Reply to TKR25H
Motorcycle search ref: 732 Added: 16/06/2021

Looking for: SP54 AKY

Mark Watson : Looking for my old honda xr650 Reply to SP54 AKY
Motorcycle search ref: 731 Added: 11/06/2021

Looking for: SKX761

Rodney Scott : Looking for my BSA Bantam D1 that my late father and I restored many years ago. Would love to buy it back. 07845914789. Reply to SKX761
Motorcycle search ref: 730 Added: 10/06/2021

Looking for: XPD96S

Nick Oldrey : 1978 Honda 400/4 F2 Reply to XPD96S
Motorcycle search ref: 729 Added: 10/06/2021

Looking for: XPD96S

Nick Oldrey : 1978 Honda 400/4 F2 Reply to XPD96S
Motorcycle search ref: 728 Added: 10/06/2021

Looking for: 8438 WZ

Ross : 1969 Norton Commando Reply to 8438 WZ
Motorcycle search ref: 727 Added: 09/06/2021

Looking for: 8438

Ross : 1969 Norton Commando Reply to 8438
Motorcycle search ref: 726 Added: 09/06/2021

Looking for: T705 FFR

Roy smith : Looking for my old fireblade last m.o..t 2019 . Reply to T705 FFR
Motorcycle search ref: 725 Added: 09/06/2021

Looking for: BTA 937B

Lambretta : LAMBRETTA TV200 1964 Reply to BTA 937B
Motorcycle search ref: 724 Added: 09/06/2021

Looking for: RAL50X

Kaine Smith : Suzuki GSX1100S Katana. Red frame, black paint with white and red swipes, and Russian looking sputnik Suzuki badges. Reply to RAL50X
Motorcycle search ref: 723 Added: 09/06/2021

Looking for: P427HBD

Kev : Honda Fireblade RRT - previous owner - would like to buy it back. Reply to P427HBD
Motorcycle search ref: 722 Added: 08/06/2021

Looking for: MHR112P

Steve ingham : Phone 07903 789 047 Eng no 102700 Frame no 102700 Reply to MHR112P
Motorcycle search ref: 721 Added: 07/06/2021

Looking for: UCE18K

Graham : Suzuki t350r in red had this bike in the mid 70’s really wish I had kept it. Sold it to a friend who I think was going to keep it for a long time. Still on dvla site so maybe still out there. Reply to UCE18K
Motorcycle search ref: 720 Added: 04/06/2021

Looking for: MZ 1353

Joe Rice : 0799093624 Reply to MZ 1353
Motorcycle search ref: 719 Added: 04/06/2021

Looking for: AFL 949T

Graeme Fairlie : Gary Lawlor is looking for his old SR500 he sold to me :) I still have the bike 07797 920 321 Reply to AFL 949T
Motorcycle search ref: 718 Added: 29/05/2021

Looking for: AFL 949T

Graeme Fairlie : Gary Lawlor is looking for his old SR500 he sold to me :) I still have the bike Reply to AFL 949T
Motorcycle search ref: 717 Added: 29/05/2021

Looking for: DKR78C

Adam Durkin : Looking for my dads royal enfield continental gt 250cc Reply to DKR78C
Motorcycle search ref: 716 Added: 28/05/2021

Looking for: YBE530K

Peter revill : Any info Reply to YBE530K
Motorcycle search ref: 715 Added: 27/05/2021

Looking for: HAW62D

Keith Roberts : if anyone has any info Reply to HAW62D
Motorcycle search ref: 714 Added: 27/05/2021

Looking for: J192 JPV

Mark : Suzuki ts50x Reply to J192 JPV
Motorcycle search ref: 713 Added: 26/05/2021

Looking for: N817DTR

Robert Jones : Trying to locate an old bike I sold around 2006. It was mint when I sold it, wish I had kept it. Any info call 07419129749, thanks Reply to N817DTR
Motorcycle search ref: 712 Added: 25/05/2021

Looking for: C4154080

Jonny Maw : Great Grandads bike in the WW2 Reply to C4154080
Motorcycle search ref: 711 Added: 22/05/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. Please call or text with any info to 07981 957345. Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 710 Added: 21/05/2021

Looking for: VV6153

Michael Everett : Last sold in Oxford in 1955 Reply to VV6153
Motorcycle search ref: 709 Added: 21/05/2021

Looking for: 292ALT

Derek : Triton pre unit maroon frame silver fibreglass fuel tank with incorporated oil at rear of tank goldie exhaust 4 plug head a real beauty Reply to 292ALT
Motorcycle search ref: 708 Added: 21/05/2021

Looking for: YBF431X

Yamaha : Just wondering whatever happened to it Yamaha rd250lc was originally black but was resprayed by bg Kawasaki stoke in yellow Reply to YBF431X
Motorcycle search ref: 707 Added: 21/05/2021

Looking for: YBF431X

Yamaha : Just wondering whatever happened to it Reply to YBF431X
Motorcycle search ref: 706 Added: 21/05/2021

Looking for: M404DLC

Andrew Leaman : Miss this bike Reply to M404DLC
Motorcycle search ref: 705 Added: 17/05/2021

Looking for: W114 COE

Phil : Reply to W114 COE
Motorcycle search ref: 704 Added: 16/05/2021

Looking for: W114 COW

Phil : Reply to W114 COW
Motorcycle search ref: 703 Added: 16/05/2021

Looking for: PSN 789R

Joseph mulholland : Moto guzzi Le Mans, Red. Reply to PSN 789R
Motorcycle search ref: 702 Added: 13/05/2021

Looking for: 780CBH

David M easday : Looking for dads old bike. AJS 500 SINGLE. jampot model i believe. Lost dad and struggle most days without him. Would be a link to him. If i could own it or just know it survives somewhere. 07834023255 01784482623 Please if you know anything get intouch. Thanks alot Reply to 780CBH
Motorcycle search ref: 701 Added: 13/05/2021

Looking for: LLV494

Douglas : Reply to LLV494
Motorcycle search ref: 700 Added: 12/05/2021

Looking for: XKJ614

Norton : 350cc. Owned by my dad from new and sold it in approximately 1990/91. My brother would love to know where it is now. Reply to XKJ614
Motorcycle search ref: 699 Added: 10/05/2021

Looking for: XKJ614

Norton : 07496258162 350cc Reply to XKJ614
Motorcycle search ref: 698 Added: 10/05/2021

Looking for: H304HPJ

Neil : Would love the opportunity to buy this motorcycle back if available Reply to H304HPJ
Motorcycle search ref: 697 Added: 10/05/2021

Looking for: PBD481R

Michael Farmer : Suzuki GT250A should be gold but DVLA say it’s black Reply to PBD481R
Motorcycle search ref: 696 Added: 08/05/2021

Looking for: D589WGM

Suzuki : Reply to D589WGM
Motorcycle search ref: 695 Added: 07/05/2021

Looking for: XXH649

Ian Alexander : Owned it from 1959 to 1964 was up for auction about 12 years ago but not sold at auction .would like to see or buy Reply to XXH649
Motorcycle search ref: 694 Added: 05/05/2021

Looking for: KOI 3523

Kelly Pinkerton : Red Triumph Chopper Reply to KOI 3523
Motorcycle search ref: 693 Added: 02/05/2021

Looking for: KOI 3523

Kelly Pinkerton : Red Triumph Chopper Reply to KOI 3523
Motorcycle search ref: 692 Added: 02/05/2021

Looking for: DDR 450

Andrew Cassidy : 1946 BSA B31/32. Frame no. XB31 824 8 Had a Steib side car fitted for the MOD TEL; 07789915731 Reply to DDR 450
Motorcycle search ref: 691 Added: 30/04/2021

Looking for: 808 KBB

FiveTA : Triumph 5TA 1959 Reply to 808 KBB
Motorcycle search ref: 690 Added: 30/04/2021

Looking for: G183WKE

Paul Dobinson : Would really love to find this i sold it just before my son arrived and he is now 18 i would really love to find this bike Reply to G183WKE
Motorcycle search ref: 689 Added: 27/04/2021

Looking for: C717PPA

Andrew : Yamaha RD350LC YPVS C717PPA. Currently SORN. Reply to C717PPA
Motorcycle search ref: 688 Added: 27/04/2021

Looking for: GRJ634N

kim : HI was my first new bike 250 ducati desmo Reply to GRJ634N
Motorcycle search ref: 687 Added: 20/04/2021

Looking for: GRJ634N

kim : HI was my first new bike Reply to GRJ634N
Motorcycle search ref: 686 Added: 20/04/2021

Looking for: KJU316

Bsa : Reply to KJU316
Motorcycle search ref: 685 Added: 17/04/2021

Looking for: RAE579G

Jonathan : 500 5TA engine Reply to RAE579G
Motorcycle search ref: 684 Added: 14/04/2021

Looking for: TP1764

Kate Buckingham : BSA @ mid-1930s maybe; just curiosity as we just found a lovely old family photo of it. Reply to TP1764
Motorcycle search ref: 683 Added: 13/04/2021

Looking for: KCK765

Josh : Norton Dominator 600 1957 Please contact 07864278118 Reply to KCK765
Motorcycle search ref: 682 Added: 13/04/2021

Looking for: KCK765

Josh : Norton Dominator 600 1957 Reply to KCK765
Motorcycle search ref: 681 Added: 13/04/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. Please call or text with any info to Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 680 Added: 10/04/2021

Looking for: THX855M

Ian Midwinter : suzuki 250 cc Reply to THX855M
Motorcycle search ref: 679 Added: 10/04/2021

Looking for: THX855M

Ian Midwinter : suzuki 250 cc Reply to THX855M
Motorcycle search ref: 678 Added: 10/04/2021

Looking for: LC14 ODH

Aprillia : This is my late fathers last bike he owned. Really need to find this bike Reply to LC14 ODH
Motorcycle search ref: 677 Added: 07/04/2021

Looking for: KBW 286

BSA golden flash : Ca108990 sold her 1989 with double adult side car! chap promised to come back & show me how he’d done her up but he’s never been back, I use to live on the Mossley estate Bloxwich, I’ve just looked her up & new log book issued 2017? & she was a gold coloured Golden flash! Reply to KBW 286
Motorcycle search ref: 676 Added: 05/04/2021

Looking for: KBW 286

BSA golden flash : Ca108990 Reply to KBW 286
Motorcycle search ref: 675 Added: 05/04/2021

Looking for: YAB 824

Gerrymc : Make/model? Reply to YAB 824
Motorcycle search ref: 674 Added: 04/04/2021

Looking for: LPD346D

Triumph : Please help me find my Dad’s old Triumph motorbike. 500cc. 1665. Reply to LPD346D
Motorcycle search ref: 673 Added: 03/04/2021

Looking for: LPD346D

Triumph : Please help me find my Dad’s old Triumph motorbike. 500cc. 1665. Reply to LPD346D
Motorcycle search ref: 672 Added: 03/04/2021

Looking for: LPD346D

Triumph : Please help me find my Dad’s old Triumph motorbike. 500cc. 1665. Reply to LPD346D
Motorcycle search ref: 671 Added: 03/04/2021

Looking for: LPD346D

Triumph : Please help me find my Dad’s old Triumph motorbike. 500cc. 1665. Reply to LPD346D
Motorcycle search ref: 670 Added: 03/04/2021

Looking for: VGC175

Trevor Skipsey : Hi, looking for my old 1977 Honda cb750 which my wife and I rode to Turkey in 1988.I see it is Sorn and had a new owner in November 2020.Would love to know its where about, condition etc, we sold it in Wakefield 1989..currently living in Australia. Thanks. Reply to VGC175
Motorcycle search ref: 669 Added: 03/04/2021

Looking for: TW9978

Darren Williams : 745903 Reply to TW9978
Motorcycle search ref: 668 Added: 02/04/2021

Looking for: YFM141W

Tony Worthington : Honda 250 n black superdream tel no Reply to YFM141W
Motorcycle search ref: 667 Added: 01/04/2021

Looking for: DKR78C

Doug Phipps : Royal Enfield. Last v5 issued 2013. I was the 1st owner, bought on my 16th birthday in 1965. Reply to DKR78C
Motorcycle search ref: 666 Added: 01/04/2021

Looking for: DKR78C

Doug Phipps : Royal Enfield. Last v5 issued 2013 Reply to DKR78C
Motorcycle search ref: 665 Added: 01/04/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. Please call or text with any info to 07981 957345.   Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 664 Added: 01/04/2021

Looking for: XPP 68X

Yamaha : O7717500600 Reply to XPP 68X
Motorcycle search ref: 663 Added: 31/03/2021

Looking for: TEH 773R

P J Wilson : Bit of Nostalgia , just looking to see if it’s still in existence My first bike Reply to TEH 773R
Motorcycle search ref: 662 Added: 31/03/2021

Looking for: PNA546W

Stephen Maycroft : Kawasaki Z1R Reply to PNA546W
Motorcycle search ref: 661 Added: 29/03/2021

Looking for: VNJ386

Ali : BSA A7 SS - Black, South East- last changed hands in 1995 Please contact 07801 577029 Sadly father in law has passed away and this was his much loved bike. Reply to VNJ386
Motorcycle search ref: 660 Added: 29/03/2021

Looking for: OCG 1O3L

Gary lympany : I brought this 850 Norton commando roadster new from Bob gollners motorcycle shop denmead near Portsmouth UK would love to know if its still about Reply to OCG 1O3L
Motorcycle search ref: 659 Added: 28/03/2021

Looking for: NLG628Y

Kawasaki : Z1000j2 Reply to NLG628Y
Motorcycle search ref: 658 Added: 27/03/2021

Looking for: UMO411

Nick Winterbourne : I’m trying to trace my fathers old Triumph motorcycle from 1960 with above registration number. Reply to UMO411
Motorcycle search ref: 657 Added: 27/03/2021

Looking for: KCB897G

Motorcycle search ref: 656 Added: 26/03/2021

Looking for: YPL 679

Alastair Lovell : 1955 Norton Dominator 600cc Reply to YPL 679
Motorcycle search ref: 655 Added: 25/03/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. It was a Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. Please call or text with any info to 07981 957345.  Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 654 Added: 25/03/2021

Looking for: WXD117M

Paul Savage : Sold to local garage in 1975 , bought new in 1973 . Originally red “bread bin tank” ,oif ,any info greatly appreciated .Would love to own it again . Reply to WXD117M
Motorcycle search ref: 653 Added: 24/03/2021

Looking for: WXD117M

Paul Savage : Sold to local garage in 1975 , bought new in 1973 . Originally red “bread bin tank” ,oif ,any info greatly appreciated .Would love to own it again . Reply to WXD117M
Motorcycle search ref: 652 Added: 24/03/2021

Looking for: A743WHR

Pete Slade : . Looking for my old rd125lc. I was first owner in 83. Shown now as on a sorn and now listed as red. Was originally white and blue. Reply to A743WHR
Motorcycle search ref: 651 Added: 24/03/2021

Looking for: B341CJX

Honda MBX125 : Reply to B341CJX
Motorcycle search ref: 650 Added: 22/03/2021

Looking for: F306 PUR

Rob Ellis : I’d like to be reunited with this Harley! Reply to F306 PUR
Motorcycle search ref: 649 Added: 21/03/2021

Looking for: C377 NMB

Paul stark : Reply to C377 NMB
Motorcycle search ref: 648 Added: 21/03/2021

Looking for: DKT 16C

Anne Nicholls : Triumph T100SS Engine no. T100SS/H40454 Last registered keeper January 1998 First registered July 1965 Reply to DKT 16C
Motorcycle search ref: 646 Added: 20/03/2021

Looking for: UWP851R

Ray Rawlings : Bike is Suzuki gt380 Colour is silver Purchased 01/10/1976 Reply to UWP851R
Motorcycle search ref: 645 Added: 17/03/2021

Looking for: Y736TOV

Andy McGuire : GSXR1000 Reply to Y736TOV
Motorcycle search ref: 644 Added: 14/03/2021

Looking for: VYD 683

Ben Foxwell : BSA 16m 1956 350cc Reply to VYD 683
Motorcycle search ref: 642 Added: 13/03/2021

Looking for: APT 21W

Steve : Looking for a custom black chop with gold engine Honda cb 750 last known location was hull in the late 90’s Reply to APT 21W
Motorcycle search ref: 639 Added: 11/03/2021

Looking for: XMF182G

Phil Parkinson : This was my bike in the 1980,s Norton Commando 750 fastback 1969 It was my sole transport for a number of years and have a lot of fond memories. DVLA say it was last taxed 1995? Would love to know its whereabouts now 07703530506 Reply to XMF182G
Motorcycle search ref: 638 Added: 10/03/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. It was a Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. Please call or text with any info to 5. Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 637 Added: 10/03/2021

Looking for: NLB552P

Steve : Yamaha, Green, 125cv Reply to NLB552P
Motorcycle search ref: 636 Added: 08/03/2021

Looking for: M487BFG

Tony gibson : 07534483130 best to text my Reply to M487BFG
Motorcycle search ref: 635 Added: 08/03/2021

Looking for: EGM386V

Andrew : Trying to find my old bike Reply to EGM386V
Motorcycle search ref: 634 Added: 06/03/2021

Looking for: RKH 946

Ian Chapman : Royal Enfield 350 Bullet (I think!). Recently found an old photograph of my father on this bike and would love to find if it still exists. Last known whereabouts of the bike is in the area of Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Thank you. Reply to RKH 946
Motorcycle search ref: 633 Added: 04/03/2021

Looking for: UVR345X

Steve : Tel. . A Honda CG 125 in Maroon. Reply to UVR345X
Motorcycle search ref: 632 Added: 03/03/2021

Looking for: UVR345X

Steve : Reply to UVR345X
Motorcycle search ref: 631 Added: 03/03/2021

Looking for: E54LRU

Troy : Looking for this DT 50 MX Reply to E54LRU
Motorcycle search ref: 630 Added: 03/03/2021

Looking for: KCK 765

Josh : Hi, I really would like to find my late grandads old 1957 Norton Dominator 600. It is still registered on DVLA so it is still being used. If you’re the owner, please contact me! 07864278118 Reply to KCK 765
Motorcycle search ref: 629 Added: 28/02/2021

Looking for: PRD 171M

Steve Dance : Looking for my old bike Reply to PRD 171M
Motorcycle search ref: 628 Added: 27/02/2021

Looking for: DPG 544

Alan stock : Photo of bike with girder forks around 1932 Reply to DPG 544
Motorcycle search ref: 627 Added: 27/02/2021

Looking for: BTU 749W

Kawasaki z550 : Looking for my grandfathers old z550. If you know of the bike or who owns it please contact me on . Reply to BTU 749W
Motorcycle search ref: 625 Added: 25/02/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : My dad sadly passed away and i would love to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. It was a Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. Please call or text with any info to . Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 624 Added: 25/02/2021

Looking for: DHC416

Chris : This was my late fathers bike , he was the original owner. BSA Gold flash 650 . I would love to track it down and it would mean an awful lot to me and my mum who travelled round Europe on it .? Reply to DHC416
Motorcycle search ref: 623 Added: 22/02/2021

Looking for: E062AYW

Yamaha : Black frame Reply to E062AYW
Motorcycle search ref: 619 Added: 22/02/2021

Looking for: CZM 518

Tony Waugh : BSA 650 00353851666837 Reply to CZM 518
Motorcycle search ref: 618 Added: 20/02/2021

Looking for: LLN 518

Tony waugh : BSA 650 00353851666837 Reply to LLN 518
Motorcycle search ref: 617 Added: 19/02/2021

Looking for: A455 AWF

Dino : Looking for my old ypvs yamaha in marlboro colours. Known to be in swadlincote, derby area. Bought brand new carnells doncaster 1984 Reply to A455 AWF
Motorcycle search ref: 616 Added: 18/02/2021

Looking for: CCG 898V

Steve Golding : This was my first Honda CBX 1000 i ever owned in 1984 and would like to locate its whereabouts. Reply to CCG 898V
Motorcycle search ref: 615 Added: 17/02/2021

Looking for: D425JHY

E. Webb : MY OLD BIKE TZR125 was red/white. Where is it now. mobile 07498281247 Reply to D425JHY
Motorcycle search ref: 614 Added: 16/02/2021

Looking for: LKN 923

Wheeler : 1949 BSA ZB31 Reply to LKN 923
Motorcycle search ref: 613 Added: 14/02/2021

Looking for: JDX 560

Heston Woodward : Looking for my Dads red Ambassador Super S 250,I used to sit on it as a child and would like to know how its doing now. Reply to JDX 560
Motorcycle search ref: 612 Added: 12/02/2021

Looking for: RBV84T

Robert Mortimer : Hello. The kawasaki rbv84t, is my dads old bike. I wonder if its still around. Is it for sale? If you see this advert, please email me Thank you Reply to RBV84T
Motorcycle search ref: 611 Added: 11/02/2021

Looking for: PHK 969

Gary Bishop : any information to where this bike is , I use to own it 1949 AJS 16 mc Reply to PHK 969
Motorcycle search ref: 610 Added: 10/02/2021

Looking for: M776WDT

Suzuki gsxf600 : I bought the bike new in march 1994, teal blue from Cusworths in Doncaster, Would love to know if its still around, still on the data base but untaxed since 2010. Reply to M776WDT
Motorcycle search ref: 608 Added: 09/02/2021

Looking for: N291CJK

Chris M : First bike. FZR400 3TJ sold in Cornwall, UK 2005-6. Would love to get it back. Reply to N291CJK
Motorcycle search ref: 607 Added: 08/02/2021

Looking for: 219GOB

Tony : Triumph bonneville 1962 pre sold in early sixties.never seen again. Reply to 219GOB
Motorcycle search ref: 606 Added: 07/02/2021

Looking for: OUP51

Matchless 350cc 1953 : This was my late uncles motorcycle so trying to track it down Reply to OUP51
Motorcycle search ref: 604 Added: 05/02/2021

Looking for: KUM 1F

Lambretta : Reply to KUM 1F
Motorcycle search ref: 603 Added: 05/02/2021

Looking for: OFH519W

Neil G Barnsley : Looking to find the bike to repurchase it Reply to OFH519W
Motorcycle search ref: 602 Added: 05/02/2021

Looking for: OFH519W

Neil G Barnsley : Looking to find the bike to repurchase it Reply to OFH519W
Motorcycle search ref: 601 Added: 05/02/2021

Looking for: JFJ318E

Peter Bartley : I am looking for my old bike. 1967 Dunstall Dominator 650CC. Phone number . Reply to JFJ318E
Motorcycle search ref: 600 Added: 03/02/2021

Looking for: FTD 15J

F Murphy : Lambretta Reply to FTD 15J
Motorcycle search ref: 596 Added: 03/02/2021

Looking for: KMB151Y

Ian Lewis : Reply to KMB151Y
Motorcycle search ref: 595 Added: 30/01/2021

Looking for: PO55ECX

Jerry : Reply to PO55ECX
Motorcycle search ref: 592 Added: 29/01/2021

Looking for: MEL682W

Mike : Looking for my old suzuki gp 100 reg MEL682W bought new from Huxhams motorcycle in parkstone January 1981. Mike Reply to MEL682W
Motorcycle search ref: 591 Added: 29/01/2021

Looking for: F203 KPU

David Grist : I’m looking to see if my old bike is available for sale Reply to F203 KPU
Motorcycle search ref: 590 Added: 27/01/2021

Looking for: 726 AHR

dean may : MATCHLESS 1962 BIKE WAS MY GRANDADS BIKE LAST SEEN IN CHIPPENHAM 1983 LOVE FIND THIS bike look buy back or just show him tx me Reply to 726 AHR
Motorcycle search ref: 589 Added: 27/01/2021

Looking for: LEN 782P

Rob Ent : Looking for my old Kawasaki Z900 A4 I owned and rode to France late 70’s Reply to LEN 782P
Motorcycle search ref: 588 Added: 27/01/2021

Looking for: UNU566S

Kerry squires : Kawasaki kh 250 Kerry Reply to UNU566S
Motorcycle search ref: 587 Added: 26/01/2021

Looking for: OOC 518

Keith Macdonald : BSA 500cc 1953, Green. Reply to OOC 518
Motorcycle search ref: 586 Added: 24/01/2021

Looking for: C203OWV

Tom : Suzuki Reply to C203OWV
Motorcycle search ref: 585 Added: 24/01/2021

Looking for: MTA70P

Suzuki : My phone no I bought the bike new from bridge in Exeter be great to know if it’s still around Reply to MTA70P
Motorcycle search ref: 584 Added: 24/01/2021

Looking for: MEL682W

Mike : Looking for my old suzuki gp 100. Bought new from Huxhams motorcycle in parkstone. Reply to MEL682W
Motorcycle search ref: 583 Added: 23/01/2021

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : My dad has sadly passed away and i would like to find his old bike or find out what happened to it. It was a Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. Please call or text with any info to . Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 582 Added: 23/01/2021

Looking for: UGD 200R

Alan COOKE : Looking for my first Laverda Jota sold locally (Sunderland) in 1979 Reply to UGD 200R
Motorcycle search ref: 581 Added: 22/01/2021

Looking for: BVG 696T

Michael : Suzuki x7 blue last in Norfolk around 1985 Reply to BVG 696T
Motorcycle search ref: 580 Added: 21/01/2021

Looking for: YFM308S

suzuki : Would love to find this again Reply to YFM308S
Motorcycle search ref: 579 Added: 21/01/2021

Looking for: HLM 59C

Mark Briley : C15 250 BSA this bike once belonged to my stepdad who now lives in Norfolk.He is keen to find out where the bike ended up and it would be amazing to see him reunited with it Mark 07817116675 Reply to HLM 59C
Motorcycle search ref: 578 Added: 21/01/2021

Looking for: EX7289

Mark Gunner : A10 BSA GOLDEN FLASH Reply to EX7289
Motorcycle search ref: 577 Added: 20/01/2021

Looking for: CUD257

Ellie Parsons : Hi I am currently looking for a BSA (unfortunately the only bit of information I have on it) this motorbike was once my grandfathers who has now sadly passed away and I would love to get it back for my Dad who has always adored it, any help is much appreciated. Reply to CUD257
Motorcycle search ref: 575 Added: 19/01/2021

Looking for: E819TKP

Jacob Venner : Yellow suzuki ts50x Reply to E819TKP
Motorcycle search ref: 574 Added: 18/01/2021

Looking for: R597XWG

Alan shooter : Would love to find my old Bike. Suzuki gsxr 600 silver/black/carbon I sold it in 2006 possibly in the kings lynn area. I would like to track her down. Reply to R597XWG
Motorcycle search ref: 573 Added: 17/01/2021

Looking for: FWR 562

Bsa : I’m searching to see if this bike survives. It was our great grandfather’s and I’d like to see if I can get it. Reply to FWR 562
Motorcycle search ref: 572 Added: 17/01/2021

Looking for: YXA279

Rob : A 1960 Triumph Thunderbird uprated to Bonneville-ish spec with high compression pistons twin carbs etc. I sold this bike in 1979 at which time it was gloss black with two thin red stripes on the tank. Please contact me by email if whereabouts is known. Reply to YXA279
Motorcycle search ref: 571 Added: 15/01/2021

Looking for: 3421MN

Triumph : Reply to 3421MN
Motorcycle search ref: 570 Added: 15/01/2021

Looking for: WRH969

John Hutchinson : im looking for my old BSA i had in the 70s Reply to WRH969
Motorcycle search ref: 569 Added: 14/01/2021

Looking for: 5341JZ

George Cooper : Suzuki Reply to 5341JZ
Motorcycle search ref: 568 Added: 14/01/2021

Looking for: V502DJA

Jakub : Black , 600cc , year 1999 Reply to V502DJA
Motorcycle search ref: 567 Added: 13/01/2021

Looking for: SJN 233

arial red hunter : 350 cc , lived in gravesend no Reply to SJN 233
Motorcycle search ref: 566 Added: 11/01/2021

Looking for: UUH689

Calvin Fisher : not as already down thank you Reply to UUH689
Motorcycle search ref: 563 Added: 11/01/2021

Looking for: ODA264X

Andy : I would love to find my old mt5. Reply to ODA264X
Motorcycle search ref: 562 Added: 10/01/2021

Looking for: K416 NHU

Paul Taylor : My 1st bike after passing my test, brought for me by my late father,would love it back. Reply to K416 NHU
Motorcycle search ref: 561 Added: 10/01/2021

Looking for: FDG42T

mark collier : suzuki x7 it has been turned into a racing bike.rear suspention has been changed from springs to monoshock. it has a solo racing seat clipons and microns. it was a father son project,father has now passed. i would love to have the bike back ,very sentimental. Reply to FDG42T
Motorcycle search ref: 558 Added: 09/01/2021

Looking for: NNM 56 M

Ian Greenhood : Looking for for my old motorcycle Triumph Bonneville T120v first register Bedfordshire August 1973 Reply to NNM 56 M
Motorcycle search ref: 557 Added: 07/01/2021

Looking for: UUH689

Calvin Fisher : 01443474224 It was a BSA A7SS year approx 1960 Black with a peel mountain mile fairing rearsets ,clip ons racing seat RR2t gearbox etc Reply to UUH689
Motorcycle search ref: 556 Added: 06/01/2021

Looking for: EVA750K

Suzuki 750 : Where is my old kettle Reply to EVA750K
Motorcycle search ref: 555 Added: 06/01/2021

Looking for: UDD1H

Steve Colwell : Last seen Hammersmith area of London? Reply to UDD1H
Motorcycle search ref: 554 Added: 03/01/2021

Looking for: RJX582P

Neil : Kh250 now red 1984 last change of keeper Reply to RJX582P
Motorcycle search ref: 553 Added: 02/01/2021

Looking for: VAY4X

a glynn : looking for an old friend Reply to VAY4X
Motorcycle search ref: 552 Added: 31/12/2020

Looking for: XKK6J

AJS : rob Reply to XKK6J
Motorcycle search ref: 551 Added: 30/12/2020

Looking for: PRW343

Coventry : This was my grandads old bike and would love to find it for him. Reply to PRW343
Motorcycle search ref: 550 Added: 29/12/2020

Looking for: KWJ895

Tim Essex : Reply to KWJ895
Motorcycle search ref: 549 Added: 29/12/2020

Looking for: HR1605

Ixion : Looking for any history that may be available for my 1920 Ixion model B-II Reply to HR1605
Motorcycle search ref: 548 Added: 27/12/2020

Looking for: OWJ20

Pat brown : Can anyone help , unknown make and modal , huge sentimental value Reply to OWJ20
Motorcycle search ref: 547 Added: 24/12/2020

Looking for: 111 FFC

Gary Thrift : TRIUMPH 6T THUNDERBIRD, GOLD, 650cc PRE UNIT TWIN, 1958? Reply to 111 FFC
Motorcycle search ref: 546 Added: 23/12/2020

Looking for: NKD 98F

Gary Thrift : BSA A65 MK 3 SPITFIRE, RED, 650cc TWIN, 1968. Reply to NKD 98F
Motorcycle search ref: 543 Added: 23/12/2020

Looking for: ULJ 520S

Gary Thrift : Kawasaki Z200, 1977, BROWN, SINGLE CYLINDER Reply to ULJ 520S
Motorcycle search ref: 542 Added: 23/12/2020

Looking for: YLA 687

Sayre Anthony : Velocette Venom, just acquired here in the US, has old style UK plates on it. Bike came with picture of same plates on it in 1974 (in US), would love to know more about its history. Reply to YLA 687
Motorcycle search ref: 541 Added: 21/12/2020

Looking for: NWN343R

Joe : Looking for my old z1000a1, was black, cma wheels, harris pipe, braced frame, mistrial distributor Reply to NWN343R
Motorcycle search ref: 540 Added: 19/12/2020

Looking for: ASA760T

Bob Perfect : Yamaha TY50 1978 VIN 1GM300553 Reply to ASA760T
Motorcycle search ref: 539 Added: 19/12/2020

Looking for: ASA760T

Bob Perfect : VIN 1GM300553 Reply to ASA760T
Motorcycle search ref: 538 Added: 19/12/2020

Looking for: XRB562F

Mick : First bike from new yamaha 100 twin £150 1968 is it still around Reply to XRB562F
Motorcycle search ref: 537 Added: 18/12/2020

Looking for: XLT196S

Andy Larkin : Looking for my old Z1-R. She was black with gold pinstripes when I owned her. Reply to XLT196S
Motorcycle search ref: 536 Added: 17/12/2020

Looking for: HX54 KDV

James : Looking for my first motorbike, gilera RCR was originally red but believe it’s not orange. I think it may be in the Kent area, has a malossi 80cc cylinder kit on it Reply to HX54 KDV
Motorcycle search ref: 535 Added: 17/12/2020

Looking for: NAG845P

suzuki gt380L : I purchased this bike around 1987 and it was stolen from me in 1989 in kings lynn norfolk. I would love to see if anyone has found her as i re-built her from bits. Reply to NAG845P
Motorcycle search ref: 534 Added: 16/12/2020

Looking for: K551SRH

Karl Rhodes : Yamaha YZF 750, engine #4HD002390. I bought this originally in May 1993. wish to buy it back. Reply to K551SRH
Motorcycle search ref: 532 Added: 16/12/2020

Looking for: P506LNE

David Atherton : Triumph Speed Triple 750.It is still Taxed and MOT according to DVLA Reply to P506LNE
Motorcycle search ref: 531 Added: 16/12/2020

Looking for: R503KAV

Barrie : Looking for my first blade which I bought the day my son was born Reply to R503KAV
Motorcycle search ref: 530 Added: 13/12/2020

Looking for: G515FAB

Lee : Looking for my Gsxr750L Red/white Owned from new 1990. Would love to buy it back. Reply to G515FAB
Motorcycle search ref: 529 Added: 13/12/2020

Looking for: NIW8899

Jonny : Trying to find honda cbr1000f Reply to NIW8899
Motorcycle search ref: 528 Added: 12/12/2020

Looking for: OUK 668X

Birmingham : Looking for my GS550 Reply to OUK 668X
Motorcycle search ref: 527 Added: 08/12/2020

Looking for: SDN876P

suzuki : Reply to SDN876P
Motorcycle search ref: 526 Added: 07/12/2020

Looking for: COB 876K

Nick Parton : Looking for my old Honda 500 Four owned back in mid 70’s it’s still on DVLA REGISTER . Quite like to buy it back Reply to COB 876K
Motorcycle search ref: 525 Added: 03/12/2020

Looking for: HHO 826S

Graydon Fisher : My 1978 Yamaha XS250. Bought new May 10th 1978. The registration document states the bike is Silver, however, this is a mistake as the registered bike is actually red. Would love to be re-united with this much missed and treasured motorcycle. Reply to HHO 826S
Motorcycle search ref: 524 Added: 03/12/2020

Looking for: UWM 50L

Malc : Suzuki t250j hustler blue 1972 wondered if this bike is still around Reply to UWM 50L
Motorcycle search ref: 523 Added: 03/12/2020

Looking for: KXP632

nick dale : triumph motocycle,would love to know where it is now.. Reply to KXP632
Motorcycle search ref: 522 Added: 03/12/2020

Looking for: ONW882

David Brown : 1950 Triumph 5TA I think. This was my Dads bike and was in RAF Kinloss area mid 1950s Reply to ONW882
Motorcycle search ref: 521 Added: 02/12/2020

Looking for: WNV K72S

P Blundell : Looking for my Kawasaki KH250 Reply to WNV K72S
Motorcycle search ref: 520 Added: 27/11/2020

Looking for: XHB 999T

Kawasaki KH400 : I bought it new in 1978 Reply to XHB 999T
Motorcycle search ref: 519 Added: 27/11/2020

Looking for: TLG 7

E G Tipping : Looking to see if my Matchless G9 reg no TLG 7 is still on the road, I bought it in 1954, it was 6 months old when I bought it. Maroon and chrome Reply to TLG 7
Motorcycle search ref: 518 Added: 24/11/2020

Looking for: EX 173 OR FX

Terri : Vintage Motorcycle twin pre 1940. Reply to EX 173 OR FX
Motorcycle search ref: 517 Added: 24/11/2020

Looking for: EX 173

Terri : Vintage Motorcycle twin pre 1940. Reply to EX 173
Motorcycle search ref: 516 Added: 24/11/2020

Looking for: PP 4543

Phil : Anyone know the history of this bike? I have a picture of it where I currently live and was wondering who the owners were. Reply to PP 4543
Motorcycle search ref: 513 Added: 24/11/2020

Looking for: MYU 647

Paul Squirrell : AJS500 Reply to MYU 647
Motorcycle search ref: 512 Added: 23/11/2020

Looking for: 86FKD

Ron Valente : Please email me if you own, know who owns this bike. I owned it years ago and would very much like to be reunited if possible. 1960 Triumph 5TA in blue Reg 86FKD Reply to 86FKD
Motorcycle search ref: 511 Added: 22/11/2020

Looking for: RDD90M

James Harte : My old BMW R90S Would love to know if it is still on the road and hopefully go and see it for old time sake. Reply to RDD90M
Motorcycle search ref: 510 Added: 20/11/2020

Looking for: YN06 KZS

Sam ingram : Reply to YN06 KZS
Motorcycle search ref: 509 Added: 19/11/2020

Looking for: GDT 712N

Harry : Bought this new in 1974, Triumph bonneville my n0 is Reply to GDT 712N
Motorcycle search ref: 508 Added: 17/11/2020

Looking for: LMG828P

adam ormiston : Blue TS 185 with pouncing black panther on custom tank Reply to LMG828P
Motorcycle search ref: 504 Added: 15/11/2020

Looking for: PE15GKX

Motorcycle search ref: 503 Added: 13/11/2020

Looking for: OFH519W

david schollar : i bought this pantah 500 new in febuary 1981 i had to sell it very reluctantly in 1994 i would dearly love to own it again my phone number is 07989805516 Reply to OFH519W
Motorcycle search ref: 502 Added: 13/11/2020

Looking for: 730 YMM

Colin Smith : BSA A10 Golden Flash. 1960 Reply to 730 YMM
Motorcycle search ref: 501 Added: 10/11/2020

Looking for: FJW370J

Lee Evans : Kawasaki H1 500 Reply to FJW370J
Motorcycle search ref: 500 Added: 08/11/2020

Looking for: WBD 876

Nikki : Triumph 350 T21 Reply to WBD 876
Motorcycle search ref: 499 Added: 06/11/2020

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Looking for my dads old bike. Triumph Speed Twin, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984. Please call or text with any info to 07981 957345. Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 498 Added: 05/11/2020

Looking for: 741 BLP

Stuart Green : Looking for Velocette Clubman Reply to 741 BLP
Motorcycle search ref: 497 Added: 05/11/2020

Looking for: SWD414W

Gary : RD250LC, was black when I had her and found out some old pictures this week, would love to see her again Reply to SWD414W
Motorcycle search ref: 496 Added: 01/11/2020

Looking for: SEO42M

Colin : Norton Commando Roadster 850 Black 1972 Reply to SEO42M
Motorcycle search ref: 495 Added: 01/11/2020

Looking for: ECY273C

Graham : BSA C15 250 in black. This bike belonged to my father who sadly has passed away. Fond memories of this bike. Would like to know where it is today. Would be interested in purchasing it. Thanks in advance Reply to ECY273C
Motorcycle search ref: 494 Added: 31/10/2020

Looking for: PFS 623V

Keith : Suzuki ts 185 er, red Reply to PFS 623V
Motorcycle search ref: 491 Added: 29/10/2020

Looking for: DOC405

Bmw : Looking for my dads bike had in the 1960 Reply to DOC405
Motorcycle search ref: 490 Added: 24/10/2020

Looking for: AOP 24B

Lambretta : Looking for my old GT200 Lambretta AOP 24B scooter I had this new in 1964 would love to see it again. Please call or text Reply to AOP 24B
Motorcycle search ref: 487 Added: 24/10/2020

Looking for: OFL 198

Lee : Looking for my dads bike. Triumph Twin Speed, 500cc, Maroon, 1961, last V5 issued Jan 1984 Reply to OFL 198
Motorcycle search ref: 486 Added: 23/10/2020

Looking for: ORW 285

Sean : Triumph speed twin side car combination Reply to ORW 285
Motorcycle search ref: 485 Added: 23/10/2020

Looking for: HJC 786

Gerry : Royal Enfield Constellation 700cc. I’ve tried everywhere to find it. Reg still exists at DVLA against the bike. New v5c issued in 2005. Help would be much appreciated in finding my old bike... Gerry, Kent Reply to HJC 786
Motorcycle search ref: 484 Added: 20/10/2020

Looking for: EST 601

donna : ROYAL ENFIELD Reply to EST 601
Motorcycle search ref: 483 Added: 20/10/2020

Looking for: E474 UPW

Edward : GSXR 1100 Reply to E474 UPW
Motorcycle search ref: 482 Added: 19/10/2020

Looking for: A477 NEX

Edward : 350 white pbs Reply to A477 NEX
Motorcycle search ref: 481 Added: 19/10/2020

Looking for: C340XNX

Paul : This was my first bike brought for me by my parents for my 16th birthday. Originally purchased from QB Motorcycles in west midlands. Reply to C340XNX
Motorcycle search ref: 480 Added: 19/10/2020

Looking for: JWP33K

Joe : Reply to JWP33K
Motorcycle search ref: 479 Added: 13/10/2020

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Still looking for my old FJ1200, still on sorn since 2015. any help would be great. Reply to J126 UNB
Motorcycle search ref: 478 Added: 12/10/2020

Looking for: PBY630L

Graham Maynard : Black Norton commando last owned 40 years ago would love to reunite for our 40th wedding anniversary as it is the bike i met my current wife on Reply to PBY630L
Motorcycle search ref: 477 Added: 09/10/2020

Looking for: HFS 165

BSA.a7 twin : 1949 BSA. A7 twin fully restored in 1963 Sold when I bought my first car in 1965 Reply to HFS 165
Motorcycle search ref: 476 Added: 01/10/2020

Looking for: HFM147N

Kawasaki s1c : My first 250 triple Reply to HFM147N
Motorcycle search ref: 475 Added: 01/10/2020

Looking for: S29 CBR

Steve CBR : Looking for my old Honda Fireblade. My parents sold it 2015 when I was abroad and it was stored. Currently Sorn and MOT expired 6/11/16. Would like to buy it back if possible. Reply to S29 CBR
Motorcycle search ref: 474 Added: 30/09/2020

Looking for: TYP 246

Hugh : 1957 Ariel VH500 Black with red top box at time of sale. Also handlebar screen Reply to TYP 246
Motorcycle search ref: 473 Added: 11/09/2020

Looking for: HLM59C

Mark briley : BSA C15 Reply to HLM59C
Motorcycle search ref: 472 Added: 31/08/2020

Looking for: MEN 545

Stockport : Hi i am looking for a bike i owned in the 1960s A Royal Enfield Crusader sports colour Red any responce would be welcome thanks Reply to MEN 545
Motorcycle search ref: 471 Added: 28/08/2020

Looking for: Y602KAW

steve : Suzuki GSXR1000 K1 Reply to Y602KAW
Motorcycle search ref: 469 Added: 20/08/2020

Looking for: LEF657W

Andrew Clayton : Yamaha RD350LC White/Red 1981 4LO104138 Reply to LEF657W
Motorcycle search ref: 468 Added: 17/08/2020

Looking for: JRM525D

Mark : Triumph Red / silver Reply to JRM525D
Motorcycle search ref: 467 Added: 25/07/2020

Looking for: UGT635R

Kawasaki kh250 : this bike was last on the road early 1979/1980 when it dissapeared i have searched dvla to no avail i was the owner . any help would be fab. Reply to UGT635R
Motorcycle search ref: 466 Added: 15/07/2020

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Still looking for my old FJ1200, still on a sorn from 2015. Would love the chance to buy it back. Reply to J126 UNB
Motorcycle search ref: 465 Added: 14/06/2020

Looking for: F48NCF

Graham spicer : Black Kawasaki ar50 Reply to F48NCF
Motorcycle search ref: 464 Added: 26/05/2020

Looking for: FAV403V

Philip Cunnington : Reply to FAV403V
Motorcycle search ref: 463 Added: 25/05/2020

Looking for: ONX 738W

paul harborne : Suzuki gt250 x7 Reply to ONX 738W
Motorcycle search ref: 462 Added: 22/05/2020

Looking for: JAF583E

David Aston : I p/ex. it in 1980 in Relubbus Cornwall to motorcycle dealer Stanley Thomas who sold it to someone in Garras Cornwall. . Believed then sold at auction around 2005 ish. It was a black and chrome BSA A65 1967. Reply to JAF583E
Motorcycle search ref: 461 Added: 21/05/2020

Looking for: YDS 394

Diana Durcop : Reply to YDS 394
Motorcycle search ref: 459 Added: 20/05/2020

Looking for: BBR537

Andy : Have you seen it Reply to BBR537
Motorcycle search ref: 458 Added: 20/05/2020

Looking for: CDW97V

Dai Leake : First bike, would love to be re-united Reply to CDW97V
Motorcycle search ref: 457 Added: 18/05/2020

Looking for: Y508HPH

Dai Leake : Last seen in 2009 or 2010. Interested if it is up for sale. Reply to Y508HPH
Motorcycle search ref: 455 Added: 18/05/2020

Looking for: RG12 XX1

James : test Reply to RG12 XX1
Motorcycle search ref: 454 Added: 14/05/2020

Looking for: E819TKP,

Jacob Venner : Im looking for a Kawasaki GPZ600R, F446GGF, it has been sorn for a while now. And a Yamaha TZR 125 - G986SKO, finally a Suzuki TS50, E819TKP, thanks. Reply to E819TKP,
Motorcycle search ref: 451 Added: 13/05/2020

Looking for: RME49R

Jason : Also looking for my old Fantic RME49R. Any information greatly received Reply to RME49R
Motorcycle search ref: 449 Added: 13/05/2020

Looking for: YN04 GXB

Ashleigh Harris : Hi I am looking for my aprilia rs 50 2004 reg yn04 GXB is in the uk Reply to YN04 GXB
Motorcycle search ref: 448 Added: 07/05/2020

Looking for: J646LLK

simon : my Norton commander j646llk ,where is it now.It ,was sold to a man in cornwall .please make contact simon Reply to J646LLK
Motorcycle search ref: 446 Added: 06/05/2020

Looking for: FUN413

David : I looking my dad motorcycle reg fun413 Reply to FUN413
Motorcycle search ref: 445 Added: 04/05/2020

Looking for: J115NLM

Stan : Looking for my old bike Honda VFR 750. Reg no J115NLM. Metalic British racing green. Off the road since 14/02/2020. Any help to find it would be welcome 👍😎 Reply to J115NLM
Motorcycle search ref: 444 Added: 04/05/2020

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Looking for my old FJ1200 not been on road since 2015. J126 UNB, cheers John Reply to J126 UNB
Motorcycle search ref: 442 Added: 30/04/2020

Looking for: 991 TDV

Dave : Looking for my old triumph Bonneville. 1964. 991 tdv Last mot 2012. I sold it back in 1974 Reply to 991 TDV
Motorcycle search ref: 441 Added: 27/04/2020

Looking for: UCT 557

Chris Osborne : Desperate to find BSA 500 Shooting Star UCT 557. Showing SORN since 2015. Reply to UCT 557
Motorcycle search ref: 440 Added: 27/04/2020

Looking for: APT23F

Malcolm : Wondering what happened to my dresda Triton sold via sothebys APT23F . Is it still in UK or private collection Not taxed or heard of log book changed 12021993. Reply to APT23F
Motorcycle search ref: 439 Added: 25/04/2020

Looking for: G374ALJ

Andy Berry : Looking for my old Kawasaki ZXR750 H1 G374ALJ showing SORN since 2013 Reply to G374ALJ
Motorcycle search ref: 438 Added: 25/04/2020

Looking for: WKN 8J

Mark : Looking for my Dads BSA Bantam reg... WKN 8J Reply to WKN 8J
Motorcycle search ref: 437 Added: 21/04/2020

Looking for: TLU 606M

Stuart Roberts : Looking for my old Kawasaki 1972 500 HIB.Reg No.TLU 606M Colour Orange. Sold it to a guy from Hampshire in 1979 and my research shows that it was last registered in 2012 Reply to TLU 606M
Motorcycle search ref: 436 Added: 19/04/2020

Looking for: MFM 59Y

David : Has anybody seen my old Yamaha RD125LC Registration Number MFM 59Y.Candy Blue please? Last known taxed on the road August 1993. Could be in the back of a garage somewhere? Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 20 August 1993. Thank you. Reply to MFM 59Y
Motorcycle search ref: 435 Added: 19/04/2020

Looking for: STU 33

terence mealing : my old triumph tr6 saint ex police motorcycle was white registration stu 33j Reply to STU 33
Motorcycle search ref: 434 Added: 18/04/2020

Looking for: YBK238L

Cliff Sarjeant : Registration mistake. Should be Yamaha yds7 YBK238L Reply to YBK238L
Motorcycle search ref: 433 Added: 15/04/2020

Looking for: LBK238L

Cliff Sarjeant : I am looking for my brothers Yamaha yds7 reg number LBK238L. He had this bike brand new & would really like to find,it is still registered on DVLA. Thanks in advance. Regards Cliff. Reply to LBK238L
Motorcycle search ref: 432 Added: 15/04/2020

Looking for: PGK111Y

Martin Jackson : I am looking for my 83 Shovel Harley FXWG. Registration PGK111Y. I sold this, regrettably, to fund my daughter through her masters degree. Would love to get it back. If you are the current owner can you please contact Reply to PGK111Y
Motorcycle search ref: 431 Added: 13/04/2020

Looking for: B851CDT

David Wilson : Hi, looking for my old GPZ900R registration B851CDT. Reply to B851CDT
Motorcycle search ref: 430 Added: 12/04/2020

Looking for: VVF 64X

Trevor Radley : Hi I’m looking for my Yamaha RD50m registration VVF 64X it’s in the Norwich area Reply to VVF 64X
Motorcycle search ref: 429 Added: 11/04/2020

Looking for: C377 NMB

Paul Stark : Looking for kawasaki gpz1000rx c377 nmb Reply to C377 NMB
Motorcycle search ref: 427 Added: 10/04/2020

Looking for: KKN409V

Ian dibben : Looking for my first bike Honda mb5 in white registration no kkn409v ,I loved to have her back in any condition ,I think she is Gravesend area,county of kent ,any leads please email me kind regards ian Reply to KKN409V
Motorcycle search ref: 425 Added: 10/04/2020

Looking for: SHE 953H

peter henderson : would love to know the whereabouts of my first triumph Bonneville purchased new in 1969 by me, SHE 953H. Reply to SHE 953H
Motorcycle search ref: 424 Added: 09/04/2020

Looking for: DGF 20H

Adrian Jones : hi iam trying to track down my dads old mk2 cortina DGF 20H Reply to DGF 20H
Motorcycle search ref: 422 Added: 09/04/2020

Looking for: JDA 828N

Gary Barham : Would like to purchase my old Triumph T150V Trident reg JDA 828N, sold in 1987, any info appreciated, thanks. Reply to JDA 828N
Motorcycle search ref: 421 Added: 08/04/2020

Looking for: 894HVO

David Vinall : Trying to find my dads old bike 1961 silver BSA 894HVO Reply to 894HVO
Motorcycle search ref: 420 Added: 03/04/2020

Looking for: HJR62L

TONY : Trying to find my old bike TRIUMPH BONEVILLE 650 REG HJR62L Reply to HJR62L
Motorcycle search ref: 419 Added: 02/04/2020

Looking for: R101 SFJ

Richard : Looking for my Yamaha R1 Reg: R101 SFJ Reply to R101 SFJ
Motorcycle search ref: 418 Added: 29/03/2020

Looking for: HO 8087

Sally : Trying to find a bike from the 1920s-1930s; not sure of the make, but the rego was HO 8087 Reply to HO 8087
Motorcycle search ref: 417 Added: 24/03/2020

Looking for: Y736TOV

Andy McGuire : Wondering where this and others of mine are. Y736TOV GSXR1000K1 Reply to Y736TOV
Motorcycle search ref: 415 Added: 16/03/2020

Looking for: DX08 OME

Darren : Trying to find my old Aprilia RS125 which I bought brand new from DK Motorcycles. Showing as sorn on DVLA. Reg DX08 OME. Thanks Reply to DX08 OME
Motorcycle search ref: 413 Added: 13/03/2020

Looking for: C568XDF

Graham : GPZ1000RX, C568XDF. Who has my old bike? I have checked and it is still around although it has not been taxed or MOTd since 2008 so I am assuming it it sat in a garage somewhere. I would like to know what happened to my old ride if anytone knows. Reply to C568XDF
Motorcycle search ref: 412 Added: 11/03/2020

Looking for: RX55UEK

Anthony Lewis : Hi Trying to find my old bike, it’s a 2005 Honda XR 400 Registration was RX55UEK, sold it to someone in Worcester but he sold it on, would love to try and buy it back, had lots of good memories on it, if any one could help, please email me, thanks Tony Reply to RX55UEK
Motorcycle search ref: 408 Added: 03/03/2020

Looking for: YYC490S

Adrian : Trying to find my fathers 1977 Suzuki GT125B Rgistrations was YYC490S (we think). It was red. Reply to YYC490S
Motorcycle search ref: 405 Added: 26/02/2020

Looking for: JGU396

Dawn cox : Trying to find my late father’s 1947 Ariel 500 motorbike Registration JGU396. DVLA show it as SORN but new log book was issued in January 2020 so have hope the bike is still ok and not scrapped Reply to JGU396
Motorcycle search ref: 404 Added: 24/02/2020

Looking for: LEN 782P

Rob Ent : Looking to trace my old Kawasaki Z900 owned over 40 years ago, LEN 782P if anyone can help Reply to LEN 782P
Motorcycle search ref: 403 Added: 21/02/2020

Looking for: V5 AND

Andrew Noden : Aprilia tuono V5 ADN, I would like to trace owner and purchase my private registration number. Reply to V5 AND
Motorcycle search ref: 402 Added: 16/02/2020

Looking for: SFM 645R

Mark Sinnott : SFM 645R yamaha FS1E ( 1976 ) Where are you now? Reply to SFM 645R
Motorcycle search ref: 401 Added: 13/02/2020

Looking for: KLD 669V

Andy : I’m looking for my old Triumph T140E , reg KLD 669V Reply to KLD 669V
Motorcycle search ref: 400 Added: 11/02/2020

Looking for: E42 WMW

Gaz : 1987 YAMAHA FZR 1000 EXUP (BLUE AND WHITE) Hi, I am trying to find my fathers old motorbike, he sold it a few years ago and he died last year of cancer and I would like to get it back. Bikes in general meant a lot to him and he was a real biker throughout my child hood and a good father to me, he had a big heart and he spread the love of bikes to me. If anyone can help me locate the bike and who its with I will give them £100 cash. the reg was "E42 WMW", I believe its sorn at the moment from a tax and mot check but changed hands last in 2017 according to the site It would mean the world to me to find it SOME EXTRA INFO TO HELP; . Did have a kerker exhaust . Had a tailoer blue leather seat . Was last seen by me in 2014 when he sold it and we rolled it on to the back of a van selling it in sevenoaks Reply to E42 WMW
Motorcycle search ref: 399 Added: 03/02/2020

Looking for: DPX 441W

B Biscoe : Trying to find my old moped suzuki fz50 dpx 441w, would like to buy it back. Reply to DPX 441W
Motorcycle search ref: 398 Added: 03/02/2020

Looking for: NNM 56M

Ian Greenhood : Trying to trace my Triumph T120V registration NNM 56 M brought new in Bedfordshire, also looking to purchase reasonable priced motorcycle combination prefer British accept any other Reply to NNM 56M
Motorcycle search ref: 397 Added: 31/01/2020

Looking for: B244WYA

Nick : Looking for a Suzuki gsx400t originally from somerset B244WYA good reward for information leading to me finding it Reply to B244WYA
Motorcycle search ref: 396 Added: 27/01/2020

Looking for: XXH649

Ian Alexander : Owned BSA A7 1959 to 1964 reg XXH649, missed it at auction maybe 10 years ago.tried DVLA twice just to either see it or buy. Joined BSA owners but still no joy. Reply to XXH649
Motorcycle search ref: 394 Added: 23/01/2020

Looking for: P228NPW

Douglas Purves : Trying to buy my old Honda CBR 600ft reg P228NPW last seen in Paignton Devon. Can anyone help Reply to P228NPW
Motorcycle search ref: 392 Added: 22/01/2020

Ref: P228NPW - Message from Josh : How strange i came across this, I have it now I bought it July last year for my first bike.

Looking for: TAR659R

Jonathan Day : Hi, Im looking for my old Black and red Triumph 750 Bonneville TAR659R I bought it in 1990 Chelmsford essex Reply to TAR659R
Motorcycle search ref: 391 Added: 16/01/2020

Looking for: LAR 46H

Niamh Wood : Hi . I’m trying to track down a Triumph T100S (1969), reg LAR 46H. Any ideas?! Thank you Reply to LAR 46H
Motorcycle search ref: 390 Added: 13/01/2020

Looking for: HAO 832V

David Dustin : Hi I am looking for my old motorcycle reg HAO 832V white Moto guzzi looking to buy it back Reply to HAO 832V
Motorcycle search ref: 389 Added: 10/01/2020

Looking for: 152WMF

Clive stokes : Hello.. Iam looking for my fathers old BSA motorcycle and side car. Reg:-152wmf if anyone can help thanks. Reply to 152WMF
Motorcycle search ref: 388 Added: 07/01/2020

Looking for: SNX 676W

Mick Storey : Looking for T140D Triumph Bonneville Special SNX 676W bought from new by me. Believe it is in Edinburgh area. Reply to SNX 676W
Motorcycle search ref: 387 Added: 03/01/2020

Looking for: WTU85E

Tony Woodward : Wondering if my old 1967 triumph Daytona T100R WTU85E BLUE bought new by me from HECTOR DUGDALE motorcycles Alvanly Cheshire is still around Reply to WTU85E
Motorcycle search ref: 385 Added: 21/12/2019

Looking for: -

Kieran : looking for my cb750 1971 honda in blue bought new fro Allan Jeffries. Reply to -
Motorcycle search ref: 384 Added: 19/12/2019

Looking for: HPR897F

neal wills : Looking for 1968 Triumph Super Cub HPR897F,which I owned 1969/70.Last seen in Poole in Dorest in 1978. Would be very grateful for any information. Reply to HPR897F
Motorcycle search ref: 383 Added: 05/12/2019

Looking for: 830 VPL

terry : I wish to trace my classic bsa road rocket 1961 does anyone know who owns it now num 830 vpl Reply to 830 VPL
Motorcycle search ref: 382 Added: 04/12/2019

Looking for: EHV 594

lita chesterton : Looking for my father old matchless bike reg number EHV 594 it has a side car attached can anyone help?? Reply to EHV 594
Motorcycle search ref: 380 Added: 30/11/2019

Looking for: FUY 336C

Colin : Looking for my first motor cycle, belonged to my father before me.. Triumph tiger cub reg FUY 336C would love to own it again if possible Reply to FUY 336C
Motorcycle search ref: 379 Added: 27/11/2019

Looking for: YT58VTJ

Ian Allinson : Looking for my old Honda CB1300 reg YT58VTJ I bought it new in 2008 it is the Lltd edition red frame model. Reply to YT58VTJ
Motorcycle search ref: 377 Added: 24/11/2019

Looking for: KAA138

john ramsay : looking for my old bike bsa bantam 125cc plunger rear end reg KAA138 COLOUR mist green Reply to KAA138
Motorcycle search ref: 376 Added: 12/11/2019

Looking for: XRJ 364S

Mark Bushdyhan : Hi I’m looking for for my first motorcycle a Kawasaki KH250 reg XRJ 364S Last seen on the road back in 1987 Reply to XRJ 364S
Motorcycle search ref: 374 Added: 12/11/2019

Looking for: FDK 428

alex york : hi im looking for motorcycle fdk 428, uk reg, it was my grandfathers, think it were a norton, thanks Reply to FDK 428
Motorcycle search ref: 373 Added: 06/11/2019

Looking for: RFF 155

Ben Tong : Im looking for my old BSA A7 chop. REG RFF 155. Would love to buy it back in what ever condition it may be in! Reply to RFF 155
Motorcycle search ref: 372 Added: 02/11/2019

Looking for: PGV956W

Sam Hutchinson : im looking for my old Suzuki gsx 250 reg PGV956W I would love to buy it back Reply to PGV956W
Motorcycle search ref: 371 Added: 13/10/2019

Looking for: PN06 PGE

Emily : Hi I am looking for my old Yamaha XVS 650A registration was PN06 PGE when sold a few years ago. It was the first bike I got after breaking my neck in a motorcycle accident and means a lot to me. I would love to buy it back if possible Reply to PN06 PGE
Motorcycle search ref: 369 Added: 13/10/2019

Looking for: SCV 892N

Ian Drowne : I love to find out where my Triumph Bonneville T120 is now Reg No SCV 892N Reply to SCV 892N
Motorcycle search ref: 368 Added: 08/10/2019

Looking for: JKF210

Adam Denton-Beaumont : I am looking for my Grandads old motorcycle, I believe it was a Triumph. Registration number JKF210 Reply to JKF210
Motorcycle search ref: 366 Added: 16/09/2019

Looking for: 434 TR

John Bradshaw : I am looking for my old BSA C15 registration 434 TR which I sold in the Bournemouth area around 1972. It still exists as I can see it had an MOT in June of 2019. It was blue when I had it. Reply to 434 TR
Motorcycle search ref: 365 Added: 10/09/2019

Looking for: CMX 250

Tiree : Looking for my Honda Rebel CMX 250, green/blue colour, first registered in November 1997, no MOT or Tax registered since May/June 2015. Reg number: R901PAS. Thanks. Reply to CMX 250
Motorcycle search ref: 364 Added: 29/08/2019

Looking for: UMR925

neil mildenhall : Looking for my dads old bike AJS reg number is UMR925 hope some one can help Reply to UMR925
Motorcycle search ref: 363 Added: 26/08/2019

Looking for: C723 AHT

mark huggins : looking for my old Suzuki ts50x reg no C723 AHT Reply to C723 AHT
Motorcycle search ref: 362 Added: 18/08/2019

Looking for: A79 FNJ

Steve Slack : Looking for my old Suzuki TS100er, 1984, Red. Reg; A79 FNJ I last had this bike in 1987. Last taxed 2012 according to Gov.Uk website. Reply to A79 FNJ
Motorcycle search ref: 361 Added: 16/08/2019

Looking for: CLK84T

Simon Pope : Looking for my old kawasaki kh250 lime green CLK84T Reply to CLK84T
Motorcycle search ref: 360 Added: 06/08/2019

Looking for: BHM ***T

David : Would love to find my old Laverda Mirage, reg: BHM ***T - bought at Hexagon Motorcycles in North London in 1979 and sold in the early 80s to someone in Southend, Essex. Colour was metalflake green, thanks Reply to BHM ***T
Motorcycle search ref: 358 Added: 31/07/2019

Looking for: GWL 124

Lorna Richards : Would love to find out if my Grandads Rudge motorbike is still around. Reg No:GWL 124 Reply to GWL 124
Motorcycle search ref: 355 Added: 26/07/2019

Looking for: D120 OBW

Stuart Berry : Kawasaki AR50 first registered in december 1986 registration D120 OBW colour Black and Gold Would love to get it back for my youngest lad to rid. Thank you Reply to D120 OBW
Motorcycle search ref: 354 Added: 23/07/2019

Looking for: Y602KAW

Steve : Suzuki gsxr1000 k1 reg y602kaw Reply to Y602KAW
Motorcycle search ref: 353 Added: 17/07/2019

Looking for: C213 SPM

Keith : Searching for Kawasaki 750 turbo bought new in 1986 registration C213 SPM, would love it back in any condition, thanks Reply to C213 SPM
Motorcycle search ref: 352 Added: 15/07/2019

Looking for: WHW 708T

Jim : Hi Iam looking for a 1979 z250 green in colour reg WHW 708T Reply to WHW 708T
Motorcycle search ref: 350 Added: 10/07/2019

Looking for: PUT 32W

Alexander South : Searching for Harris Magnum GS1000 Reg PUT 32W. sold 1982\3. Would be very interested to see again and poss buy back. I was 1st owner and builder. Reply to PUT 32W
Motorcycle search ref: 349 Added: 03/07/2019

Looking for: PUK 511

George hughes : Grandads old velocette mac 350 - PUK 511 Black and used around Walsall area Reply to PUK 511
Motorcycle search ref: 348 Added: 02/07/2019

Looking for: CME374A

Martin Fairbrother : Hi I’m looking for my old Lambretta LI125 CME374A colour Blue and White year 1963 last seen in Northamptonshire, would like to buy it back. Reply to CME374A
Motorcycle search ref: 346 Added: 26/06/2019

Looking for: B514AKE

Les Brett : I am looking to find my first motor bike it was a Honda mbx 125f colour black registration B514ake if anyone knows what happened to it or its where abouts I would be very interested. I was its first registered owner and keeper. Reply to B514AKE
Motorcycle search ref: 345 Added: 25/06/2019

Looking for: EAJ 6C

Richard T Bainbridge : Looking for my old Black Honda 150 twin reg EAJ 6C Reply to EAJ 6C
Motorcycle search ref: 344 Added: 24/06/2019

Looking for: EO56CCE

Alan Marcus : Trying to find my friends BMW 650 Dakar, reg number, EO56CCE used On the Round the world motor cycle Reply to EO56CCE
Motorcycle search ref: 342 Added: 23/06/2019

Looking for: TYP 246

Hugh Hollis : Trying to find my old 1957 Ariel 500 Red Hunter reg.number TYP 246 Sold in the Seventies from Sproughton Reply to TYP 246
Motorcycle search ref: 341 Added: 21/06/2019

Looking for: 889 EBF

Neil Plant : Looking for dads old Francis Barnett Cruiser 250cc Twin (1962?) Reg number 889 EBF. Reply to 889 EBF
Motorcycle search ref: 340 Added: 19/06/2019

Looking for: FYF43

Don Green : trying to trace my fathers 1930s BSA 350 Empire or Blue Star. Last sold in Hartlepool area 1955/6 reg FYF43 Reply to FYF43
Motorcycle search ref: 339 Added: 15/06/2019

Looking for: OLJ 632

Richard : OLJ 632 - Looking for my dads Black 1954 Norton ES2 - was sold early sixties to bike shop in Pokesdown, Dorset/Hampshire Reply to OLJ 632
Motorcycle search ref: 338 Added: 13/06/2019

Looking for: STR505

Gordon barnett : Looking for my old Norton domi 88 reg number STR505 I sold it in the early 1970s Reply to STR505
Motorcycle search ref: 337 Added: 12/06/2019

Looking for: TRS 169

graeme buchan : trying to track down my fathers old triumph tina scooter number plate. it was TRS 169.... Reply to TRS 169
Motorcycle search ref: 335 Added: 08/06/2019

Looking for: POK929G

Julian Barley : Looking for my brothers old BSA Starfire reg POK929G hoping to buy it back for him Reply to POK929G
Motorcycle search ref: 333 Added: 25/05/2019

Looking for: PGK 88IY

Ruth : Moto morini. PGK 88iY .....Looking for our old bike! Reply to PGK 88IY
Motorcycle search ref: 332 Added: 24/05/2019

Looking for: XUN 521V

Merv Scott : Looking for my father in laws old Honda 100. Silver Reg XUN 521V as a tribute to him passing away recently Reply to XUN 521V
Motorcycle search ref: 330 Added: 23/05/2019

Looking for: PBN260S

Phil : PBN260S Suzuki GT250 café racer. I sold it in 1995 and would like to buy it back if possible. It was blue/white on a hejiera race frame, Reply to PBN260S
Motorcycle search ref: 329 Added: 16/05/2019

Looking for: FVE405W

Stevo : FVE405W Suzuki GS1100G chopper. We went all over Europe together, where are you now??? Reply to FVE405W
Motorcycle search ref: 328 Added: 14/05/2019

Looking for: DYO 855V

Jason : DYO 855V Triumph trail blazer where are you? Not been taxed since 1980 and is now a 350 and painted red. Any information greatly received. Also looking for my old Fantic RME49R. Any information greatly received Reply to DYO 855V
Motorcycle search ref: 326 Added: 27/04/2019

Looking for: KBW 286

Terry Russon : Sold my BSA Gold Flash & double adult side car A10 gold flash reg KBW 286 engine number ca108990 or ca108996? So could get married sold think 1989 chap promised would bring back show me how he had “done her up” we have just put house for sale so need to see her now! Or has she been put in shed forgotten about? Where is she?! Sold from house at Mossley estate bloxwich . Reply to KBW 286
Motorcycle search ref: 325 Added: 27/04/2019

Looking for: F748MRY

Jake Hutley : Looking for my fathers old GSXR750 Slingshot reg is F748MRY Reply to F748MRY
Motorcycle search ref: 323 Added: 14/04/2019

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Still looking for Yamaha FJ1200 J126 UNB, would be interested to buy it back Reply to J126 UNB
Motorcycle search ref: 322 Added: 07/04/2019

Looking for: CSF91W

Andy : Kawasaki z400j CSF91W Keen to buy back for restoration please. Reply to CSF91W
Motorcycle search ref: 321 Added: 04/04/2019

Looking for: H101 FLL

Phil : H101FLL Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP. Would love to buy it back H101 FLL Reply to H101 FLL
Motorcycle search ref: 320 Added: 25/03/2019

Ref: H101 FLL - Message from Gaz : hi Phil, a quick check on the gov site for mot and then mot and tax shows this; .Date of last V5C (logbook) issued11 October 2019 .MOT expired on 30 May 2018 .Vehicle status SORN what might help is some forums, facebook has a large one for the FZR that I am on, you could spread the word there.

Looking for: RAE579G

Jonathan youde : I’m looking for my old Tricati RAE579G .Ducati 200 Elite frame I think and a 500 unit Triumph engine.Thanks Reply to RAE579G
Motorcycle search ref: 319 Added: 19/03/2019

Looking for: UTV 392S

Robert Gascoyne : Does anyone know where my old Suzuki gs750 is , it’s black reg UTV 392S was in the Mansfield notts area in late 1970’s thanks for any help people 👍🏼 Reply to UTV 392S
Motorcycle search ref: 318 Added: 10/03/2019

Looking for: PER610R

David : Love to find and buy my old Kawasaki kh 250 which I brought from new registration number PER610R in candy red Reply to PER610R
Motorcycle search ref: 317 Added: 05/03/2019

Looking for: PER 610R

Motorcycle search ref: 316 Added: 03/03/2019

Looking for: F446GGF

Jacob Venner : Im looking for a Kawasaki GPZ600R, F446GGF, it has been sorn for a while now. And a Yamaha TZR 125 - G986SKO, finally a Suzuki TS50, E819TKP, thanks. Reply to F446GGF
Motorcycle search ref: 315 Added: 02/03/2019

Looking for: BRB278B

steve wheatley : looking for bsa m20 BRB278B last heard of in wiltshire Reply to BRB278B
Motorcycle search ref: 314 Added: 27/02/2019

Looking for: PHL 637

alan matthews : i would like to find my old norton commando in slimline featherbed frame......registration no. PHL 637....last had it in 1985 Reply to PHL 637
Motorcycle search ref: 313 Added: 24/02/2019

Looking for: JLX 224N

Andy How : I would like to find and buyback my old Yamaha Purple Popsicle FS1E reg JLX 224N Last know to be in the Watford/North London area Reply to JLX 224N
Motorcycle search ref: 312 Added: 19/02/2019

Looking for: NOU 146L

Chris Kingshott : Hi I would love to trace my old bike norton commando 750 reg no NOU 146l Reply to NOU 146L
Motorcycle search ref: 311 Added: 19/02/2019

Looking for: NCX194

christopher towle : Hi Im looking to find my old motorbike which is a BSA 250cc 1958 Reg NCX194. It was my Dads first Bike. Reply to NCX194
Motorcycle search ref: 310 Added: 09/02/2019

Looking for: 6182967

M : Looking for a 1978 BMW R100RS in Harvest Gold 6182967 Reply to 6182967
Motorcycle search ref: 309 Added: 09/02/2019

Looking for: YOT 321V

Gary : I am looking for my first bike Honda xl 185 reg, yot 321v and would to buy it back. If you have any idea where it is I would love to hear from you Reply to YOT 321V
Motorcycle search ref: 308 Added: 06/02/2019

Looking for: UPB 716M

Mike : I am looking for my old Norton Commando 850 1973 black UPB 716M I sold it to a chap who I think to it north Reply to UPB 716M
Motorcycle search ref: 307 Added: 06/02/2019

Looking for: AFL949T

GARY LAWLOR : Looking to locate and hopefully buy back my 1978 Yamaha SR500 SILVER -BLACK sold via EBAY in April / May 2014 reg No AFL949T Reply to AFL949T
Motorcycle search ref: 306 Added: 06/02/2019

Looking for: WTY914T

Sean : Looking for a yammy dt250mx. Reg WTY914T. i sold it to a guy in Middlesborough. White with blue and black decals. Reply to WTY914T
Motorcycle search ref: 303 Added: 02/02/2019

Looking for: H799 HCV

Andy : Looking for my old ZXR750J which I bought new in 91 in Cornwall. Reg number is H799 HCV and it was MOTd only a few days ago so its out there somewhere Reply to H799 HCV
Motorcycle search ref: 302 Added: 31/01/2019

Ref: H799 HCV - Message from Andy : The power of facebook.......after posting on the ZXR/ZX7R UK facebook page, I had a reply within 12 hours. Turns out its now a converted race bike which competes in the IOM Classic TT. Bit gutted in some way...its great to see its being ridden like it was designed too, but with the frame and swingarm probably the only original bits left, no chance of me buying it back to restore and put back on the road.

Looking for: KCM430

Colin leslie caldecott : Looking for my old b.s.a. 650 twin I think the reg was KCM430 might have N instead of M Reply to KCM430
Motorcycle search ref: 301 Added: 31/01/2019

Looking for: RX55UEK

Tony : Hi I owned a Honda XR 400 a few years ago and would like to try and buy it back, have lots of good times on it racing, the reg is RX55UEK, it’s a red Honda XR 400, if any one knows it’s we’re abouts that would bo great, thanks TONY, Reply to RX55UEK
Motorcycle search ref: 300 Added: 28/01/2019

Looking for: Q561 URL

Andrew Reed : i was the original owner and buider of a Harris Magnum 2 reg Q561URL if anyone can help me track it down i would be really gratefull Reply to Q561 URL
Motorcycle search ref: 265 Added: 23/01/2019

Looking for: F602 KTV

Wayne Purchase : I am looking for my old Honda ns125r registration F602ktv I last owned this bike back in 1998 would really love to find it Reply to F602 KTV
Motorcycle search ref: 264 Added: 21/01/2019

Looking for: J762 HVK

Iain Murray : Looking for my late father-in-laws Kawasaki En500 - J762 HVK - any help in finding would be appreciated! We really want her back! Reply to J762 HVK
Motorcycle search ref: 263 Added: 16/01/2019

Looking for: B600 FYP

Mark Fricker : Anyone know where my GSXR750f is registration B600FYP? Reply to B600 FYP
Motorcycle search ref: 262 Added: 13/01/2019

Looking for: EX7 289

Mark Gunner : Looking for my grandads old BSA Golden Flash Reg: EX7289 Reply to EX7 289
Motorcycle search ref: 261 Added: 12/01/2019

Looking for: E620 MAB

Steve Groves : Anyone know of the owner/keeper of my old Harley Davidson FLHS Electraglide; E620MAB? Reply to E620 MAB
Motorcycle search ref: 260 Added: 11/01/2019

Looking for: KZ630

joseph Masi : 1947 Harley Davidson knuckle head chopper-red. Sold as basket project in 1968. Old plate number KZ630. Probably restored. Reply to KZ630
Motorcycle search ref: 259 Added: 11/01/2019

Looking for: FEE 752

Tim Allison : I have keys for FEE752 and a ration book for EFE775. Reply to FEE 752
Motorcycle search ref: 254 Added: 05/01/2019

Looking for: L383 KFA

Gareth walley : Would like to know what happened to l383kfa rd350r bought new in 1993, Stoke on Trent Reply to L383 KFA
Motorcycle search ref: 253 Added: 02/01/2019

Looking for: GBK 774D

Rob Colman : Looking for my old 1966 bonnie GBK 774D I found out it was in a accident in 1979 -80 I made it into a cafe racer and I also found out the last owner painted it Blake . the bike is somewhere in Hampshire Reply to GBK 774D
Motorcycle search ref: 251 Added: 27/12/2018

Looking for: MKO 400W

Paul Rooney : Looking for RD250/350LC started as a 250 and was changed to a 350 MKO400W Reply to MKO 400W
Motorcycle search ref: 250 Added: 26/12/2018

Looking for: UMT190S

Mark : UMT190S - Lookng for my old 1978 Yamaha RD200DX Reply to UMT190S
Motorcycle search ref: 249 Added: 23/12/2018

Looking for: VPN 444Y

Bill : Looking for my old bike.Yamaha yb100 reg no VPN 444Y. Reply to VPN 444Y
Motorcycle search ref: 248 Added: 22/12/2018

Looking for: KUD 202

Vinny : Looking for info on velocette 500 reg KUD202 Reply to KUD 202
Motorcycle search ref: 247 Added: 21/12/2018

Looking for: DL7048

Rob : Looking for a old bike number plate DL7048 Reply to DL7048
Motorcycle search ref: 245 Added: 18/12/2018

Looking for: B836 OLO

Dave W : Would like to find my old yamagamma , yammagamma ? B836OLO if anyone has any info. Reply to B836 OLO
Motorcycle search ref: 244 Added: 13/12/2018

Looking for: NNW 238

Michael Fletcher : Trying to find info on a triumph speed twin. Reg NNW238 It was my late grandfathers bike just wondering if it’s still around. Reply to NNW 238
Motorcycle search ref: 243 Added: 13/12/2018

Looking for: DKT 16C

Anne Nicholls : Trying to find Triumph T100ss DKT 16C please. Reply to DKT 16C
Motorcycle search ref: 242 Added: 07/12/2018

Looking for: RHY 199

Ian Peck : trying to find my dad bsa m21 motorbike and side car reg RHY199 Reply to RHY 199
Motorcycle search ref: 241 Added: 02/12/2018

Looking for: NL02 RXY

Simon : Honda hornet 600 streetfighter NL02RXY Reply to NL02 RXY
Motorcycle search ref: 240 Added: 29/11/2018

Looking for: UEE 566T

GLENN : Kawasaki kh250 UEE566T Reply to UEE 566T
Motorcycle search ref: 238 Added: 20/11/2018

Looking for: ORA 428P

Motorcycle search ref: 237 Added: 20/11/2018

Looking for: UEE 566T

GLENN : Kawasaki kh250 UEE566T Reply to UEE 566T
Motorcycle search ref: 236 Added: 20/11/2018

Looking for: NHH 403W

Stuart Brownlie : looking for a suzuki GSX1100ET NHH403W Reply to NHH 403W
Motorcycle search ref: 235 Added: 16/11/2018

Looking for: PBN 260S

Phil Hoare : PBN260S SUZUKI GT250, Trying to find my old Suzuki. Reply to PBN 260S
Motorcycle search ref: 234 Added: 12/11/2018

Looking for: 7147 MV

Ian Symmonds : Looking for my dads old BSA reg 7147 MV Reply to 7147 MV
Motorcycle search ref: 233 Added: 05/11/2018

Looking for: SKX 761

Rodney Scott : Does anyone know the were about of my old bad bantam 125 d1 SKX761 Reply to SKX 761
Motorcycle search ref: 232 Added: 30/10/2018

Looking for: BNA 30M

David Bolland : Looking for my old Ducati 750 gt which I owned in 75/76 registration number BNA 30M. Reply to BNA 30M
Motorcycle search ref: 229 Added: 27/10/2018

Looking for: YZ6 641

Derek : Honda Benly blue YZ 6641 Reply to YZ6 641
Motorcycle search ref: 227 Added: 16/10/2018

Looking for: NWN 343R

Steve : Looking for a Kawasaki z1000 NWN343R first registered to me in November 1976 Reply to NWN 343R
Motorcycle search ref: 226 Added: 09/10/2018

Looking for: K220 ABV

Tony : Looking for my old Honda cb400 K220abv. I wonder if it’s still alive somewhere? Reply to K220 ABV
Motorcycle search ref: 221 Added: 28/09/2018

Looking for: H347 JKB

tracy : zzr 600 (h347jkb)sold as project to man from walney barrow in furness to build after accident it has not been motd since 2012 but has a sorn on it i would love to find this bike as it was my fathers Reply to H347 JKB
Motorcycle search ref: 220 Added: 26/09/2018

Looking for: V303 DYD

Colin gray : Looking for green 1999 zx6r Kawasaki ninja V303dyd Reply to V303 DYD
Motorcycle search ref: 219 Added: 25/09/2018

Looking for: OHN 249

Pat Dench : My Dad had a motor and side car in the 1950s it was a Matchless motor bike and I think the side car was called swallow but not sure I have a picture of it the number plate is OHN 249 id love to know if its still about some where Reply to OHN 249
Motorcycle search ref: 216 Added: 18/09/2018

Looking for: N113 DJO

steve slack : Looking for my old Triumph Daytona 900, 1994, Reg N113 DJO Reply to N113 DJO
Motorcycle search ref: 215 Added: 18/09/2018

Looking for: A79 FNJ

steve slack : Looking for my first motorcycle, a Suzuki TS100ER 1984 Red. Reg A79 FNJ Reply to A79 FNJ
Motorcycle search ref: 214 Added: 18/09/2018

Looking for: HF51 SZZ

Scott Burridge : Im looking for a friend for his old motorbike the number plate is hf51 szz Reply to HF51 SZZ
Motorcycle search ref: 206 Added: 12/09/2018

Looking for: C296MBD

james farmer : HELP! Desperately trying to find my old Kawasaki AR50, C296MBD Black with gold wheels. Reply to C296MBD
Motorcycle search ref: 205 Added: 11/09/2018

Looking for: F828 HAU

Andrew guest : Looking for my old ar50. F828hau Reply to F828 HAU
Motorcycle search ref: 203 Added: 03/09/2018

Looking for: W244 WAY

Nick : Looking for a Suzuki GSX400T was blue last seen in somerset area W244 WYA reward for information leading to finding was my partners from new want to get back ta Reply to W244 WAY
Motorcycle search ref: 202 Added: 27/08/2018

Looking for: LAR 623H

Ian Gage : My favourite Triumph T120 1969 LAR623H sold long ago but still registered and now ORANGE? I was second owner and would love a picture. I would send one in return. Reply to LAR 623H
Motorcycle search ref: 201 Added: 26/08/2018

Looking for: OUD 243T

Nick Norrie : RD250D Yamaha 1979 OUD 243T yellow last known in Oxfordshire any information welcome Reply to OUD 243T
Motorcycle search ref: 199 Added: 26/08/2018

Ref: OUD 243T - Message from Nick Norrie : Seeking info on OUD243T Yamaha RD250D first registered March 1979 in Oxford

Looking for: NLB 100K

Graham C : I would love to track down my dads old BSA Bushman Bantam. NLB100K. It holds some very dear memories to me. Last seen in outside Revetts Motorcycles in Ipswich about 30 years ago. Reply to NLB 100K
Motorcycle search ref: 198 Added: 22/08/2018

Looking for: LRE 5K

Chris Jauncey : Garelli Rekord 50cc, Do you know where this bike is? Registration: LRE 5K Reply to LRE 5K
Motorcycle search ref: 197 Added: 22/08/2018

Looking for: MCV5 83X

Motorcycle search ref: 196 Added: 18/08/2018

Looking for: J126 UNB

John : Looking for my old FJ1200, Reg J126 UNB, Blue and white, looks like its not been on the road since 2015. Reply to J126 UNB
Motorcycle search ref: 195 Added: 12/08/2018

Looking for: WMP 453T

Steve : Looking for Suzuki REG: WMP 453T colour white 184cc GT twin exhaust registered August 1978 Reply to WMP 453T
Motorcycle search ref: 193 Added: 04/08/2018

Looking for: B946 YGH

Dave Gray : Hi does anyone know if my old bike is still around. It’s a Yamaha dt125 reg B946YGH. The bike was sorned in 2013, not sure if it’s sat in someone’s garage. Reply to B946 YGH
Motorcycle search ref: 192 Added: 03/08/2018

Looking for: UKN 242S

Peter : Looking for my old motorbike. A Honda cb 4004 reg number UKN242S. Last seen in the Crewkerne Somerset area. Reply to UKN 242S
Motorcycle search ref: 191 Added: 01/08/2018

Looking for: HEC 83

stephen Hall : Looking for my first bike I sold it in 1985/86 in Llandulas north wales Bultaco sherpa 125 in red Reply to HEC 83
Motorcycle search ref: 188 Added: 23/07/2018

Looking for: A366 HEF

Tony Burrell : Looking for a Honda vf750 registration A366HEF Reply to A366 HEF
Motorcycle search ref: 185 Added: 04/07/2018

Looking for: ESS 647V

Steve Barnes : Looking for my old Z1000 Mk2. Blue. ESS647V. Last known to be in Aberdeen area Reply to ESS 647V
Motorcycle search ref: 183 Added: 04/07/2018

Looking for: VRA 803Y

Alan : Looking for the first bike I owned,bought new in 1982.Yamaha rd50mx reg number VRA 803Y Reply to VRA 803Y
Motorcycle search ref: 182 Added: 29/06/2018

Looking for: OTX 265R

John Pitt : looking for Kawasaki z650 OTX 265R 1977 Reply to OTX 265R
Motorcycle search ref: 180 Added: 18/06/2018

Ref: OTX 265R - Message from Mark Gwenter : I have this bike bought it in about 1978

Looking for: HGW 812N

Rob : Looking for Honda CB 125S Reg. HGW 812N. Colour was green. Reply to HGW 812N
Motorcycle search ref: 179 Added: 17/06/2018

Looking for: G236 UDM

Kev : Looking for cbr400 gullarm G236UDM. Reply to G236 UDM
Motorcycle search ref: 174 Added: 13/06/2018

Looking for: TAF 510S

Kieran O Neill : I had a Yamaha RD 400 Ian Dyson Replica, in the late 70s. It was a bright yellow. I purchased it from George White in Manchester Road Swindon. I spent most of my time tearing around Swindon on it. Eventually the law caught up with me and I was banned. I sold the bike to Swindon Motor Company (now a pine and cane type furniture shop in Old Town) I would love to know who has it and perhaps buy it off them. The reg was TAF 510S Reply to TAF 510S
Motorcycle search ref: 171 Added: 07/06/2018

Looking for: RKV 440W

DAVID ARAN : looking for my old bikes honda cb750fa rkv440w and honda 250g5 lvp481p had both from new Reply to RKV 440W
Motorcycle search ref: 170 Added: 01/06/2018

Looking for: EMR 828D

Andy : Looking for my old Bsa c15 reg emr828d 1966 Was my first bike Reply to EMR 828D
Motorcycle search ref: 167 Added: 12/05/2018

Looking for: DWR48H

Steve : Looking for two of my old bikes. 1st is my old 1960 Triumph Tiger Cub reg no HEC 83. The 2nd is my 1970 Triumph Tiger 500 reg no. DWR48H. Probably in Preston area. Thanks! Reply to DWR48H
Motorcycle search ref: 165 Added: 10/05/2018

Looking for: HKW 275W

Gary : Looking for my old honda superdream 250 black first reg 1st of September 1980 HKW275W . Would be great to see it again Reply to HKW 275W
Motorcycle search ref: 163 Added: 03/05/2018

Looking for: NFY 183S

Ashley : Looking for my dads old Honda cb 550 registration NFY183S Reply to NFY 183S
Motorcycle search ref: 162 Added: 03/05/2018

Looking for: RRS 741R

Roddy : Looking for my 1977 Kawasaki Z1000 A1 Reg number RRS 741R any condition Reply to RRS 741R
Motorcycle search ref: 161 Added: 24/04/2018

Looking for: 655 UMV

Geoff Earnest : Looking for my old BSA DBD Gold Star I raced in the 1960s 655UMV. year 12959. I have interesting backgound info for present owner Reply to 655 UMV
Motorcycle search ref: 159 Added: 24/04/2018

Looking for: E961 NCK

Martin Harper : Hi, Looking for my old Yamaha RD350 F2, red white and blue. registered May 1988 . Registration E961 NCK. Last MOT 27 April 2017. Would be great to see it again. Reply to E961 NCK
Motorcycle search ref: 157 Added: 23/04/2018

Looking for: SBF 400R

Paul : Looking for my oid Kawasaki Z400 twin. Bronze, registered March 1977. Registration number SBF 400R. Cheers Reply to SBF 400R
Motorcycle search ref: 155 Added: 22/04/2018

Looking for: H365 HDO

Rick : Looking for my old KR1-S C2 1990 H365HDO, I was the 1st owner from new, sold to buy my 1st car!!! Big mistake. Any help welcomed. Reply to H365 HDO
Motorcycle search ref: 154 Added: 20/04/2018

Looking for: XRJ 364S

Mark Bushdyhan : Hi, looking for my first motorbike a Kawasaki KH250 B4 First registered 26 May 1978. Reg number XRJ 364S Reply to XRJ 364S
Motorcycle search ref: 153 Added: 02/04/2018

Looking for: D786 EEL

Trevor Gilbert : Looking for my old Yamaha rd350 ypvs D786 EEL. I sold it in 1990. Reply to D786 EEL
Motorcycle search ref: 152 Added: 29/03/2018

Looking for: FMA 902

Lauren : HI, looking for a motorbike, make was AJS, model was MS, registered in February 1959, reg number is either FMA 902 or FMA 802. Please help relocate this bike x Reply to FMA 902
Motorcycle search ref: 151 Added: 29/03/2018

Looking for: AZ1 338

ciaran : i am looking for an old motorbike not sure what make i just have the number from and old photo AZ1338 thanks Reply to AZ1 338
Motorcycle search ref: 148 Added: 08/03/2018

Looking for: E370 HFG

Waide Allen : I am looking to find my NC23 CBR400 Reg: E370 HFG Reply to E370 HFG
Motorcycle search ref: 142 Added: 19/02/2018

Looking for: C608 CBK

Jason Newell : Does anybody know the whereabouts of C608 CBK,a Honda VF500F2? Last seen for sale in Somerset 5 years ago,currently Sorned. Reply to C608 CBK
Motorcycle search ref: 140 Added: 18/02/2018

Looking for: OPA 279W

john mayoh : i am looking to trace my old motorbike 1960s Royal Enfield Crusader Sports registration number is MEN 545 red and silver Reply to OPA 279W
Motorcycle search ref: 139 Added: 09/02/2018

Looking for: OPA 279W

Don : 1980 Yamaha XS650 black reg. OPA 279W. Last tax due 1984. What happened to this bike please? I bought it new then sold it to someone from London, I think... Reply to OPA 279W
Motorcycle search ref: 135 Added: 04/02/2018

Looking for: J651 DGH

Michael askell : J651DGH HONDA MT 50. My first road legal bike! Reply to J651 DGH
Motorcycle search ref: 134 Added: 02/02/2018

Looking for: W477 DCK

Mark owen : W477dck Yamaha Fazer 600, currently sworn.does anybody no where it is? Reply to W477 DCK
Motorcycle search ref: 133 Added: 02/02/2018

Looking for: L722 RMM

Mr ingle : Looking for my fathers old Kawasaki Zxr 400 reg: L722 RMM Reply to L722 RMM
Motorcycle search ref: 127 Added: 06/01/2018

Looking for: PMO 320

D Church : I would like to find my old Triumph 21 it was blue and had a fairing the reg was PMO 320 Reply to PMO 320
Motorcycle search ref: 126 Added: 04/01/2018

Looking for: GRH 54L

Colin Padgett : Trying to find my old Triumph Bonneville T120RV, reg no, GRH 54L gold/white, square tank, part exchanged in London for a Suzuki GT500 in1975. Reply to GRH 54L
Motorcycle search ref: 123 Added: 05/12/2017

Looking for: ULX 835F

Kemp : Looking to track down my old BSA Starfire reg ULX 835F Reply to ULX 835F
Motorcycle search ref: 121 Added: 28/11/2017

Looking for: PER 610R

DAVID : KH 250 PER 610R RED 1977 Reply to PER 610R
Motorcycle search ref: 91 Added: 18/02/2017

Looking for: RWK 110 R

mick nutter : please can you help me find my old motorcycles just to see how they are doing triumph bonneville t120r export model black and gold small tank XHP 544 L triumph trident t160v maroon white small export tank RWK 110 R thanks. Reply to RWK 110 R
Motorcycle search ref: 83 Added: 27/12/2016

Looking for: XUS152P

George Harkness : Would love to locate and maybe buy back my Honda 250cc Dream, XUS152P. It was the bike i passed my test on,i regret ever selling it and moving to bigger engine bikes but that was the way it was back then. Reply to XUS152P
Motorcycle search ref: 80 Added: 19/11/2016